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First style of art and four thousand illustrations on wood.Illustrated encyclopaedia of arts and industry of all nations: embellished with fifty steel engravings, excuted in the (Set)
1993, Hardcover
Graham Greene: a study in his language and style
Bhavani, Durga
1999, N
Marwar paintings: a history of the Jodhpur style
Crill, Rosemary
1999, Hardcover
Hairstyle: Panorama of the tribal world
Debi, Bharati et al.
2000, Paperback

this volume is an outcome of the many years of fieldwork among various groups by successive teams of anthropologists aided by the members of the photography unit of the anthropological survey of india.
Forest tribes of Orissa: life style and social conditions of selected Orissan tribes, Vol. 1: the Dongaria Kondh
Jena, Mihir K et al.
2002, Hardcover
Abu Jani, Sandeep Khosla: a celebration of style
Dwivedi, Sharada
2000, Hardcover

in the indian scenario.
Style in Bengali proverbs
Chakraborti, Biplab (b.1940)
2000, Hardcover
Changing life style of the Bedas of Karnataka
Annapurna, M (b.1953)
2002, Hardcover
Fashion styles of ancient India, a study of Kalinga from earliest times to sixteenth century A.D
Mohapatra, Ramesh Prasad (1939-1989)
1992, N

a study of orissa\'s costomes and coiffures from first century to the beginning of 16th cent. based on the archaeological evidences and literary corroborations.
Missionary Styles and the problem of dialogue
Visvanathan, Susan
1993, Paperback indian civilization; occasional papers 6.
Ancient Hindu society: including races, dynasties, politics, war, law enforcement, social and caste systems, economics,life-style, women, traditions and habits of the ancient... (Set)
Kapoor, Subodh (ed.)
2002, Hardcover

...indians, 6 vols.
Ellora: concept and style, text and photographs by Carmel Berkson, afterword by Mulk Raj Anand, 2nd edition
2004, Hardcover

during the sixth to the ninth centuries ce, the fundamental beliefs of hindus, buddhists and jains were symbolically concretized in the architectural and sculptural multiplicity of form life in the thirty four rock-cut temples at ellora in india. this volume is the first coordinative treatment of the ways in which the artists integrated concept, style, narrative, emotional stat ...
Democracy Indian style: Subhas Chandra Bose and the creation of India's political culture, translation by Renee Schell
Pelinka, Anton
2004, Hardcover
Jhewari bronze Buddhas: a study in history and style
Bhattacharya, AK
1989, Hardcover
Early Chola art: origin & emergence of style
Sivaram, Rama S
1994, N

contents: (i) historical overview-retrospective of south india (ii) the socio-religious background (iii) temple architecture (v) towards early chola sculpture (vi) survey of extant sculpture in the early chola period (vii) early chola bronzes- a formal analysis.
The peotry of W.B. Yeats: style and imagery
Yadav, Ram Lalak (b.1952)
2005, Hardcover
Structure, style and usage
Yadurajan, KS
2005, Hardcover

this volume, a companion to the author\'s earlier book current english, comprehensively covers points of structure, style, and usage in the english language. an invaluable guide, it explains issues of grammar that baffle the non-native speaker and pose problems even for native speakers, in a witty and accessible manner.
Forest tribes of Orissa: life style and social conditions of selected Orissan tribes, Vol.2: the Kuttia Kondh
Jena, Mihir et al.
2006, Hardcover
Lifestyle of the Vedic people
Ghosal Pranati (b.1956)
2006, Hardcover

based on an analysis of the vedic literature, the book deals with aspects of everyday life of the vedic people: their housing, mode of production and occupations, social organisation, education, food and drink entertainment, dress and cosmetics, etc.
Sculptures from Haryana: iconography and style
Handa, Devendra
2006, Hardcover

the book discusses the iconography and style of all important hindu, buddhist and jaina images discovered from the state so far. it lists two hundred sites which have yielded sculptural remains and is an outcome of surveys and researches for over four decades.
Paintings and lifestyles of Jammu region: from 17th to 19thcentury A.D., 2 vols (Set)
Raj Kumar
2006, Hardcover

this book opens a door to the wonderful of art and culture. it introduces greatest pahari painters with an intention to pinpoint as to how they used to live and work, what they conceived, experienced and invented during those social conditions when it was difficult to attain perfection.
Geet Govinda: paintings in Kanheri style
Upadhyaya, Narmada Prasad
2006, Paperback

geet govinda-- a superb lyrical sanskrit poem of the 12th century composed by jaideva. the book contains twelve cantos that have twenty-four eightstanza songs which deal with the love plays of the dark lord krishna and his fair beloved radha.
Feast of love: 50 classic menus, photographs by Ashish Chawla, styled by Sujata Sadr
Manekshaw, Bhicoo
2007, Hardcover
Life styles: Indian tribes, locational practice, 3 vols (Set)
1989, Hardcover
Forest tribes of Orissa: lifestyle and social conditions ofselected Orissan tribes, Vol.3: the Juang, their ethnosociology, ethnobotany and local knowledge of forests, ed. by ...
2007, Hardcover

... nityananda patnaik et al
Mughal style: the art and architecture of Islamic India, research by Mumtaz Currim
Michell, George
2007, Hardcover

the book present monumental architecture, sumptuous textiles, miniature paintings, crafted objects of jade - all marked by a common aesthetic coherence that is the hallmark of mughal style. analyzing the influences that constitute this style - the central asian inheritance, the artistic practices of peria, and the incalculably rich tradition of india - the book also examines th ...
Style in Indian English fiction: a study in politeness strategies
Patil, ZN
1994, N

contents: (i) politeness principle and textual rhetoric (ii) some aspects of politeness strategies (iii) positive politeness strategies (iv) negative politeness strategies (v) off-record politeness strategies (vi) aggravating or impolite language.
Life style of the Vedic people, foreword by R.C. Sharma
Ghosal, Pranati
2006, Hardcover
Kerala life style for modern youth
Jayamani, CV
2007, Paperback

a unique book on natural living and proposes a fruitarian and vegetarian diet for a healthy life.
Bharata Natyam: origin, styles and techniques
Verma, Micky
2009, Hardcover