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Comprehensive English-Hindi dictionary, updated, simple meanings and usage by Bhola Nath Tiwari et al
2006, Hardcover
Human geography, 2nd ed. (fully rev. and updated)
Husain, Majid
1999, N
Encyclopaedia of history of education, by Paul Monroe; 4 Vols., new and updated edition with new matter (Set)
2000, Hardcover

vol.1: a-col vol.2: com-ger vol.3: ges-mul vol.4: mur-z.
Encyclopaedia of philosophy of education, 2 Vols.: A-Z, newand updated edition with new matter, by Paul Monroe (Set)
2001, Hardcover
The Jats: their role in the Mughal empire, ed. by Vir Singh, corrected and updated ed
Dwivedi, Girish Chandra (1938-79)
2003, Hardcover

the study shows that in the post-aurangzeb period, the powerful elements at the court found it expedient to conciliate the jats in order to retain power and to rejuvenate the declining empire.
Exile as challenge: the Tibetan diaspora, enl. and updated English edition
Bernstorff, Dagmar et al. (ed.)
2003, Paperback

this book is an attempt to document the lives of members of the exiled tibetan community in india and elsewhere.
A Vedic concordance, Vol.1: A-Au, a revised, updated and improved Devanagari version of Bloomfield's vedic concordance, by Ravi Prakash Arya
2003, Hardcover

the present concordance is a revised, updated, improved (technique-wise and otherwise) and enlarged devanagri version of bloomfield\'s famous vedic concordance.
Sonia: a biography, fully revised and updated ed.
Kidwai, Rasheed
2009, Hardcover

this book tells the extraordinary story of one of india\'s most enigmatic women, whose journey from the small italian town to most important place in new delhi, is one of the most fascinating in contemporary india.
Delhi: its monuments and history, updated and annotated by Narayani Gupta et al; ills. by Ripin Kalra, 3rd edition
Spear, Percival (1901-1982)
2008, Paperback

an up-to-date field guide for those interested in exploring and rediscovering the city and an appealing read for students and teachers of history and cultural studies.
Slouching towards Ayodhya: from Congress to Hindutva in Indian politics, 2nd rev. and updated ed
Desai, Radhika
2004, Hardcover
Living virgin goddess Kumari: her worship, fate of ex-Kumaris and sceptical views, most authentic and exhaustive, thoroughly rev. and updated edition
Majupuria, Indra et al.
2007, Paperback

(1) copy ... 01.12.2004.
Fateful triangle: the United States, Israel, and the Palestinians, foreword by Edward W. Said, updated ed., Cambridge, 1999
Chomsky, Noam
2004, Paperback
The constitution of India, with very exhaustive commentary, 2 vols., 6th ed., 2004, thoroughly revised, enlarged and updated (Set)
Kagzi, MC Jain
2004, Hardcover

vol.1: the union and the states. vol.2: fundamental rights, duties, directives, citizenship, scheduled castes, tribes and obcs election law, emergency, material law.
Handbook of environmental laws, acts, guidelines, compliances and standards, 2 vols., by R.K. Trivedy, 2nd revised and fully updated ed (Set)
2004, Hardcover
Advanced study in the history of modern India, 3 vols.: 1707-1947, 3rd rev. and updated ed (Set)
Chhabra, GS (b.1928)
2004, Hardcover

vol.1: 1707-1813, vol.2: 1813-1920, vol.3: 1920-1947
Islam: the straight path, rev. 3rd edition, updated with new epilogue
Esposito, John L (b.1908) (ed.)
2005, Paperback

the author traces the development of this dynamic faith and its impact on world history and politics, discussing the formation of islamic belief and practice and chronicling the struggle of muslims to define and adhere to their islamic way of life.
Bhaisajya Ratnavali: renowned treatise on applied pharmaceutical therapeutics in medical practice, Vol.1, rev., enl. and updated work, text with English comm. and supplements.....
2005, Hardcover

.... by gyanendra pandey.
Pilgrimages in the Himalayas, rev. and updated, 4th ed
Sharma, Man Mohan
2005, Hardcover

the book is a practical guide, and tells you how to plan the yatra, what to carry, and what to see. above all, the book relates the fascinating myths and legends of the himalayan shrines.
A bunch of old letters: being mostly written to Jawaharlal Nehru and some written by Him, selected and ed. by Jawaharlal Nehru, with an introd. by Sunil Khilnani, rev. and updated ed
2005, Hardcover

the letters in this volume, written by some of the leading figures of our times, cover the three eventful decades leading up to india\'s independence in 1947. with an illuminating introduction, that provides new insights into the personalities, issues and events that shaped the destiny of modern india, this book is essential reading for an understanding of the history of the na ...
A Vedic concordance, Vol.2: from K to N, a revised, updated and improved Devanagari version of Bloomfield's Vedic concordance, by Ravi Prakash Arya et al
2005, Hardcover
Wildlife and protected areas of Nepal: resources and management, thoroughly revised and updated edition
Majupuria, Trilok Chandra et al.
2006, Paperback

most uptodate and correct description of mammals of nepal together with recent delineation of wildlife protected areas, conservation and management.
Study and practice of military law, 3rd updated ed
1994, N
Descriptive catalogue of yoga manuscripts, compiled by Philosophico-Literary Research Dept., ed. by M.L. Gharote et al.,updated edition
2005, Hardcover
An illustrated presentation based on religious demography of India, updated up to 2001
Joshi, AP et al.
2005, Paperback
Making news: women in journalism, rev. and updated edition
Joseph, Ammu
2005, Paperback

this book brings together the personal stories and professional assessments of more than 200 women, capturing the experiences, opinions and distinct attitudes of a wide range of female journalists in print media, this book offers key insights into their views on their profession in general, as well as their perceptions of their own individual roles.
Shree Vidya new millennium dictionary: English-English-Marathi, by R.S. Saraf, new updated and revised edition
2001, Paperback
Bharatiya Jana Sangh, 1952-1980: party document, 6 vols., 2nd updated edition (Set)
2005-06, Hardcover

vol.1: policies and manifestoes. (isbn: 8189480073) vol.2: economic resolutions. (isbn: 8189480081) vol.3: defence and external affairs. (isbn: 818948009x) vol.4: internal affairs. (isbn: 8189480170) vol.5: education and party affairs. (isbn: 8189480189) vol.6: history of bharatiya jana sangh by jagdish prasad mathur et al. (isbn: 8189480278)
Encyclopaedia of Afghanistan: historical and political gazetteer, 6 vols., updated and edited by Ludwig W. Adamec (Set)
2006, Hardcover

vol.1: badakhshan and north-eastern afghanistan. vol.2: farah and south-western afghanistan. vol.3: herat and north-western afghanistan. vol.4: mazar-i-sharif and northern central afghanistan. vol.5: kandahar and south-central afghanistan. vol.6: kabul and south-east afghanistan. these volumes will throw light on the historic and the geographical features of badakhshan, farah, ...
The world is flat: the globalized world in the twenty-first century, updated and expanded, Great Britain, 2005
Friedman, Thomas L
2006, Paperback
Encyclopaedia of sociology of education, 2 vols., ed. by Paul Monroe, new and updated edition (Set)
2006, Hardcover

this work has been extracted from the parent work, international encyclopaedia of education.