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CENSUS OF INDIA 1991: Series 23- Tamil Nadu, Part XII-B: District Census Handbook of Thanjavur District: Village and Townwise Primary Census Abstract
1999, Hardcover
A topographical list of inscriptions in the Tamil Nadu and Kerala states, Vol.7: Thanjavur District
Mahalingam, TV (1907-1983)
1992, Hardcover
Journal of the Thanjavur Maharaja Serfoji's Sarasvati MahalLibrary, Vols.47-50, ed. by S. Sivagnanam (in Tamil, Sanskrit and English) (Set)
2002-05, Paperback
Arts and crafts of Tamil Nadu: art plates of Thanjavur and metal icons of Swamimalai
Chandramouli, C
2004, Paperback

the monograph is embellished with maps and excellent colour photographs depicting various aspects relating to the craft and the craftmen.
Census of India 2001, Series 34: Tamil Nadu, arts and crafts of Tamil Nadu, art plates of Thanjavur and metal icons of Swamimalai
2004, Hardcover
Thanjavur paintings in Koviloor, photographed by C. Nachiappan
2004, Hardcover

this book includes rare forms and themes of thanjavur paintings. vaishnava gaanapatya kaumaara and shaakta deities are well represented.
Technological marvels of Thanjavur fort
Ramachandran, N et al.
2010, Hardcover
Thanjavur: a cultural history, text by Pradeep Chakravarthy, photographs by Vikram Sathyanathan
2010, Hardcover

in this fascinating study, in words and images, the author narrate the cultural history of thanjavuar-starting from its early days of grandeur during the chola empire when the chola ruler raja raja i built the rajarajeswaram temple, now known as the brihadeeswara temple, which celebrates its 1000th year of consecration in 2010.
Chola Murals: documentation and study of the Chola Murals of Brihadisvara temple, Thanjavur
Sriraman, PS
2011, Hardcover

this work is a comprehensive photographic documentation of the murals of chola period of the eleventh century discovered in the dim passage around the sanctum of the brihadisvara temple at thanjavur, tamilnadu in 1931.
The Brihadisvara temple, Thanjavur
Badhreenath, Sathyabhama
2010, Paperback

a pictorial guide book on brihadisvara temple in thanjavur, tamilnadu built 1000 years back by cola king.
Vibrant at 1000: big temples, Thanjavur, India, text by Anuradha Iqbal
Muhammad, Iqbal K
2010, Hardcover
Thanjavur's gilded Gods: South Indian paintings in the Kuldip Singh collection, introd. by Nayanjot Lahiri
Dallapiccola, Anna L. et al
2018, Hardcover

thanjavur paintings are among the most popular artworks that adorn the walls of indians homes--avidly collected but little comprehended. this richly illustrated volume presents an enhanced understanding of the subject through an in-depth study of south indian paintings of the 18th and 19th centuries in the thanjavur and the allied mysuru styles.
Sri Brihadisvara: the great temple of Thanjavur
Seshadari, AK
1998, Hardcover

the brihadisvara temple or the great temple, thanjavur, built by raja raja chola-i around 1010 a.d. is a masterpiece of south indian art and architecture.