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The return of Sarasvati: four Hindi poets, tr. by David Rubin
1998, N

the period in hindi literature known as \'chayavad\' marked a first blossoming of poetry in modern hindi, which, for its originality, depth and technical resourcefulness, still remains unsurpassed in the language. this book provides a sampling of four major poets of this revival, jayashankar prasad, nirala, sumitranandan pant and mahadevi varma.
Sanksepasarirakam of Sri Sarvajna Muni, 2 Vols., with 'Sarsangraha' tika by Madhusudan Sarasvati, comm. with Hindi transl. by Swami Divyananda Giri (Set)
2007, Hardcover
Kasimahatmya of Sri Sivananda Sarasvati, Skt. text, foreword by Mandan Mishra, ed. by Hariscandra Mani Tripathi
1997, Hardcover
Samavedabhasyam by Jagadisvarananda Sarasvati, with commentary in Hindi
1999, Hardcover
The Sarasvati flows on: the continuity of Indian culture
Lal, BB
2002, Hardcover

the book deals with two major controversies relating to india\'s past. the author shows that there are compelling geographical data in the rigveda itself which unambiguously show that the rigvedic sarasvati is none other than the present-day sarasvati-ghaggar combine which flows through haryana and punjab. second, it has vociferously been orchestrated that the aryans invaded in ...
Vedantaparibhasavimarsah (in Skt.), by Swami Vasudevanandasarasvati
2001, Hardcover

analytical study on vedanta philosophy.
Saundaryalahari of Sri Sankara Bhagavatpadacarya; an exposition by Pujyasri Candrasekharendra Sarasvati Svami, text in Sanskrit (Sanskrit in Devanagri and Roman)
2001, Hardcover

study of the saundaryalahari, hymns to tripuraundari, hindu deity by sankaracarya.
Vedic Sarasvati: evolutionary history of a lost river of northwestern India
2002, Paperback
Ecclesia divina or a selection of hymns from the four Vedas, collected, arranged, translated into and commented upon inEnglish by Bhumananda Sarasvati
2002, Hardcover
The return of Sarasvati: four Hindi poets, tr. by David Rubin
2002, Paperback

this book provides a sampling of four major poets of this revival: jayshankar prasad, nirala, sumitranandan pant, and mahadevi varma.
Krsnakutuhalam of Madhusudana Sarasvati, ed. by Hari Sankara Ojha
1990, Hardcover
Rgvedadi-bhasya-bhumika of Svami Dayananda Sarasvati, text with English transl., critically ed. by Parmanand
Sarasvati, 7 vols (Set)
Kalyanaraman, S
2003, Hardcover

vol.1: civilization. vol.2: rigveda. vol.3: river. vol.4: bharati. vol.5: technology. vol.6: language. vol.7: epigraphs.;;;this set of seven volumes presents a comprehensive survey of the lives of the people who nurtured a vibrant civilization on the banks of river sarasvati.
Sarasvati ki cetna (essays)
Amma, Balamani
2004, Hardcover

introduction of a malyalam poetess in hindi.
Sribhasyapariskarah of Srisarasvati-vigraham Desikacarya, ed. by N.R. Srikrsnatatacarya
1989, Paperback
An epic pilgrimage: history and antiquity of Pehowa: ancient Prithudaka: a Mahabharata site on the Sarasvati
Handa, Devendra
2004, Hardcover

this book is the first comprehensive account of pehowa, one of the oldest and most sacred place (tirtha), located on the banks of the illustrious rigvedic river sarasvati, in the kurukshetra region. the modern name pehowa is a corrupt form of the original sanskrit name of the town, prithudaka. also presents an account of the different places of pilgrimage-- tirthas, asramas, ho ...
Svami Sahjananda Sarasvati racanavali, 6 vols., sampadaka: Raghava Sarana Sarma (Set)
2003, Hardcover
Sarasvati: Veda mantras for manifesting inspiration
Kashyap, RL
2002, Paperback
Shri Sarasvati Mahanadi Nirnaya: the conclusion about the great river Sarasvati, original text in Sanskrit with Englishtranslation
Saraswati, Swami Kuthasthanand
2000, Hardcover

the author tries to find references in puranas on the existence of river saraswati.
The Brahmasutra Sankarabhasya, with three comms. `Bhamati' of Vacaspati Misra, `Parimala' of Appayyadiksita and `Kalpataru'of Amalananda Sarasvati, 2 vols., introd. in English by .... (Set)
1996, Hardcover

