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Buddhist bronzes from Sirpur
Sharma, AK et al.
2010, Hardcover

the book is a detailed, well researched account of a hoard of bronze sculptures recovered during sirpur excavation in 2005-2008.
Buddhist monuments of Sirpur
Sharma, AK
2014, Hardcover

this book deals about the buddhist monuments unearthed from excavations conducted between 1999-2000 to 2003-04 at sirpur, in district mahasamund of chattisgarh state.
Secular monuments of Sirpur
Sharma, AK et al
2014, Hardcover

this report of sirpur (chhattisgarh state) excavations which was conducted under the leadership of the senior author. it deals about the secular structures that were unearthed at sirpur and contains detailed descriptions about palace complex, prime-minister\'s house, priests houses and residential complexes.
Birds of Sirpur Indore
Mondhe, Bhalu et al
2012, Paperback
Jainism at Sirpur
Sharma, A.K.
2015, Hardcover

excavation report conducted during 2000 to 2012, this book highlights the jainism part of the report.
Metal technology of Sirpur
Sharma, A.K. et al.
2017, Hardcover

sirpur was excavated by the author from 2000 to 2011. implements recovered from the excavation indicate that at sirpur metal technology has reached quite a high level of efficiency and this aspect has been discused in this book.
Excavations at Sirpur: 2000-2012-Antiquities
Sharma, AK et al
2017, Hardcover

sirpur in mahasamund district of chhattisgarh was excavated from 2000 to 2012. while religious and secular structures were exposed also it yielded antiquities from 6th c.b.c. to 18th c.a.d. while reports on structures and sculptures have already been published it was thought proper to publish the report an antiquities separately.
Epigraphs of Sirpur
Sharma, AK
2017, Hardcover

the book contains complete account of all the inscriptions discovered so far at and about sirpur so that scholars can get all the material at one place. right from shri lochan prasad pandey, dr. h.v. trivedi, dr. ajay mitra shastri, shri rahul singh and g.l. raikwar to shri prabhat kumar singh and other scholars from epigraphy branch of archaeological survey of india who have d ...
Sculptural art of Sirpur
Sharma, A.K. et al.
2017, Hardcover

the book gives a detailed description of brahmanical, buddhist, jain and secular sculptures recovered from sirpur in chhattisgarh. both minor and major sculptures show an advanced sculptural art with a linga of native art that flourished in chhatisgarh right from 2nd c.b.c.