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A comparative grammar of the Dravidian or South Indian familyof languages, ed. by J.L. Wyatt et al., 3rd edition
Caldwell, Robert (1814-1891)
1998, Hardcover
Knit India through literature, Vol.1: The South
1998, N

in this volume, author deals with the south and looks at kerala, karnataka, andhra pradesh and tamil nadu and their literature. in the volume are included 27 interviews and examples from the literary work of 25 of these writers.
South Geddavalu: she who lost and won, tr. from Kannada by C. Mimala Rao
1998, Paperback
The political structure of early medieval south India
Veluthat, Kesavan (1951- )
1993, N

attempts to analyse the power structure in four early medieval kingdoms of south india, namley the pallavas, pandayas, cera and cola.
NGOs and women's development in rural South India: comparative analysis
Viswanath, Vanita
1993, Hardcover
New social movements in the South: empowering the people
Wignaraja, Ponna (ed.)
1993, Hardcover
Of clowns and gods, Brahmans and Babus: humour in South Asian literatures
Oesterheld, Christina et al. (ed.)
1999, N

the book contains a broad spectrum of essays on the subject in modern and pre-modern, in classical and folk, and in written and oral literatures from almost all corners of the subcontinent.
The folk-songs of Southern India, Madras, 1873
Gover, Charles E
2001, Hardcover

contents: (i) canarese songs (ii) badaga songs (iii) coorg songs (iv) tamil songs (v) the cural (vi) malayalam songs (vii) telugu songs.
A poem at the right moment: remembered verses from Pre-modern South India, collected and tr. by Velcheru Narayanan
1999, Paperback
Flags of fame: studies in south Asian folk culture
Bruckner, Heidrun (ed.) et al
1993, N
South Asia; democracy, discontent and societal conflicts
Singh, Gopal (ed.)
1998, N
Indians in South Africa: political economy of race relations
Jain, Prakash C
1999, N

the book historically examines the nature of racial descrimination in south africa with special indian community.
South Asian politics: ideologies and institutions, 2nd ed
Sinha, Rameshwar P (b.1942) et al. (ed.)
1998, N
Religion, politics and society in South and South-East Asia, with an introd. by Karan Singh
Vohra, NN (b.1936) et al. (ed.)
1998, N
Security in South Asia: comprehensive and cooperative
Banerjee, Dipankar
1999, N
Security and Foreign Policy in South Asia
Kayathwal, Mukesh Kumar
1999, N
South Asia: power and politics (studies in political identity and regional resurgence), 3 Vols (Set)
Prajapati, Vishnu (b.1945) (ed.)
1998, N

vol.1: politics and power in south asia vol.2: india: national interests and global commuinities vol.3: south asia: political priorities and economic imperatives.
Southeast Asia: people's struggle and political identity, 2nd edition
Sinha, Rameshwar P (b.1942) et al. (ed.)
1998, Hardcover

contents: (i) cambodia: dynamics of political behaviour (ii) indonesia: new asian tiger (iii) korea: independence and after (iv) laos: political imperatives (v) myanmar: dilemma of political isolation (vi) singapore: global city (vii) thailand: political aspiration (viii) south east and asian economic crisis.
Islam, communities and the nation: Muslim identities in South Asia and beyond
Hasan, Mushirul (ed.)
1998, N
Regional security, ethnicity and governance: the challengesfor South Asia
Richer, Justys et al. (ed.)
1998, N

the contributions include the role of social capital, the challenge of unresolved territorial disputes, the dilemmas of ethnic conflicts and the influence of non-governmental organizations.
Ethnicity and populist mobilization: political parties, ;citizens and democracy in South India
Subramanian, Narendra
1999, N

this is the first comprehensive study in two decades which explores the activities of the dravidian parties of south india which promoted \'a politics of blood\'.
Kin state intervention in ethnic conflicts: lessons from South Asia
Ganguly, Rajat
1998, N

contents: (i) kashmiri sescessionism in india and the role of pakistan (ii) the secessions of bangladesh and the role of india (iii) the role of afghanistan and iran in the baluch attempt to secede from pakistan (iv) \'pakhtunistan\' and the role of afghanistan (v) the role of india in the tamil secessionist movement in sri lanka
Globalization and the South Asian state
Babu, B Ramesh (ed.)
1998, N
Legitimacy and conflict in South Asia
Mitra, Subrata Kumar et al. (ed.)
1998, N

contains the contributions to the international colloguium held in heidelberg, germany in february 1995.
Managing distress: possession and therapeutic cults in South Asia
Carrin, Marine (ed.)
1999, N

the contributers to this volume draw on anthropology as well as psychotheraphy in their case studies from south and south-east asia. possession, in various forms, is at the core of such healing rituals.
The feminine sacred in South Asia: Le sacre au feminin en Asie de Sud
Tambs-Lyche, Harald (ed.)
1999, N
Songs of three great South Indian saints
Jackson, William J
1998, N

the book provides a representative selection from the songs of three great singer saints--annamacharya, purandaradasa and kanakadasa of sixteenth-century southern india. the author translated the songs in english.
Handbook of Hindu gods, goddesses and saints: popular in contemporary South India, with illustrataions by K.S. Ramu, 2ndrev. and enl. edition
Smith, H Daniel et al.
1997, Paperback
Media and the transformation of religion in South Asia
Babb, Lawrence A et al. (ed.)
1997, Hardcover

this volume provocative essays explores the effects of the religious transformation taking place in india as sacred symbols assume the shapes of media images.
Jainism in South India
Joseph, PM
1997, Hardcover