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Suhrllekha of Nagarjuna, with the comm. of Jetsun Rendawa, tr. and ed. by Pema Tenzin
1996, Hardcover
Abhisamayalankaramahasastrakaya-sthatika-vyava Abhaya Dharmendra-Mukhagama-Nama by Khenpo Tsondu, transl. into Sanskritand Hindi, ed. by Pema Tenzin
1988, Hardcover

this is an compendium of abhisamayalankarasastra of maiteryanath. the eight main topics and the seventy sub-topics of the abhisamayalankara re explained in detail by means of their definations, divisions and so forth. an appendix and glossary are also added to help the readers. this will certainly prove as a good reference text for studying abhisamayalankara.
Kindness, clarity, and insight: the fourteenth Dalai Lama his Holiness Tenzin Gyatso, ed. and tr. by Jeffrey Hopkins etal.
2010, Paperback

in this collection of talks given during his visit to u.s.a., the dalai lama discusses a variety of spiritual and human concerns with his characteristic warmth, wit and perception. not limited to buddhists his practical message speaks to the people everywhere of the importance of kindness, love and compassion.
In search of truth: a collection of articles in honour of the Fifth Samdhong Rinpoche Losang Tenzin on his sixtieth birthday, ed. by S. Rinpoche felicitation volume
1999, Hardcover
Gyalsay Tenzin Rubgye and his reincarnations
Dorji, Chen-Kyo-Tshering (b.1949)
1999, Paperback
Cyalsay Tenzin Rubgye and his reincarnations
Dorji, CT
1999, Hardcover
Paths and grounds of Guhyasamaja according to Arya Nagarjuna (with commentary by Geshe Losang Tsephel), tr. by Tenzin Dorjee, ed. by David Ross Komits
Lodoe, Yangchen Gawai
2004, Paperback

an eighteenth cent. tibetan treatise with a brief contemporary commentary which maps out the paths and grounds of guhyasamaja tantra according to nagarjuna\'s tradition.
Catalogue of the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives (Manuscript section), Vol.V: Bonpo collection, comp. by Othog Geshe Tenzin Wangyal
2001, Hardcover

vols.1-2 and 4 are also available.
Suhrillekha of Nagarjuna and Vyaktapadatika of Mahamati, Sanskrit restoration and critically edited Tibetan text by Pema Tenzin et al
2002, Hardcover

the text suhrllekha includes the basic fundamental features of buddhism for the beginners and advanced students as well as for both the lay person and monks.
Generous wisdom, commentaries of H.H. The Dalai Lama XIV onthe Jatakamala: garland of birth stories, tr. by Tenzin Dorjee
Roberts, Dexter (ed.)
1992, Paperback

it is a set of four commentaries on the jatakmala: garland of birth stories of buddha given by dalai lama during the annual great prayer festival.
Biography of Negi Lama Tenzin Gyaltsen (in Tibetan), Chief ed.: Geshe Ngawang Samten
Lahuli, K Angrup
2005, Hardcover
Caraka-Samhita of Maharsi Agnivesa, Vol.1, (Skt. & Tibetan), Sankrit text with Tibetan tr., ed. and tr. by Lobasang Tenzin et al.
2006, Paperback

by lobasang tenzin et al.
Prajnaparamitavajracchedikasutram with commentary of Acharya Kamalasila, critically edited Tibetan text and Sanskrit restoration with introd. and indexes by Pema Tenzin
1994, Hardcover

version and restored into sanskrit with introd. and indexex by pema tenzin
The Buddhism of Tibet (combined volume comprising the Buddhism of Tibet and the key to the middle way by Tenzin Gyatso, the14th Dalai Lama and the precious garland and the song of...
2004, Hardcover

...the four mindfulnesses by nagarjuna and the 7th dalai lama), tr. by jeffrey hopkins and lati rimpoche.
Bonpo Dzogchen teachings according to Lopon Tenzin Namdak, transcribed and ed., together with introd. and notes by JohnMyrdhin Reynolds
2006, Paperback
Dpal Nalanda'i pan chen bceu bdun gyi rnam thar bstan `dzinrgya mtsho'i zhal lung zhes bya ba bzhugs so: the words of Tenzin Gyatso, the lives of the Seventeen Mahapanditas from..
Mkhan po bsod nams tsho rgyal
2008, Hardcover

