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Reiki with gemstones: activating your self-healing powers, connecting the universal life force and energy with gemstonetherapy, tr. by German from Christine M. Grimm, USA, 1997
Klinger-Omenka, Ursula (b.1950)
1999, Hardcover
The Indian Constitution: Cornerstone of a nation
Austin, Granville
1999, N
The Harsha stone inscription: text, translation and commentary
Mishra, Ratan Lal
1999, Hardcover
South Indian memorial stones
Rajan, K
2000, Hardcover

besides providing a comprehensive historical overview of the subject, from the prehistoric times to almost recent years, the author has brought out several interesting findings like the one on the close correlation of the memorial stones with pastrolism for a major part of their history.
A child even in arms of stone, compiled by Sitakant Mahapatra
2000, Hardcover

anthology of 30 poems on children; translated from various languages.
Eternal stone: great buildings of India
Bhatia, Gautam (ed.)
2000, Hardcover
Stones in the sand: the architecture of Rajasthan, ed. by Giles Tillotson
2001, Hardcover

this volume presents the characteristic traditional architecture of rajasthani towns and cities, the stone-built forts, palaces, and havelis, temples, tanks, and kunds, from the 16th century onwards when the region developed the distinctive style of domestic and civic architecture for which it is well known.
Conservation of building stones
Kumar, Anuradha V
2001, Hardcover
Speaking stones: world cultural heritage sites in India
2000, Hardcover
Sermons from stones: contribution of Andhras to art, culture and thought
Krishna Kumari, Myneni
2002, Hardcover

on the contribution of andhras to the development of its culture covering different aspects of medieval andhra history. the book is divided into three sections (i) women and society, (ii) economy and trade, and (iii) art and culture.
Testimony of stone, 2 parts (Set)
Gangopadhyay, Subinoy
2002, Hardcover

part 1: prehistoric indians: a tale of 500,000 years. part 2: monuments of india.
Patna Museum Catalogue: stone sculptures and other antiquities, ed. by Naseem Akhtar
2001, Hardcover
The philosopher's stone: the blue book of philosophy
Gill, Ashim (b.1963)
2003, Hardcover

attempts to reveal the hidden secrets that have bedevilled the philosophers for aeons. it brings to light the innermost workings of the human soul, of sub-atomic particles, as also metaphysical enigmas and world-moving theories and principles that have left a deep impact upon mankind.
Rabindranath Tagore omnibus I: Gitanjali, The Post Office, Creative Unity, Hundry Stones & Other Stories, Gora, My Bodyhood Days
Tagore, Rabindranath
2003, Paperback
Somnath Mahatmyam: Sanskrit poem on Lord Somnatha, with English tr. and four stone-inscriptions by Santikumar J. Bhatt,2nd ed
2003, Hardcover
The land of naked people: encounters with stone age islanders
Mukerjee, Madhusree
2003, Paperback

on andaman chain in the bay of bengal. combining anthropological findings with historical accounts and personal travel stories, mukerjee lets us glimpse a primeval, disappearing humanity.
Art and archaeology of India: stone age to the present
Harishankar, BS (b.1966) et al.
2003, Hardcover

catalogue of the indraprastha museum of art and archaeology, new delhi.
Early and Buddhist stone sculpture of Japan
Bhattacharyya, AK (b.1919)
2004, Hardcover

the book discusses early artefacts, decorative sculptures, lanterns, pagodas, engravings, buddha images, images of the buddhist pantheon and biku, bikuni and rakans.
First collections of Tibetan historical inscriptions on rock and stone Ladakh Himalaya, by A.H. Francke et al
2003, Hardcover
The sling and the stone: on war in the 21st century
Hammes, Thomas X
2006, Hardcover
Milestones in Gujarati literature, Bombay, 1938, 2nd edition
Jhaveri, KM
1993, Hardcover
The stone laughs, Atonement: two novellas, transl. from the Tamil by Padma Narayan
La Sa Ra(Lalgudi Saptarishi Ramamirtham)
2005, Paperback
Fountain stone slabs of Chamba
Sethi, SM et al.
2006, Hardcover

this book attempts to study the iconography, origin and history of fountain stone slabs in chamba as well presenting a comparative study with the memorial stones of himachal pradesh.
Copper-plate and stone inscriptions of South India, 3 vols (Set)
Butterworth, Alan & Chetty, V Venugopaul
2006, Hardcover

this set is a collection of stone and copper-plate inscriptions of south india, particularly of the nelore district. the inscriptions provide source material for writing regional history. vol.1 discusses copper-plate and stone inscriptions of atmakur taluk, darsi division, gudur taluk and kandukur taluk. vol.2 is devoted to stone inscriptions of kainigiri taluk, nellore taluk a ...
The Oxford companion to Indian archaeology: the archaeological foundations of ancient India stone age to AD 13th century
Chakrabarti, Dilip K
2006, Hardcover

a thematic, geographic and temporal study, this book offers a definitive introduction, area-by-area, phase-by-phase, to a whole range of archaeological data in the indian subcontinent. archaeological data and related evidence including inscriptions, coins, art, architecture as well as religious and iconographical frameworks are examined to review main historical debates and ana ...
Seeing through the stones: a tale from the Maoist land
Raychaudhuri, Diptendra (b.1964)
2007, Paperback

the book follows closely the genesis and developments of the maoist movement of the last century, from the days of charu mazumdar to the time when big groups started merging.
Symphony in stone: festivities in early Buddhism
Kaushik, Garima
2007, Hardcover

the study attempts to document and classify the existing references through archaeological (painting and sculptures), literary (primarily non-canonical texts, like the biographies of the buddha, the jatakas, travelogues of the chinese travelers etc.) and epigraphic evidence and to sort them according to the rules of conduct for the monastic as well as the lay mode of living.
Feminism: from Mary Wollstonecraft to Betty Friedan
Shukla, Bhasker A (b.1962)
2007, Hardcover
Paisra: the stone age settlement of Bihar
Jayaswal, Vidula et al.
1991, Hardcover

paithani: a romance in brocades
Gemstones: poperties, identification and use
Thomas, Arthur
2008, Hardcover