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Proceedings of the All-India Oriental Conference, 30th Session: Santiniketan
1980, Hardcover
Medieval mysticism of India, with a foreword by Rabindranath Tagore, authorised transl. from the Bengali by Manmohan Ghosh, Santiniketan, 1929
Sen, Krhitimohan
2006, Hardcover

this book is a journey of discovery, studying the sayings and doctrines of various sadhus that have been preserved by their followers or the keepers of many sectarian maths. the book also reviews the broad outlines of the history of the spiritual quest of medieval india.
Proceedings of the Indian History Congress, 66th session, Visva-Bharati, Santiniketan, 2005-06
2006, Paperback
Monuments around Santiniketan
Mukherjee, Pialee (ed.)
2010, Hardcover

this book is a documentation of the heritage sites around santiniketan, in west bengal. the book will help give the much needed visibility to these heritage sites and thereby generate concern amongst our people for their restoration and future preservation.
Agniparva: santiniketan: ek Hungeriyan grahvadhu ki dayri, tr. from Bangla by Kartik Chandra Dutt
Germanus, Roza Hajnosi
2011, Hardcover
The Santiniketan Murals, foreword by K.G. Subramanyan
Chakrabarti, Jayanta et al
1995, Hardcover

ann. this monograph is an effort to bring murals is santiniketan before a wider public and to describe their background. it contains a general servey of the murals, detailed descriptions of the major works and their historical background.
Architecture of Santiniketan: Tagore's concept of space
Das, Samita
2013, Hardcover

it is a search for the clues hidden in rabindranath tagore\'s philosophy and architecture that will link the past with the present. this book highlights tagore\'s architectural vision through his writings.
Tantrik literature and culture: hermeneutics and expositions: proceeings of the 6th international Csoma de Koros Symposium, Kolkata/Santiniketan, March 2009, selected papers et al
Loseries, Andrea (ed.)
2013, Hardcover
The art of Santiniketan
Bose, Nandalal et al.
2015, Hardcover

the book presents the art of santiniketan by four different artists, who left behind an indelible stamp of individuality on the art and practice of santiniketan, breaking the shackles of previously popular styles to create a bold, new language that grew out of the native soil of santiniketan but was powerful enough to sweep away resistance and find acceptance anywhere in the wo ...
A random walk in Santiniketan Ashram
Dattagupta, Sushanta
2016, Paperback

the book is a spontaneous foray through one of india\'s premier universities--rabindranath tagore\'s visva-bharati. it is a collection of essays, penned from 2012-2014, during the first few years of the author\'s tenure as its vice-chancellor.
Yadom ka santiniketan
Mahapatra, Manorama Biswal
2016, Hardcover
Bursting of Pods: life and time of Santiniketan school from 1901 to 1912
Chattopadhyay, Bratin
2018, Hardcover
Design movement in Tagore's Santiniketan: Alpana--an experiment in aestheticism
Ghosh, Swati
2019, Hardcover

it narrates the journey of bengal\'s traditional alpanas--from a folk art to a symbol of cultural identity, from a medium of aesthetic expression to a medium of learning, in santiniketan, under the great masters.