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Chandraketugarh: a treasure-house of Bengal terracottas
Haque, Enamul
2001, Hardcover
The Indus terracottas
Tripathi, Vibha et al
1994, N

contents: (i) ecological backdrop (ii) the sites (iii) terracottas (iv) technique of terracottas manufacturing (iv) interpretation.
Art of terracotta: cult and cultural synthesis in India
Sengupta, Arputha Rani
2005, Hardcover

the book traces the art of terracotta that flourished with remarkable richness from early history through the succeeding periods in india. the main focus is on votive terracotta, which includes portable icons and sculptured veneer on architectural monuments of bengal in the late medieval period.
Indian terracotta sculpture: the early period, ed. by Pratapaditya Pal
2002, Hardcover

this volume provides new material and insights into early indian terracotta art in a chronological frame work.
An ethno-archaeological view of Indian terracottas
Vidula, Jayaswal et al.
1986, Hardcover

ethno-archaeometallurgy of iron in india: with special reference to chhota nagpur and bastar
Terracotta animal figurines in the Ganga-Yamuna valley
Prakash, Pratibha
1985, Hardcover

terracotta art of bengal
Deities in Terracotta art: from earliest times to late medieval period
Nagar, Shanti Lal (b.1927)
2008, Hardcover
Eloquent earth: early terracottas in the State Archaeological Museum, West Bengal
Sengupta, Gautam et al.
2007, Hardcover

this book includes all the available information with sensitive black and white illustration of early bengal terracotas. sites like pandu rajar dhibi, chandraketugarh, tamluk, harinarayanpur or panna evoke memories of a vibrant artistic tradition that goes back to the 2nd millennium b.c. and remained active till the 6th century a.d. contents: 1. preface. 2. acknowledgement. 3. ...
Terracottas of Northern India:in the collection of State Museum Lucknow
Kala, SC (b.1916)
1993, Hardcover
Lyrics in terracotta at Kantajeer mandir
Sirajuddin, Muhammad
1992, Hardcover

kantajeer mandir is a pride monument of bangladesh to the extent that the whole temple is decorated with terracotta plaques depicting episodes from ramayana and mahabharata, legends from krishan\'s life, and contemporary social life. sirajuddin has done an excellent job by documenting these terracotta plaques.
The visible plants from early Indian sculptures: a study based on the depiction in stone and terracotta sculptures housed at the Indian Museum, Kolkata, 2 parts. (Set)
Lahiri, Jayasri
2011, Hardcover
Terracotta art in northern India
Srivastava, Surendra Kumar
1996, N

contents: (i) literary references to clay images in ancient india (ii) technique (iii) terracottas of the mauryan period (iv) terracottas of the sunga period (v) terracottas of the kusana period (vi) terracottas of the gupta period.
Harappan terracotta art
Sharma, DP
2013, Hardcover

this book present a detailed documentation work of harappan terracotta art which includes colletion mostly of india and few rare items from pakistan. the volume covers the harappan terracottas, male, female, animal, bird and other terracotta object figurines. this book is a digital photo documentation of 180 rare harappan terracotta objects.
Catalogue of Terracotta figurines from Rajghat excavations, (1940)
Mani, BR et al
2012, Hardcover
Terracottas of Bengal: an analytical study (with 276 illustration)
Haque, Zulekha (ed.)
2014, Hardcover

this book on the terracottas of bengal covers the discussion on terracotta plaques found in the archaeological sites and monuments in the bengali speaking area of the indian sub-continent. the book contains discussion on the framework of society, economic, domestic, and social life, arms, dress and jewellery used by the people of the succeeding ages.
Traditions of terracotta art in Madhya Pradesh
Tiwari, Jyotsna (b.1961)
1997, N

contents: (i) ancient terracotta art: materials and discussions (ii) terracotta art among the tribal communities: their geographical distribution and classification (iii) typology, analysis and classification mainly on the functional character of terracottas in the tribal communities: in reference to their belief system (iv) aesthetic values of terracottas as a medium of art in ...
Terracotta art of Rajasthan: from pre-Harappan and Harappantimes to the Gupta period
Sant, Urmila (b.1959)
1997, Hardcover

contents: (i) geographical, geological and geomorphological background. (ii) survey of sites. (iii) proto-historic terracottas. (iv) early historical and historical terracottas. (v) technical studies and their correlation with present day techniques. (vi) socio-economic and religious life as gleaned from the terracottas.
Documentation on Terracotta temples of Bangladesh, ed. by Najma Khan Majlis
Ahmed, Babu et al
2013, Hardcover

the book focuses on the late-medieval and early-modern era terracotta temple ornamentation of bangladesh which spans the period from sixteenth to nineteenth centuries. it also analytically presents the various typologies of the temples of bengal, particularly bangladesh with relevant examples of their ground plan, elevation, site map and list etc.
Terracotta art in Nepal
Giri, Gitu
2016, Paperback

the main objective of the book is to highlight the development stages of terracotta art in nepal, besides thrawing light on nepalese socio-cultural lifestyles art. it also tries to find out relationship between nepalese and indian art traditions.
Terracotta of middle Ganga plain: Bihar (early period to 600 A.D.)
Kumar, Dilip
2017, Hardcover
Terracotta objects in Bangladesh National Museum
2016, Hardcover

this volume of catalogue contains the curatorial data of 515 terracotta objects from the collection of bangladesh national museum. these objects were salvaged from different corners of this country. it is the first publication of its kind in this deltaic land of bangladesh. they include pots, sculptural objects, architectonic art pieces, plaques developed as building material a ...