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Security in South Asia: comprehensive and cooperative
Banerjee, Dipankar
1999, N
Security and Foreign Policy in South Asia
Kayathwal, Mukesh Kumar
1999, N
Mutual security: the case of India-Nepal
Thapliyal, Sangeeta
1998, N

the book concentrates on the military and non-military and non-military threats to the security of india and nepal and focusses on their efforts to meet the securuty challenges through entering into security arrangements which have been dealt in detail like the tripartite agreement of gurkha recruitment.
Double-talk on weapons of mass destruction and Indian security
1998, N

this volume is a serious critique on weapons of mass destruction, identifies the key issues and raises questions central to the understanding of the complexities of the global menace.
Regional security, ethnicity and governance: the challengesfor South Asia
Richer, Justys et al. (ed.)
1998, N

the contributions include the role of social capital, the challenge of unresolved territorial disputes, the dilemmas of ethnic conflicts and the influence of non-governmental organizations.
Regional economic trends and South Asian Security.
Iftekharuzzaman (ed.)
1997, N
Society, state and security: the Indian experience
Koithara, Verghese (b.1940)
1999, N

weaving through different stands of security-economic social, political, military and environment, the author examines the conflict-ridden interface between national and human security. tracing the development of the indian state and its security concerns over the past 50 years, he critically examines the way in national and human security objectives have been pursued. he also ...
Tools of terror: light weapons and India's security, introd. by Jasjit Singh
Kartha, Tara
1999, N
Regional security in South Asia: the ethno-sectarian dimensions
Jetly, Nancy (ed.)
1999, Hardcover

this volume brings together contributions by some of the most distinguished scholars and policy-makers from within and outside south asia, looking at the internal dynamics of regional security in south asia in abroad and comprehensive framework.
Origin and growth of trade union movement: society, social security and politics
Raghuvanshi, Uma
1993, N
Perspectives on national security in South Asia: in searchof a new paradigm
Chari, PR (ed.)
1999, Hardcover

the five studies included in this volume pertain to bangladesh, india, nepal and bhutan, pakistan, sri lanka and the maldives and focus on the national perceptions of security compulsions obtaining within these countries.
Pakistan's quest for food security
Raza, Asmi
1993, N
Pakistan's insurgency vs. India's security: tackling militancy in Kashmir
Bloeria, Sudhir S
2000, Hardcover

the book is about successful tackling of militancy, restoring peace, winning the confidence of the local population and establishing efficacy of the civil administration.
Restructuring national security
Joshi, Ashok
2000, Hardcover

on security concerns of the indian sub-continent with a fucus of india.
Asian security in the 21st century
Singh, Jasjit (ed.)
1999, Hardcover
Maritime security
Singh, Jasjit (ed.)
1993, Paperback
National security problem in India: a case study of the insurgency problem in Nagaland and Manipur
Singh, Longjam Randeep (b.1958)
2000, Hardcover
Sri Lankan crisis: anatomy of ethnicity, peace and security
Kulandaswamy, MS
2000, Hardcover
Migration, refugees and security in the 21st century
Patil, VT (b.1940) et al.
2000, Hardcover

this study examines the nature, substance and thrust of migration in south asia, the indian diaspora in the united states, urban and transnational migrations and adaptations, global refugee movement and policy, statelessness in sri lanka and internally displaced persons in bangladesh.
Nuclear weapons and India's national security
Sondhi, ML (ed.)
2000, Hardcover

the scholarship and skills reflected in this volume shed light on understanding the connection between nuclear policy and the resources and responsibility of national defence.
SIPRI Yearbook 2000: armaments, disarmament and international security
2000, Hardcover
India's nuclear security
Thomas, Raju GC et al. (ed.)
2000, Hardcover

bringing together original essays by a diverse group of scholars, this volume discusses a number of important issues such as: 1. the political condiderations that caused india and pakistan to go nuclear. 2. the type of nuclear doctrine that is likely to emerge and its implications for the safety of nuclear weapons, the potential for an arms race in the region, and the likelihoo ...
Security studies in South Asia: change and challenges
Banerjee, Dipankar (ed.)
2000, Hardcover
Terror and containment perspectives of India's internal security
2001, Hardcover

the book examines many of the deeper linkages, the less obvious implications of a range of terrorist movements, low-intensity wars and internal conflicts in india today.
Southeast Asia security in the coming millennium
Ghosh Suchita et al. (ed.)
2000, Hardcover

selected papers delivered at a national seminar in 1998.
Democracies at loggerheads: security aspects of US-India relations
Subramanyam Raju, A
2001, Hardcover

this study examines the us presence in the indian ocean region and its impact on india\'s security; us military assistance to pakistan and india\'s response, and us nuclear policy towards india and the latter\'s response.
Asia's new dawn: the challenges to peace and security
Singh, Jasjit (ed.)
2000, Hardcover

contributed papers of international conference held at new delhi.
Social and economic security in India
Dev, S Mahendra et al. (ed.)
2001, Hardcover

this volume presents an exhaustive analysis of various aspects of social and economic security in india--policies, financial allocation, implementation, reach and coverage of programmes, especially with regard to the vulnerable sections and state-level initiatives.
Food security in 21st century: perspective and vision
Taimni, Brij K
2001, Hardcover

on public distribution system.
Nuclear policy and national security
Chand, A (1939- )
1993, N

contents: 1. nuclear policy in global affairs. 2. nuclear weapons and security. 3. national security. 4. liberalism and realism. 5. economic aspects. 6. united nations and development. 7. new world order. 8.the option and the treat. 9. military policy and nuclear deterrent.