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Uttara-Sakuntalam of Umesa Sastri (in Skt.) with prefatory matter in Hindi
1999, Hardcover
Abhijnanasakuntalam of Kalidasa (Skt. text) with 'Ganga' Sanskrit and Hindi comms. introd. and appendices, ed. and commented by Ganga Sagar Rai
2000, Hardcover
Sakuntala: texts, readings, histories
Thapar, Romila
2010, Paperback

this book attempts to explore some of the links between culture, history and gender, and between literature and history, through reading variant versions of the narrative of sakuntala.
Sakuntala: a Sanskrit drama, in seven acts by Kalidasa, theDeva-Nagari recension of the text, edited with literal English translations of all the metrical passages, schemes of....
1999, Hardcover

metres, and notes, critical and explanatory by monier williams 4th ed.
Abhijnanasakuntalam of Kalidasa with 'Ganga' Sanskrit-Hindicomm. by Ganga Sagar Rai
1999, Hardcover
Abhijnanasakuntalam of mahakavi Kalidasa, ed. with 'Prakasa' Sanskrit-Hindi-English commentaries by Ved Prakash Shastri
2000, Hardcover
Abhijnana Sakuntalam: Shakuntala
2004, Hardcover
A tale of romance: Sakuntalanatakam, English rendering by V. Gowri Shanker
Hikosaka, Shu et al (ed.)
1994, Paperback
Abhijnanasakuntala of Kalidasa, ed. with a complete transl.into English, notes (critical and explanatory), introd. andappendices by R.D. Karmarkar
2003, Hardcover
Sakuntala: smrti jala: upanyas, anuvadaka: Sucita Mitala
Gokhale, Namita (b.1956)
2005, Paperback
The Abhijnanasakuntalam of Kalidasa, with commentary of Raghavabhatta, various readings, introduction, literal translation,exhaustive notes and appendices by M.R. Kale, 10th edition
2010, Hardcover
Sakuntala ki anguthi
Varma, Surendra
2005, Hardcover
Works of Kalidasa: Abhijnana Sakuntalam, Vikramorvasiyam, Malavikagninitram, Vol.1, ed. with an exhaustive introduction, transl. and critical and explanatory notes by C.R. Devadhar
2005, Hardcover

vol.1: drama - isbn: 978812080023 vol.2: poetry - isbn: 9788120800243
Bala-sahitya ke yug nirmata: Jayaprakasa Bharati, sampadak:Sakuntala Kalra et al
2006, Hardcover
Abhijnanasakuntalam, text with English tr. and introductionby BB Goswami
2008, Hardcover
Abhijnnana Sakuntalam of Kalidas, with anvya, pad-vyakhya, anuvad, Sanskrit-Hindi vyakhya, tippani, samas, alankar and chand by Kailash Nath Dvivedi
2005, Hardcover
Abhijnana-Sakuntalam of Kalidasa, based on mss. in Maithiliscript, with commentaries of Sankara and Narahari, ed. by Ramanath Jha, introd. in English and Hindi, 2nd. ed.
2008, Hardcover
Abhijnana Sakuntalam (A Sanskrit drama by Kalidasa), the Devanagari recension of the text with English tr., critical & explanatory notes by Monier Williams, ed. & rev. by NC Panda
2010, Hardcover
Sakuntala or the lost ring an Indian drama, tr. into English prose and verse from the Sanskrit of Kalidasa, by Sir Monier-Williams
2010, Hardcover
Revisiting Abhijnanasakuntalam: love, lineage and language in Kalidasa's nataka, foreword by Romila Thapar
Sengupta, Saswati et al (ed.)
2011, Hardcover

bringing together linguists, literary critics, historians, indologists and sanskritists, this book analyses the play as more than just a figment of imagination- as a rich terrain for exploring links between culture, history and politics, as an interplay of memory, desire and languages.
Abhijnanasakuntala of Kalidasa, with the comm. `Arthadyotanika' of Raghava Bhatta, with critical notes, various readings, indices and appendices etc. by Narayan Ram Acarya ....
2012, Hardcover

Abhijnanasakuntalam of Kalidasa, Sanskrit text with English tr. by N.P. Unni
2013, Paperback
Abhijnanasakuntalam of Kalidas, text with the comm. Sandarbhadipika of Chandrashekhar Chakravarty, ed. with preface in Hindi by Vasant Kumar Bhatt
2013, Hardcover
The Abhijnana-Sakuntalam of Kalidasa, ed. with Eng. tr., notes, entitled 'Susama', exposition entitled 'Adhyapana' and an exhaustive intro. by Satyanarayan Chakraborty
2012, Hardcover

this works is an extension of lectures on the abhijnana-sakuntala prepared for audio c.d. at sorbonne nouvelle university, paris during 2006-2009.
Rasaprayogasyangane Abhijnanasakuntalam, by Prianka Dalal
2014, Paperback
Rasaprayogasyangane Abhijnanasakuntalam, by Prianka Dalal, with a foreword by Gopalchandra Mishra
Abhijnanasakuntalam of Kalidasa (South-Indian recension), with the critical edition of the 'Sanjivan' commentary
1997, Hardcover

ghansyama pandita, ed. by poonam pankaj raval et al.
The Abhijnanasakuntalam of Kalidasa, text with English tr. and notes by A.B. Gajendragadkar, ed. by Pravin Pralayankar
2004, Hardcover
The Abhijnanasakuntalam of Kalidasa, with commentary of Raghavabhatta, various readings, introduction, literal translation,exhaustive notes and appendices by M.R. Kale, 10th edition
2010, Hardcover