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Life and death on Mt. Everest: Sherpas and Himalayan mountaineering, Princeton, 1999
Ortner, Sherry B
2000, Hardcover

drawing on years of field research in the himalaya, renowned anthropologist sherry ortner presents a compelling account of the evolving relationship between the mountaineers and the sherpas, a relationship of mutual dependence and cultural conflict played out in an environment of mortal risk.
Sherpas: the Himalayan legends: including the untold story of Phu Dorje, the first Nepalese to climb Sagarmatha
Kohli, MS
2003, Hardcover

this book is a compelling narrative of the hardy sherpas who inhabit the solu khumba district of nepal and the city of darjeeling in india. it is based on intimate personal experience, human relations and meticulous research.
Sherpas Bouddhistes (in French)
Sigayret, Henri
2006, Paperback
Dancing in the clouds: the Mani Rimdu, Dumche and Tsogchen festivals of the Khumbu Sherpas
Wangmo, Jamyang (Helly Pelaez Bozzi)
2008, Paperback

a book about the religious festivals of khumbu. it also contains accurate information about the history, organization, and rituals of the mani rimdu, dumche, and kyarog tsogchen festivals, as well as a short history of the thangme gompa and its head lamas.
Claiming the high ground: sherpas, subsistence and environmental change in the highest Himalayas
Stevens, Stanley F
2009, Hardcover
Building the Sherpas' new present in the age of globalization: the construction of a novel tradition as well as a collective Sherpa identity in a new place through the ....
Berg, Eberhard
2011, Paperback

.... performance of tibetan buddhist ritual celebrations: a close look at the present revitalisation of sherpa buddhism, culture, and society
Farewell to yak and yeti?: the Rolwaling sherpas facing a globalised world, foreword by Ngawang Tenzing Lama
Baumgartner, Ruedi
2015, Hardcover

the book is a fascinating account of the change in rolwaling sherpa society over the past 40 years, effectively covering three generations. the author\'s carefully chronicled life stories reveal radically different roles and aspirations within each generation.
The Sherpas of the Himalayas: their life, culture and society
Raha, Manis Kumar et al.
2016, Hardcover

this book presents a comparison between their society and culture and those of their congeners in nepal has also been made.
Khenpo Sangye Tenzin and the career of Serlo Shedrup Zungdrel Ling Gonpa, that evolved into one of the most important monasteries among the Sherpas of NE Nepal
Berg, Eberhard
2017, Paperback

on the history sherpa buddhism and its current flourishing in the context ongoing revitalisation of tibetan buddhism\'s nyingmapa school.
Fire of Himal: an anthropological study of the Sherpas of Nepal Himalayan region, 2nd ed
Kunwar, Ramesh Raj
1999, Paperback
The land of the Sherpas
Maillart, Ella
1998, Paperback

the book is about the farthest corner of nepal inhabited by the cheerful and lovable sherpas who are known for their himalayan climbing expedition and shed light on the aspects of the sherpa culture.