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Aptamimamsa of Samantabhadra: critique of an authority, along with English tr., introd., notes and Akalanka's Sanskrit commentary 'Astasati' by Nagin J. Shah
1999, Hardcover
The path to enlightenment: Svayambhu stotra by Samantabhadra Svami, English tr. with an introd. by Devendra Kumar Goyal, foreword by Jagdish Prasad Jain Sadhak
2000, Hardcover
Apta-Mimamsa of Acharya Samantabhadra, ed. with introduction, transl., notes and an original comm. in English by Saratchandra Ghoshal
2002, Hardcover

it expounds the jaina concept of \'omniscient\' in a philosophical-cum-logical manner.
Ratnakaranda Sravakacara (Sanskrit-Hindi), by Acarya Samantabhadra, transl. into Hindi with 2 appendices by Jaykumar Jalaj, preface by Paul Dundas
2006, Paperback

a feature of jain scriptures is the importance accorded to the conduct of the laity. one of the first such works is acarya samantabhadra\'s ratnakaranda sravakacara. written in the early centuries of the common era, it is an enduring masterpiece prescribing normative lay conduct. its style is terse and to the point.
Guru Samantabhadra Mukhagama: a teaching on preliminary practice of heart essence of Longchen Rabjam (Hindi), by Za Patual Jigmed Chos Kyi Wangpo, tr. & ed. by Pema Tenzin (Hindi)
2009, Hardcover

on the teaching and philosophy of one of the chief teachers belonging to nyingma sect of tibetan buddhism.
Ratnakarandaka Sravakacara of Samantabhadra Deva, critical ed. with English tr. by Willem Bollee
2010, Paperback

a compendium of rules for digambara lay-people and treasure trove for many reasons.
Ratnakarandaka Shravakacara of Acarya Samantabhadra, ed. with tr. and annotated by Willem Bollee
2012, Hardcover
Svayambhustotra of Acarya Samantabhadra: adoration of the twenty-four Tirthankara, excerpted, translated or adapted from several Jains texts, by Vijay K. Jain
2015, Hardcover
Aptamimamsa (Devagamastotra) of Acarya Samantabhadra: deep reflection on the omniscient lord, Sans. Text, with Hindi, and English tr., ed. by Vijay K. Jain
2016, Hardcover
Ratnakarandaka-sravakacara of Acarya Samantabhadra (the Jewel-casket of householder's conduct), text with English and Hindi tr. and explanatory note by Vijay K. Jain
2016, Hardcover
Samantabhadra nama sadhana-tika, introd., romanized Skt. text and tr.
Tanaka, Kimiaki
2017, Paperback

the sanskrit commentary on the samantabhadra nama sadhana of buddhajnanapada.
Yuktyanusasanam of Swami Samantabhadra, with Sanskrit comm.of Acarya Vidyananda, ed. with Hindi tr. by Narendra Kumar Jain
2017, Hardcover