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Speaking of dance: the Indian critique
Bose, Mandakranta (b.1938)
2001, Hardcover

with a fresh, critical appraisal of the key concepts surfacing from the natyasastra of bharata muni and some of the other landmark treatises, like abhinayadarpana, sangitaratnakar, and nartananirnaya, the book tries to highlight how these time-honoured writings have contributed to the evolution of classical dancing in india.
History of the Bengali speaking people
Sengupta, Nitish
2001, Hardcover

the study focuses on the political history of the bengalees from the earliest times to the time when the two bengals stopped sharing a common political history.
Speaking stones: world cultural heritage sites in India
2000, Hardcover
Speaking peace: women's voices from Kashmir
Butalia, Urvashi (ed.)
2002, Hardcover

kashmir has been, for some years, a key issue on the indian political map and more than a decade of conflict has deeply affected people\'s livelyhoods and living environments. the contributions in this book explore such issues through interviews with kashmiri women, personal reflective pieces, extracts from different reports and books.
Plain speaking: selected writing on the Indian economy and administration
Bhoothalingam, S
1994, N
Legally speaking
Iyer, VR Krishna (b.1915)
2004, Hardcover

collection of articles by former judge of supreme court of indian law.
Sanskrit for English speaking people: a systematic teachingand self-learning tool to read, write, understand and speakSanskrit
Narale, Acarya Ratnakar
2004, Hardcover
Speaking of films, transl. from the Bengali by Gopa Majumdar
Ray, Satyajit
2005, Paperback
Hindi for non-Hindi speaking people
Kumar, Kavita
2010, Paperback
Introduction to Bengali, Part 1: a basic course in spoken Bengali, with emphasis upon speaking and understanding the language by Edward Dimick et al
1991, Paperback
Hindi for non-Hindi speaking people workbook
Kumar, Kavita
Speaking of monks: from Benares to Beijing
Shinohara, Koichi et al. (ed.)
2006, Paperback

this volume contains essays by various authors from all over the world on different aspects of indian and chinese civilization as well as on buddhism both as a philosophy and religion.
Plain speaking: a sudra's story, ed. with an introd. and notes byy Uttara Natarajan
Sattanathan, AN
2007, Hardcover

the memories and lectures of a.n. sattanathan (1905-1991), presented here in a fully annotated edition, with a critical introduction, constitute a key literary-historical document of the caste struggle.
Speaking havoc: social suffering and South Asian narratives
Nagappan, Ramu
2008, Hardcover

focusing on central events such as the partition of 1947, the assassination of indira gandhi in 1984, and more recent conflicts between india and pakistan, nagappan demonstrates the differing ways that narratives engage the political violence that has marked the last fifty years of south asian history.
Speaking of peasants: essays on Indian history and politicsin honor of Walter Hauser
Pinch, William R
2008, Hardcover

the present volume springs out of a festschrift conference to honor the career of walter hauser, professor emeritus of history at the university of virginia and pioneer scholar in the study of indian peasant movements.
Speaking for ourselves: women and distance education in India
Kanwar, Asha S et al (ed.)
1995, N
Speaking truth to power: religion, caste, and the subalternquestion in India
Bhagavan, Manu et al. (ed.)
2009, Paperback

dedicated to eleanor zelliot, a pioneering scholar to dalit studies, this book explores the lives and creations of dalits and seeks to re-examine the subaltern question in the subcontinent through a variety of discipline and academic approaches.
Speaking for myself: an anthology of Asian women's writing,foreword by Kapila Vatsyayan
Kumar, Sukrita Paul et al. (ed.)
2009, Paperback
Imagining a place for Buddhism: literary culture and religious community in Tamil-speaking South India
Monius, Anne E
2009, Paperback
Speaking of Gandhi's death
Suhrud, Tridip et al. (ed.)
2010, Hardcover

this book brings together reflections of a group of gandhi\'s closest associates, like pandit nehru etc. in 1948 on gandhi\'s assassination and a group of thinkers and writers gathered in 2008 to deliberate on his death as absence and memory.
Speaking for the bench: selected judgments of justice VR Krishna Iyer
Sahasranaman, PB (ed.)
2012, Hardcover

this book pieces together the quintessential portions from the landmark judgments of justice iyer that he delivered during his tenure, first as a judge of the kerala high court, and then, as a judge of the supreme court of india. divided into seven parts, the volume analyses the essence of the key judgments, and also interprets the circumstantial basis leading to the judicial d ...
Daughters of fire: speaking pain; seeking justice sustaining resistance
2011, Hardcover
Speaking with pictures: folk art and the narrative tradition in India, foreword by Veena Das
Chatterji, Roma
2012, Hardcover

this book is a path-breaking exploration of visual narratives in folk art. it foregrounds with modernity by re-looking at its figurative modes and the ways in which they are embadded in mythic thought.
Longitudinally speaking: the best of Drishti
Gautam, Vinayshil
2013, Hardcover

the selection contained in this book is from the periodic publication called drishti.
Speaking for Buddhas: scriptural commentary in Indian Buddhism
Nance, Richard F.
2014, Hardcover

the author while evaluating the commentaries written on the buddhist scriptures, particularly the sutras in detail rewrites the critical history of buddhist thought, including its unique conception of doctrinal transmission.
Cinematically speaking: the orality-literacy paradigm for visual narrative
Nayar, Sheila J
2014, Hardcover

between close readings of bollywood cinema and modernist art cinema in 1950s-1990s, as well as of the many cinemas in between, this book casts a pioneering lens on what goes into shaping screen stories worldwide. it is a theoretical work certain to alter our understanding and future exploration of the narrative-film species.
English literature: its history and its significance for the life of the English-speaking world
Long, William J.
2015, Hardcover
Speaking out: women's economic empowerment in South Asia
Carr, Marilyn et al. (ed.)
1997, Paperback

this book provides ample evidence that women\'s empowerment is actually taking place on a significant scale in south asia and that this is having a noticeable impact on levels of poverty and well-being.
Speaking of the self: gender, performance, and autobiography in South Asia, ed. by Anshu Malhotra et al.
2017, Hardcover

covering memoirs, poetry, songs, novels, architecture, religious treatises, fiction and diaries, the essays underline different modes of self-fashioning and representation through which women speak for themselves and conceptualize their subjectivity. this eloquent and rich collection is an indispensable read for historians and feminists, and for anyone interested in life narrat ...
Speaking to an elephant and other tales from the Kadars, retold by Manish Chandi et al., illus. by Matthew Frame
2017, Hardcover