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Southeast Asia: people's struggle and political identity, 2nd edition
Sinha, Rameshwar P (b.1942) et al. (ed.)
1998, Hardcover

contents: (i) cambodia: dynamics of political behaviour (ii) indonesia: new asian tiger (iii) korea: independence and after (iv) laos: political imperatives (v) myanmar: dilemma of political isolation (vi) singapore: global city (vii) thailand: political aspiration (viii) south east and asian economic crisis.
Kings and cults: state formation and legitimation in India and southeast Asia
Kulke, Hermann
1993, N
Francis Buchanan in southeast Bengal (1798)
Schendel, Willem van (ed.)
1993, N
Health and social development in south and southeast Asia, 2 Vols (Set)
Ghosal, BC
2000, Hardcover

this book vividly points out how the health services of the south & south east asian countries have developed from infancy in the postwar period to childhood duting the difficult years between 1950 and 1970 and so naturally in the period following the historical alma conference in 1978.
The Indian navy and Southeast Asia
Naidu, GVC
2000, Hardcover
Southeast Asia security in the coming millennium
Ghosh Suchita et al. (ed.)
2000, Hardcover

selected papers delivered at a national seminar in 1998.
Kings and cults: State formation and legitimation in India and southeast Asia
Kulke, Hermann
2001, Paperback

this book contains a selection of articles of h. kulke on various aspects of ksatra and ksetra, the interconnected domains of temporal and sacred power in medieval india and southeast asia.
Society and culture of Southeast Asia: continuities and changes
Chandra, Lokesh (ed.)
2000, Hardcover
Flora of eastern ghats: hill ranges of Southeast India, Vol. 2: Leguminosae (Fabaceae)
Pullaiah, T et al.
2000, Hardcover

in the present volume a total of 330 species belonging to 74 genera of family leguminosae have been enumerated.
The iconography of architectural plans: a study of the influence of Buddhism and Hinduism on plans of South and Southeast Asia
Bunce, Fredrick William (b.1935)
2002, Hardcover
Ethnic conflict and secessionism in South and Southeast Asia: causes, dynamics, solutions, foreword by Stephanie Lawson
Ganguly, Rajat et al. (ed.)
2003, Hardcover
State, society and religion: culturehistorical comparative perspectives of Southeast Asia
2003, Hardcover

this book deals with india\'s cultural and systemic interaction with southeast asian countries which spanned a period of nearly fifteen centuries from the early years of the christian era downwards.
Southeast Asian crisis: an economic analysis
Lobo, Radhika
2004, Hardcover

the book traces the development experience of the southeast asian countries in indonesia, malaysia and thailand in the pre and post asian crisis period detailing the lessons that developing countries like india can draw from the same.
Girls in the twilight zone: south and southeast Asian scenario
Ghosh, Lipi et al.
2003, Paperback

papers presented in this book deal with the most vulnerable category of girl children.
Security and southeast Asia: domestic, regional, and globalissues
Collins, Alan
2005, Hardcover

this book identifies and explains the security challenges-- both traditional and nontraditional-- confronting the region.
Women's studies women's lives: theory and practice in southand southeast Asia
1994, N
Sexuality, gender and rights: exploring theory and practicein South and Southeast Asia
Misra, Geetanjali et al. (ed.)
2005, Hardcover
India's interaction with Southeast Asia, ed. by G.C. Pande
2006, Hardcover

...civilizations, vol.1, part 3;;;this volume situates indo-southeast asian interchange within a global civilizational perespective, in which the old notion of the indic `motherland\' sustaining the southeast asian civilization is discarded in favour of a `reciprocal\' model that explores the uniqueness of the lands on both sides of the bay of bengal.
India and Southeast Asia: towards security convergence
Devare, Sudhir
2006, Hardcover
Sacred biography in the Buddhist traditions of South and Southeast Asia
Schober, Juliane (ed.)
2001, Hardcover
Exploring theory and practice in South and Southeast Asia
Misra, Geetanjali (ed.)
2006, Hardcover

the collection of articles provides food for thought for researchers working on sexuality, gender and rights.
Field days: a naturalist's journey through South and Southeast Asia, with a foreword by John Seidensticker
Johnsingh, AJT
2006, Paperback
Decentralization, forests and rural communities: policy outcomes in South and Southeast Asia
Webb, Edward L et al. (ed.)
2008, Hardcover
Encyclopaedia of Southeast Asian dynasties, 3 vols., by Shiv Shanker Tiwary (Set)
2008, Hardcover

this encyclopaedia traces the various dynasties of southeast asia. how these dynasties came in to power, how efficiently they ruled their kingdom, the prominent rulers of these dynasties, their important cultures and rituals are covered in this book.
Society and politics in Southeast Asia
Jha, Ganganath
2009, Hardcover

this study is an outcome of several papers presented at national and international seminars and workshops and focus mainly on society and politics of ten countries of southeast asia with emphasis on thailand, cambodia, vietnam, laos, indonesia and myanmar.
Terrorism in South and Southeast Asia in the coming decade
Singh, Daljit
2009, Paperback
Geology and tectonics of the Southeastern Ladakh and Karakoram
2009, Paperback
The Torana: in Indian and Southeast Asian architecture
Dhar, Parul Pandya
2010, Hardcover

the present work discusses in depth the subject of toranas (arched portals or festoons) in the ancient and medieval architecture of south- and south-east asia, with special emphasis on indian representations. the text is richly illustrated, bringing together material scattered over several well-known as well as remote sites, museums, and archival collections.
India and Southeast Asia: challenges and opportunities
Ghoshal, Baladas (b.1943) (ed.)
1996, N

contents: (i) looking ahead: india and southeast asia in the 1990\'s: new perspectives, new challenges (ii) india\'s strategic relations with southeast asia (iii) china, india and southeast asia after the cold war (iv) india-southeast asia economic partnership in the 1990s: role of governmental policies (v) intellectual and academic cooperation between india and southeast asia ...
Indo-Myanmar ranges in the tectonic framework of the Himalaya and Southeast Asia, Proceedings of the National Seminar,ovember 27-29, 2008
2010, Paperback