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A comprehensive etymological dictionary of the Tamil language, Vol.1, part III
1997, Hardcover
Literary theories in Tamil, with special reference to Tolkappiyam by Indra Manuel
1997, Hardcover

chiefly on tolkappiyam, ancient tamil grammar.
Tamil language and literature
Sharma, Sita Ram
1998, N
Passions of the tongue: language devotion in Tamil India, 1891-1970
Ramaswamy, Sumathi
1998, Hardcover
A vocabulary of the English, Sinhalese and Tamil languages, Colombo, 1899
1999, Hardcover
Guide to 14 Asiatic languages (Tamil, Hindi, Hindustani, Burmese, Persian, Farsi, Arabic, Chinese) by Andrew Boyd, London, 1947
1999, Hardcover
Tamil self-taught (Thimm's system) with English phonetic pronunciation by Don Martin De Zilva Wickremasinghe, 2nd rev. edition, London, 1912
2004, Hardcover
Tamil poetry through the ages, Vol.1: Ettuttokai: the eightanthologies, English rendering by S.M. Ponniah
Hikosaka, Shu et al. (ed.)
1997, N
The fatal rumour: a nineteenth-century Indian novel, tr. from the Tamil and with an afterword by Stuart Blackburn
Rajam Aiyar, BR (1872-1898)
1998, Hardcover
A most truthful picture and other stories, tr. from the Tamil original
Ashokamitran (b.1931)
1998, N
A movement for literature, English tr. from the Tamil original by Venkat Swaminathan
Subramaniam, Ka Naa (1912-1988)
1998, Paperback

originally published as illakkayathukku oru iyakkam in tamil, discussed a wide range of literary works and writers from various nations and periods, including world epics and ancient as well as contemporary classics. it is a sahitya akademi award winning tamil li literary treatise.
The story of a seaside village, tr. from Tamil by M. Vijaya Lakshmi
Meeran, Thoppil Mohammad (b.1944)
1998, Paperback
The adventures of the Gooroo Paramartan: a tale in Tamil language, tr. by Benjamin Babington, Allahabad, 1915
Babington, B
1999, Hardcover

an analysis of the first story by benjamin babington, london, 1822
Concept of Sri Andal's Tiruppavai (English and Tamil) (Tamil in roman, Tamil and Telugu scripts)
Padmanabhan, Chenni
1995, N

critically interpretation of tiruppavai, hymn to krishna, hindu deity, by antal vaishnavite poet
Elder brothers story: an oral epic of Tamil; part 2, collected and trans. in English by Brenda E.F. Beck
Hikosaka, Shu and G John Samuel (eds.)
1992, Paperback
Religion as emancipatory identity: a Buddhist movement among the Tamils under colonialism
Aloysius, G
1998, Paperback
Meghadutam of Kalidasa, Vol.3, with verse tr. in twelve languages (Tamil, Telugu, Kannad, Malayalam, Bangla, Oriya, Assamese, Manipuri, Sindhi, Urdu, Punjabi and Kashmiri), ed....
1999, Hardcover

...ed. by dayanand bhargava.
Flora of India Series 2: State Flora Analysis: Flora of Tamil Nadu, ed. by N.C. Nair et al., Vol.1
1983, N
Flora of India Series 2: State Flora Analysis: Flora of Tamil Nadu, ed. by A.N. Henry et al., Vol.2
1987, N
Flora of India Series 2: State Flora Analysis: Flora of Tamil Nadu, ed. by A.N. Henry, et al, Vol.3
1989, N
The poems of ancient Tamil: their milieu and their Sanskrit counterparts
Hart, George
1999, Hardcover
Caste politics and society in Tamil Nadu
Palanithurai, G (ed.)
1994, N
Archaeological gazetteer of Tamil Nadu, by K. Rajan
1997, Hardcover
Census of India-1991: Series 1: India,Part V-D Series: Migration Tables, Volume-9, Part-2, Table D-17: Nagaland, Orissa,Punjab, Rajasthan, Sikkim, Tamil nadu, Tripura, Uttar ......
1999, Hardcover

pradesh, west bengal and all union territories.
Census of India-1991: Series 23: Tamil Nadu State District Profile 1991
1999, Hardcover
Census of India-1991: Series 23: Tamil nadu, Part II-B (iii); Primary Census Abstract for Scheduled Tribes
1998, Hardcover
Descriptive catalogue of palm-leaf manuscripts in Tamil, Gen. ed. G. John Samuel, 4 Vols (Set)
1990-96, Hardcover

vol.1, 2 parts, 1990, rs.355.00 vol.2, 2 parts, 1990-92,rs.450.00 vol.3, 2 parts, 1993, rs.500.00 vol.4, 2 parts, 1996 rs.500.00
English-Tamil dictionary by P. Percival, Madras, 1953
2004, Hardcover
Tamil-English dictionary by P. Percival
2004, Hardcover
English and Tamil dictionary by M. Winslow et al., Madras, 1888, 3rd edition
2004, Hardcover