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Manaviki: A Journal of Humanities & Social Sciences, Vol.III(2) - IV(1), (Jan.-Dec.), 2012, (Special issue on 150th anniversary celebrations of Archaeological Survey of India,...
2012, Paperback

...ed. by ravindra nath singh et al.
Medieval Indian literature: an anthology, Vol.1: Surveys and selections (Assamese, Bengali, Dogri), ed. by K. Ayyappa...
1997, Hardcover

paniker et al the medieval age in indian history (ad.1100-1800) forms a vital fountainhead of indian cultural heritage. this work to be completed in three volumes is an attempt to present a historical and critical survey of the literature of twenty-one indian languages written during this period. it also presents selections from nearly 700 authors rendered into english by over ...
Encyclopaedic survey of oriental thought, 3 vols., by N.L. Gupta (Set)
1998, Hardcover

various isms like hinduism, jainism, buddhism, zen-buddhism, taoism, sintoism etc. have been dealt holistically without any bias or prejudice.
India's foreign policy and relations: a documentary survey:1972-92, introd, by M.S. Rajan
Gopal, Kakila Kishan et al.
1999, N

it is essentially a bibliography on india\'s foreign policy and her relations. in fact, one of the foremost aims of this work is to stimulate the wide scattered research material on india\'s foreign policy in a single source
Pali language and literature: a systematic survey and historical study, 2 vols., by Kanai Lal Hazra (Set)
2014, Hardcover

vol.1: language: history and structure; literature: canonical pali texts. vol.2: literature: non-canonical pali texts.;;;beginning with a description of the language, its historical evolution, phonology and grammatical categories, the book studies the canonical pali texts (the three pitakas) and surveys the non-canonical pali literature covering manuals and chronicles.
Survey of research in sociology and social anthropology inNorth-East India (1970-1990)
Kumar, Nikhlesh
1999, N
Survey of research in geography on North-East India (1970-1990)
Bhagabati, Abani K (b.1957) et al.
1999, N
Survey of research in political science on North-East India(1970-1990)
Gassah, LS
1999, N
Memoirs of the Zoological survey of India: Vol.16 No.1: Taxonomic studies on some of the Indian non-mulberry silk-moths(Lepidoptera: Saturniidae: Satruniinae) by G.S. Arora et al
1979, Hardcover
Memoirs of the Zoological Survey of India: Vol.16 No.2: Monograph on Holothuria (Metriatyla) scabra by M. Mary Bai Jaeger
1980, Hardcover
Memoirs of the Zoological Survey of India: Vol.16 No.3: Oriental Aphidoidea: Key to the genera and synoptic list by B.K.Agarwala et al
1985, Hardcover
Memoirs of the Zoological Survey of India: Vol.16 No.4: Littoral Harpacticoida(Crustacea: Copepoda) from the Andaman andNicobar Islands by J.B.J. Wells et al
1987, Hardcover
Memoirs of the Zoological Survey of India: Vol.17 No.1: Review of the genera of family Rhizophagidae(Clavicornia: Coleoptera) of the world by T. Sengupta
1988, Hardcover
Memoirs of the Zoological Survey of India: Vol.17 No.2: Monograph on Nichollsia Khasiensis (Crustacea: Isopoda.Phreatoicoidea: Nichollsidae) by Chopra and Tiwari
1989, Hardcover
Memoirs of the Zoological Survey of India: Vol.17 No.3: A taxonomic review of the genus Aphis Linnaeus (Homoptera: Aphididae) in India by L.K. Ghosh
1990, Hardcover
Memoirs of the Zoological Survey of India: Vol.17 No.4: Sipunculans of Indian Coasts by B.P. Haldar
1991, Hardcover
Memoirs of the Zoological Survey of India: Vol.18 No.1: A Taxonomic Review of Indian Tetranychidae (Acari: Prostigmata)with descriptions of known species and keys to Genera and ..
1994, Hardcover

species by s.k.gupta et al
Memoirs of the Zoological Survey of India: Vol.18 No.2: Anuran (Amphibia) Fauna of Northeast India by S.K. Chandra
1994, Hardcover
A survey of love in Sanskrit, ed. by P.C. Muralimadhavan
Kundan Raja, Chittenjoor
1997, Hardcover
Survey of research in history on North-East 1970-1990
Syiemlieh, David R
2000, Hardcover
Baroque India: the Neo-Roman religious architecture of South Asia: a global stylistic survey
Pereira, Jose
2000, Hardcover

baroque india is the fruite of over 40 years of research, and is the work of one professionaly trained in the history of indian art.
A survey of post-Sankara Advaita-Vedanta, ed. by Rabindra Kumar Panda
Nachane, Sulochana A
2000, Hardcover
Gender discrimination in the Kashmir valley (a survey of Budgam and Baramulla districts)
2000, Hardcover

report on study carried out in baramulla and budgam districts in 1996-1997 among 600 selected and representative repondents and proceedings of the national seminar in srinagar in august 1997 organized jointly by unicef.
Third survey of research in sociology and social anthropology, 2 Vols (Set)
Gore, MS (b.1921) (ed.)
2000, Hardcover
A catalogue of chromosome numbers of Indian mammals, ed. by the Director, Zoological Survey of India
Singh, Ashok K et al.
1999, Hardcover

occasional paper no. 176)
Contribution to the knowledge of bats (Mammalia: Chiroptera) of North-East Hills, India, ed. by Director, of ZoologicalSurvey of India
Sinha, Yadunath Prasad
1999, Hardcover

..paper no. 174)
A brief survey of socio-economic history of medieval Bihar
Prasad, Rajiva Nain (b.1921)
1999, Hardcover
Buddhism in South-East Asia: a cultural survey
Ahir, DC (b.1928)
2001, Hardcover

a comprehensive survey of the buddhist influence on asian culture and civilization presented for the first time.
Ladakh in the mirror of her folklore: a comprehensive survey of the folklore of Ladakh with transliterations of one hundred selected folksongs including one hym
Sikandar, Sikandar Khan
1997, Hardcover
Tibetan demographic survey 1998, 2 Vols (Set)
2000, Hardcover