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The merlion and the hibiscus: contemporary short stories from Singapore and Malaysia
Mukherjee, Dipika et al. (ed.)
2002, Hardcover
Emerging Asia: challenges for India and Singapore
Vohra, NN (ed.)
2003, Hardcover
Can Asians think?: understanding the divide between east and west, Singapore, 2004
Mahbubani, Kishore
2004, Paperback

on how and why asian societies and civilizations fell several centuries behind european civilizations.
New place, old ways: essays on Indian society and culture in modern Singapore
Walker, Anthony R (ed.)
1994, N

contents: (i) indians in singapore: the background. (ii) mother-goddess worship practice and practitioners in three hindu temples (iii) continuity and change among singapore\'s bihari dairymen: the kampung sungei seletar community (iv) an indian family business: traditional strategies for commercial success (v) catholic vellalar: preserving a special identity.
Mutiny in Singapore: war, anti-war and the war for India's Independence
Kuwajima, Sho
2006, Hardcover

the author tries to explore the inner voice of the indian mutineers, to present their side of a story that has only been told by official british sources so far, and grasp the significance of singapore of 1915 in the context of the modern history of asia.
Asian diplomacy: the foreign ministries of China, India, Japan, Singapore, and Thailand
Rana, Kishan S
2007, Hardcover

this study examines the geopolitical landscape and diplomatic culture of asia\'s five ascending powers - china, india, japan, singapore, and thailand.
Study of impact of FTAs signed with Thailands, Singapore and Sri Lanka
Bhanja, Atal Bihari (b.1972)
2008, Hardcover
Beyond the myth: Indian business communities in Singapore
Bhattacharya, Jayati
2012, Hardcover
Indians in Singapore, 1819-1945: Diaspora in the colonial port city
Rai, Rajesh
2014, Hardcover

focusing on this important component of singapore\'s cultural mosaic, rajesh rai\'s work explores the formation and development of the indian diaspora from the advent of colonial rule to the end of the japanese occuption, revealing the dynamism of diasporic identities in the island\'s landscape.
Evolving synergies: celebrating dance in Singapore, ed. by Stephanie Burridge et al.
2014, Hardcover

the book is the first anthology of dance in singapore, a confluence of many cultures, including chinese, indian, malay and western traditions. it presents a comprehensive account of performing arts in singapore through life-stories, personal reflections, memoirs, and local histories, as well as rare photographs.
Sumatra: Isle of gold, by Asian Civilisations Museum, Singapore
2010, Paperback

this exhibition includes archaeological and tribal artifacts, glittering regalia, a variety of ceramics and jewellery, and stunning textiles from sumatra.
The chai shop in Singapore
Sahu, Surabhi
2016, Paperback

the story is about simple dreams, some broken and some coming true.
Singapore Indian heritage, ed. by Rajesh Rai et al.
2017, Hardcover

opened in 2015, the indian heritage centre traces the journey of singapore\'s indian community within the context of historical links between the regions and the contributions of the community to singapore. the building houses five permanent galleries, a special exhibition gallery, a museum shop and other spaces. this publication presents the interpretation of singapore indian ...
The road to freedom: travels through Singapore, Malaysia, Burma and India in the footsteps of the Indian National Army,
Bakshi, Akhil
1998, N

photographs by kabir khan the book contains hair raising accounts of the battles won and defeats suffered; picturesque descriptions of the expedition\'s adventures in distant lands. it brings the expedition\'s journey vividly to life, through its evocative text and superb photography and contains several rare and action photographs of the ina and its heroes.