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Seeing god everywhere: a practical guide to spiritual living, ed. by Pravrajika Vrajaprana, California, 1946
Swami Shraddhananda
1998, Paperback

contents: (i) the search (ii) overcoming obstacles (iii) understanding the mind (iv) spiritual practices (v) spiritual guidence.
Seeing Krishna: the religious world of a brahaman family inVrindaban
Case, Margaret H
2000, Hardcover
Imaging wisdom: seeing and knowing in the art of Indian Buddhism, UK, 1999
Kinnard, Jacob N
2001, Hardcover

on the buddhist visual practices surrounding the visual representation of a single, central concept, prajna (wisdom), in medieval north india.
The life of Marpa, the translator: seeing accomplishes all, transl. from the Tibetan by the Nalanda translation committe under the direction of Chogyam Trungpa
Heruka, Tsang Nyon
2012, Paperback

marpa the translator, the eleventh-century farmer, scholar, and teacher, is one of the most renowned saints in tibetan buddhist history. this lucid and moving translation of a text composed by the author of the life of milarepa and the hundred thousand songs of milarepa documents the fascinating life of marpa, who, unlike many other tibetan masters, was a layman, a skillful bus ...
Seeing through the stones: a tale from the Maoist land
Raychaudhuri, Diptendra (b.1964)
2007, Paperback

the book follows closely the genesis and developments of the maoist movement of the last century, from the days of charu mazumdar to the time when big groups started merging.
Zen of seeing, with a preface by HH the Dalai Lama
Sarabhai, Rajshree
2007, Hardcover

in this collection of beautiful photographs of flowers and plants, the author has captured the peace and simplicity we find in nature.
Darsan: seeing the divine image in India
Eck, Diana L
2007, Paperback
Seeing god everywhere: essays on nature and the sacred
McDonald, Barry (ed.)
2005, Paperback
Seeing is believing: selected writings on cinema
Das Gupta, Chidananda (b.1921)
2008, Hardcover

consistently erudite and engaging, this book is a fascinating window to the journey of indian cinema over the last six decades.
Seeing stars: spectacle, society and celebrity culture
Nayar, Pramod K.
2009, Paperback

a first-of-its-kind study of celebrity and \'page 3\' culture in india, the book explores \'celebrity ecology\' in order to understand the processes that transform a celebrity into a \'consumer product\'.
Sonabai: another way of seeing, with DVD, foreword by Leslie Umberger
Huyler, Stephen P
2009, Paperback

through stories, insightful documentation and evocative images, huyler conveys sonabai\'s life and that of her family and community, portraying the remarkable productivity that resulted from her isolation, and the influence she had on the work of seven other local artists. this book and its accompanying dvd are complements to a visually dynamic traveling exhibition of the same ...
Dharma and Gospel: two way of seeing
Houstan, GW (ed.)
2012, Hardcover
Seeing like a feminist
Menon, Nivedita
2013, Paperback
Seeing the girl
Vijayakrishnan, Anuradha
2014, Paperback
Darsan: seeing the divine image in India, 3rd ed.
Eck, Diana L
1998, Paperback

the book is intended as an introduciton to the divine images that are so prominent in the religious life of hindu india. it also serves as an introduction to the hindu gods, images, and temples that are increasingly part of religious landscape on the west, and spectically that of the united states.
Naked seeing: the great perfection, the wheel of time, and visionary Buddhism in Renaissance Tibet
Hatchell, Christopher
2014, Paperback

the author presents the intellectual and literary histories of these practices, and also explores the meditative techniques and physiology that underlie their distinctive visionary experiences. it also offers for the first time complete english translations of three major tibetan texts on visionary practice: a kalacakra treatise by yumo mikyo dorje, the lamp illuminating emptin ...
Reverence, resistance and politics of seeing the Indian National Flag
Jha, Sadan
2016, Hardcover

a brilliant multidisciplinary analysis of the development of the indian national flag and the way in which it came to be seen, appropriated and sacralised by different groups.
Seeing in the dark, tr. from Tamil by Prabha Sridevan, ed. by Mini Krishnan
Chudamani, R.
2015, Paperback
Seeing into stone: pre-Buddhist Petroglyphs and Zangskar's early inhabitants, with DVD
Linrothe, Rob
2016, Hardcover

petroglyphs--drawings on rock--are the earliest and richest traces of human culture in zangskar, a distinctive region of the western himalayas. this volume is richly illustrated with original photographs taken in zangskar and neighboring regions documenting the locations and details of these enigmatic rock carvings. the photographs represent more than twenty years of fieldwork ...
Seeing through texts: doing theology among the Srivaisnavasof South India
Clooney, Francis X
1997, Hardcover

south indian hinduism through a study of 100 songs of the tiruvaymoli, the great masterpiece of the ninth-century hindu saint satkopan.
The earth gazers on seeing ourselves
Potter, Christopher
2018, Paperback

this book is about the long road to the capture of unforgettable images taken from the moon. it is a history of the space programme and of the ways in which it transformed our view of the earth and changed the lives of the astronauts who walked in space and on the moon.
When seeing is believing: poetry in images, by Bina Sarkar Ellias
2018, Hardcover

the collection in this book is a tapestry of poetry interspersed with works of art drawn from around the world--photographs, oils, by masters old and new--all commented on in a perspective and emotionally sensitive fashion.