...glorious nalanda.
Guru Samantabhadra Mukhagama: a teaching on preliminary practice of heart essence of Longchen Rabjam (Hindi), by Za Patual Jigmed Chos Kyi Wangpo, tr. & ed. by Pema Tenzin (Hindi)
2009, Hardcover

on the teaching and philosophy of one of the chief teachers belonging to nyingma sect of tibetan buddhism.
Rclul phran gcig kho na'i steng gi 'jig rten: The universe in a single atom, how science and spirituality can serve our world, tr. into Tibetan by Tenzin Rigsang
2011, Paperback
The Dalai Lama's secret temple: tantric wall paintings from Tibet, text by Ian A Baker, photographs by Thomas Laird, intro. by Tenzin Gyatso
2011, Paperback

this book introduces an extraordinary series of wall paintings from the lukhang, a private meditation chamber once used exclusively by tibet\'s dalai lamas. the yogic disciplines illustrated in the murals, drawn from the revealed treasures fo the nyingma meditation master, rigdzin pema lingpa (1450-1521), belong to the highest level of buddhist tantra, and in particular to dzog ...
Twelve deeds of Buddha, with illustrations, tr. from Tibetan by Thupten Tenzing
2011, Hardcover
Blaze of quotations and logic: a lamp illuminating the significance of the Four Seals of the Buddha's teachings, Tibetan text with English tr. by Tenzin Gyaltsen
Phuntsok, Gen Lamrimpa Ngawang
2012, Paperback
The marvellous gem of veneration: biography of second Gangteng Trulku Tenzin Legpai Dondrub (1645-1727) (in Dzongkha), witha comprehensive summary in English by Gelong Tenzin Chogyal
2011, Paperback
A hundred customs and traditions of Tibetan people, tr. by Tenzin Tsepak
Mahayana samgrahah by Acarya Asanga (Sanskrit restoration of first two chapters, Hindi tr. of whole text and edited Tibetan version), by Pema Tenzin
2012, Hardcover
Farewell to yak and yeti?: the Rolwaling sherpas facing a globalised world, foreword by Ngawang Tenzing Lama
Baumgartner, Ruedi
2015, Hardcover

the book is a fascinating account of the change in rolwaling sherpa society over the past 40 years, effectively covering three generations. the author\'s carefully chronicled life stories reveal radically different roles and aspirations within each generation.
The excellent vessel of ambrosia: a commentary on the thirty-seven practices of Bodhisattvas, union of the root text and instructions by Dratrol Ngawang Tenzin Norbu, tr. by Julia....
2016, Paperback

.... wilson
Madhyamakavatara of Acarya Candrakirti, root text and auto-commentary with Tibetan text, ed. with Hindi tr. by Pema Tenzin
2016, Hardcover
Khenpo Sangye Tenzin and the career of Serlo Shedrup Zungdrel Ling Gonpa, that evolved into one of the most important monasteries among the Sherpas of NE Nepal
Berg, Eberhard
2017, Paperback

on the history sherpa buddhism and its current flourishing in the context ongoing revitalisation of tibetan buddhism\'s nyingmapa school.
The art of Bodhgaya, 2 vols., foreword by Tenzin Gyatso, His Holiness The Dalai Lama (Set)
Biswas, S.S.
2017, Hardcover

bodhgaya is one of the four important religious sites (lumbini, bodhgaya, sarnath and kusinagar) of pilgrimage for the buddhists.the present volume is for the first time provides a panorama of historical evolution of indian art at bodhgaya and also brings together all the art objects preserved in the archaeological site museum in the form of a comprehensive illustrated catalogu ...
Old demons new deities: contemporary stories from Tibet, ed. by Tenzin Dickie
2017, Paperback