.... e.a. soloman, ed. by k.l. joshi
Rgveda samhita, Sanskrit text, transliteration and English transl. by Swami Satya Prakash Sarasvati et al., Vols.I-XIII(in 12 bindings) (Set)
1977-86, Hardcover
Mahimnastotra (Stotra) of Puspadantacharya with a comm. of Madhusudana Sarasvati and five other comm. of Narayanapati Sarma Tripathi, also with Sakti-Mahimna Stotra and preface....
Hardcover karunapati tripathi.
Siddhantalesasangraha (Vedanta) by Appaya Diksita with the comm. Krsnalankara by Krsnananda Tirtha and Vedanta Siddhantasuktimanjari by Ramachandra Sarasvati
Mitaksara (Vedanta) a glossary on Gaudapadacharya's Mandukya Karikas by Svayamprakasananda Sarasvati Svami and Mandukyopanisaddipaka of Sankarananda, ed. by Ratna Gopala Bhatta
Siddhantabindu (a comm. on the Dasasloki of Sankaracarya) of Madhusudan Sarasvati, with two comms. `Nyayaratnavali' of Gaurbrahmananda and `Laghuvyakhya' of Narayana Tirth and ...

...ed. with notes etc. by tryambakarama sastri.
Srimad Bhagavadgita (Gita) with Madhusudana Sarasvati's comm. and its Hindi comm. by Sanatana Deva
Brahmamrtavarsini: a comm. on the Brahmasutras by Sri Ramananda Sarasvati Svami
Pranavakalpa-(Purana) (from Sri Skanda Purana), with the comm. Pranava Kalpa Prakasa Pranava Bhasya by Gangadharendra Sarasvati, ed. by Dhundhiraja Sastri
Advaitasiddhi of Madhusudana Sarasvati, with the comms. 'Gaudabrahmanandi', 'Vitthalesopadhayi' of Balabhadra and critical summary, ed. by Anantakrishna Shastri
Adi Sankara: his life and times, discourses delivered by Candrasekharendra Sarasvati, transl. into English by T.M.P. Mahadevan, 3rd ed
2000, Paperback
Sarasvati: the goddess of learning and wisodm
Nagar, Shantilal (b.1927)
2006, Hardcover
Early Harappans and Indus-Sarasvati civilization, 2 vols (Set)
Sharma, Deo Prakash et al. (ed.)
2006, Hardcover

this work is a collection of forty research papers contributed by the noted scholars and historians from india and abroad on this subject.
Journal of the Thanjavur Maharaja Serfoji's Sarasvati MahalLibrary, Vols.47-50, ed. by S. Sivagnanam (in Tamil, Sanskrit and English) (Set)
2002-05, Paperback
Purnasarasvati, with the critical edition of a newly discovered work on dramaturgy, Bhavaviveka by Divakara by NVP Unithiri
2004, Paperback

this book is based on purnasarasvati, a celebrated kerala author of sanskrit literature enquires the identity, life and works and analysis his critical works and commentaries.
Siddhantalesasangrahah of Sri Appayya Diksita, 2 parts, with three comms. `Vedanta Siddhanta Sukti Manjari' by Sri Gangadhara Sarasvati, `Krsnalankara' by Sri Acyutakrsnananda... (Set)
2005, Hardcover

