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Mysticism of love in Saiva Tirumurais
Sasivalli, VC (b.1939)
1995, N

on tirumurai anthology of tamil saivite devotional poetry.
Sambapancasika of Sri Samba, son of Sri Krisna, text with Sanskrita comm. of Saivacarya Sri Ksemaraja and revised text,ed. with notes and tr. in Hindi by Neelkanth Gurtoo
1999, Hardcover

ed. with notes and tr. in hindi by neelkanth gurtoo
Bhaskari, Part 3, an English tr. of the Isvarapratyabhijnavimarsini in the light of the Bhaskari with an outline of history of Saiva philosophy by Kanti Chandra Pandey, foreword...
1998, Hardcover mandan mishra, 2nd ed.
Rediscovering god with transcendental argument: a contemporary interpretation of monistic Kashmiri Saiva philosophy
Lawrence, David Peter
1999, Hardcover
Saiva Siddhanta in the Meykanda Sastra; introd. by S.K. Bharadwaj
Paranjoti, Violet
1993, N
Saiva Siddhanta: an Indian school of mystical thought, presented as a system and documented from the original Tamil sources, transl. from German by Mary Law, ed. by Humphrey Palmer
Schomerus, Hilko Wiardo (1879-1945)
2000, Hardcover

the present book being an english translation of a german book entitled der saiva siddhanta by h.w. schomerus gives a full and documented account of this theistic movement, then as now little known in the west.
Mysticism and metaphysics in Saiva Siddhanta: a study of the concept of Self in the Sivajnanbodham of Meykanda Deva in relation to the mystical experience of Appar
Muthupackiam, JX (b.1939)
2001, Hardcover
Saivism in philosophical perspective: a study of the formative concepts, problems and methods of Saiva Siddhanta
Sivaraman, K
2001, Hardcover
Theology of the Saivagamas: a survey of the doctrines of Saiva Siddhanta and Veerasaivism
Nandimath, SC
2001, Hardcover
Sanskrit Saiva kavyas: from 12th century to 17th century A.D., 2 vols., with preface & introd. in English (Set)
Gupta, Kanta
2002, Hardcover

this work contains important saiva kavyas, the original sanskrit text, along with a detailed and comperhensive introduction about the date, works, erudition of the author, critical appreciation and evaluation of the kavyas. kavyas discussed are: haracaritacintamani of jayadratha and the bhiksatana of utpreksavallabha sivalilarnava of nilakantha diksita and the natesavijaya of v ...
The origins of Virasaiva sects: a typological analysis of ritual and associational patterns in the Sunyasampadane
Michael, R Blake
1992, Hardcover

provides a thorough exploration of virasaivism. already, the activities of founder/reformer basava are well known thoughout india, and certain reformational aspects of virasaivism the attracted the attention of western scholarship. the author here explores a carucial text, the sunyasampadane from virasaivism\'s third century development.
Kasmirasaivadarsana brhat kosah: Kasmirasaivadarsana sankalita-sabda vyakhyayah by Balaji Nath Pandit, Vol.1, ed. by Yashpal Khajuriya et al., introd. in English and Sanskrit
2001, Hardcover

an encyclopaedia of kashmir saivism.
Facets of Saiva Siddhanta (in Tamil and English), with preface in English
Krishnan, P (ed.)
2000, Paperback

collection of articles in tamil and english presented in a two day national seminar organised by the department of saiva siddhanta, madras university during march 1998.
The Saiva Upanisads, text, ed. by A. Mahadeva Sastri
1985, Hardcover
The Agama encyclopaedia (revised edition of Agama kosa), Vol.2:Saiva and sakta Agamas, by S.K. Ramachandra Rao, 2nd rev. and enl. ed
2005, Hardcover
Saivagamaparibhasamanjari de Vedajnana: le florilege de la doctrine sivaite, edition critique, traduction et notes par Bruno Dagens (in Sanskrit, French)
1979, Hardcover

sanskrit text: saivagama, with french translation and introduction. summary of the introduction in english. the publication comprises a critical edition as well as a french translation of this saiva catechism; most of the quotations have been located and the copious french introduction together with the english summary presents the actual saiva practice at cidambaram during the ...
Sidhitrayi (Ajahapramatr Sidhi, Isvar Sidhi, Sambandha Sidhi) (Kasmir Saiva Darsan) of Rajanak Utpaldev, with Mulvriti,Bhasantar and appendices, ed. and tr. by Surya Prakash Vyas
Saiva devotional songs of Kashmir, a transl. and study of Utpaladev's Shivastotravali
1990, Hardcover
Living liberation in Hindu thought: jivanmukti in Vedanta, yoga and saiva tradition
Fort, Andrew O et al. (ed.)
2002, Hardcover
The development of early Saiva art and architecture, with special reference to Andhradesa, with a foreword by C. Sivaramamurti
Sharma, IK (b.1937)
1982, Hardcover
Philosophical anthropology in saiva siddhanta with special reference to Sivagrayogin
Soni, Jayandra
1989, Hardcover
An outline of history of saiva philosophy
Pandey, KC et al. (ed.)
1999, Hardcover
The Vinasikha tantra: a Saiva tantra of the left current, ed. with an introd. and into English transl. by Teun Goudriaan
FC, Hardcover
Agamarahasyam (belongs of Saivagam) by Sri Saryuprasad Dviwedi, with `Sudha' Hindi comm., Part I, ed. and tr. by Sudhakar Malaviya
2006, Hardcover
Centrality of self in Saiva Siddhanta, with special reference to Sivajnana Mapadiyam of Matava Sivajnanamunivar
Joseph, VS George
2006, Paperback
Two Saiva teachers of the sixteenth century: Nigamajnana I and his disciple Nigamajnana II
Ganesan, T.
2009, Paperback

this book is a complete analytical study of all the aeuvres of nigamajnana i and his nephew-cum-disciple nigamajnana ii. this study aims at bringing to limelight the great contributions made by these two teachers in the sixteenth century for the consolidation, elaboration and propagation of the saivasiddhanta religious system and philosophical doctrines.
Saiva philosophy of Kashmir
Kaul, S.N.
2008, Hardcover
Development of early Saiva art and architecture
Sharma, I. K.
1982, Hardcover

an attmpt to integrate the development of shaiva iconography, architecture and connected rituals from the earliest times to the begining of 7th century a.d.
Synthesis of Buddhist Saiva and Sakta tantras: an unknown Siddhapitha Maluti
Jha, Surendra
2009, Hardcover

this book is primarily intended to introduce an unknown but unique village, maluti located in the interiors of santal parganas in jharkhand. it had been the centre of vajrayana tantric sadhana.
Kasmiriya Saivadarsana evam Spandasastra, with Sivasutra, Spandasutra and Saktisutra, by Shyamakant Dwiwedi `Anand' (Sanskrit-Hindi)
2009, Hardcover