...tirtha, and `bhasanuvada\' by sri mulasankara vyasa, foreword by rajendra mishra, ed. by parasanatha dvivedi et al.
Sarasvati in Sanskrit literature, 2nd edition
Khan, Mohammad Israil (b.1938)
2006, Hardcover
Kundalini: ek vaidika drstikona, Swami Pranavananda Sarasvati ke jivan par adharita (in Hindi), by Gagan Bakshi
2007, Hardcover
Prapancasarasara-Sangrahah of Girvanendra Sarasvati, 2 vols., ed. by K.S. Subramania Shastry (Set)
2007, Hardcover
Tattvasangraharamayana of Ramabrahmananda Sarasvati, critically ed. by V. Venkataramana Reddy et al., with a long introd. in English
2005, Paperback

an unpublished manuscript (18th cen.) on ramayana and the greatness of rama.
Srisivagitatatparyaprakasika of Sriparamasivendrasarasvati,critically ed. by V. Venkataramana Reddy et al., with introduction in English
2004, Paperback

a rare and unpublished commentary on sivagita from padma purana and an important work on advaita philosophy.
The path to eternal truth, Vol.1: His Holiness Jagadguru Sankaracarya Swami Sri Swarupnanda Sarasvati Ji Maharaja, teachingon love, joy, happiness and abundance, trans. and ..........
2005, Hardcover

...complied by manjula sudhindra rao, ed. by swami avimukteshwaranand sarasvati. this is an excerpt from one of his speeches about the realisation of god being the ultimate goal in life.
Mahimna stotra, by Puspandantacarya, with a comm. of Madhusudana-Sarasvati, and five other commentaries of Pt. Sri Narayana Pati Sarma Tripathi and Sakti-mahimna-stotra
2007, Hardcover

on the glory of lord siva.
Srimadbhagvadgita, 2 vols., with the comm. `Gitatatparyabodhinya' of Sri Sankaranandsarasvati, tr. into Hindi by Yativar Sribholebaba, ed. by Srikrishnapant Shastri (Set)
2008, Hardcover
The Lost' Sarasvati and the Indus civilization
Gupta, SP (ed.)
1995, N
Voice of the Guru: Jagadguru Sri Candrasekharendra Sarasvati Svami: the Guru tradition, 2nd edition
2008, Hardcover

this volume is an excellent translation of the lectures on gurutattva - the concept of the educator, delivered in tamil by chandrashekharendra sarasvati swami, acharya of the kachi kamakoti pitha.
Hindu dharma: the universal way of life: voice of the guru Pujyasri Chandrasekharendra Sarasvati Swami
1995, N
Srimad Bhagavatam of Sri Krisnadvaipayana Vyasa, 3 vols., based on the comm. in Bengali by Visvanath Cakrabarti and additional comm. by Sarasvati Gosvami Thakur and tr. into .... (Set)
2004, Hardcover

...english by bhakti prajnanyati maharaj, 2nd edition.
Sri Sarasvatimahanadi-Nirnayah=Shri Sarasvati Mahanadi Nirnay: the conclusion about the great river Sarasvati (original text in Sanskrit with English translation)
Kulasthananda Sarasvati, Svami
2000, Hardcover
The Surya-siddhanta and Siddhanta-siromani (graha ganita'dhyaya), tr. and ed. by Bimala Prasada Siddhanta Sarasvati (from Sanskrit to Bengali), with Sanskrit (Devanagri) script,...
2007, Hardcover

...bengali script, roman transliteration, and english translations, comp. and ed. by danavir goswami. sri surya siddhanta is acclaimed throughout india as the best text for hindu mathematical astronomy. nearly all calenders of indian and hence all daily religious works are based on its mathematical calculations.
Vedic river Sarasvati and Hindu civilization
Kalyanaraman, S (b.1939) (ed.)
2008, Hardcover

this book is compilation of papers presented at a conference on vedic river sarasvati and hindu civilization held at india international centre, new delhi from oct. 24 to 26, 2008.