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Vasantatilaka of SriKrsnacarya (Sanskrit and Tibetan), with'Rahasyadipika' comm. by Vanaratna, ed. by Samdhong Rinpoche al
1990, Hardcover

this is an excellent text in the realm of meditational practices, the text has ten exhortations. it is known that two more variant texts heving ten exhortations each, authored by dasabalacarya and acarya srighana are extant, which have been annotated in the appendices of this text
Siddhabhesajamanimala of Srikrsnarama Bhatt, with the Comm. Vaisvanarakhyaya of Kaladhara, introduction and commentaryin Hindi, 2nd ed
1999, Hardcover

on ayurvedic system in indic medicine.
Bhavanarayana temples: an epigraphical and architectural study
Babu, A. Vijaya Kumar
1991, Hardcover

the author has superbly outlined the salient architectural features of the temples of lord bhavanarayana, tracing the origins of the temple architecture in andhra desa.
Brhat-tantrasarah of Srikrsnanandagamvagisa, with bhasatikaby Sri Kapiladevanarayana, 2 vols (Set)
2007, Hardcover
Gind: the magical adventures of a Vanara, illustration by Prasun Mazumdar
Srinivasan, Harini Gopalswami
2009, Paperback
Descriptive catalogue of manuscripts, 2 vols., ed. by Sarvanarayan Jha, chief editor Radhavallabh Tripathi (Set)
2012, Hardcover

vol.1: vedic-literature vol.2: sahitya
Vilasaratnamala by Laksminarayana, ed. by Aparajita Mishra, Series editor: Sarvanarayan Jha
2011, Hardcover
Dhruvacaritam by Jayakrsna, Gen. ed. Sarvanarayan Jha, ed. by Aparajita Mishra
2011, Hardcover
National seminar on Ancient Hindu law and administration: as reflected in vedic and smrti literature (2005: Karnatak) papers, ed. by Madhavanarajan Josi
2006, Hardcover
Ritual enactment in temple tradition: Cheluvanarayana Svamitemple Melukote
Nandagopal, Choodamani
2017, Hardcover

this publication pertains to the year-long ritual tradition laid down by sri ramanujachrya almost 900 years ago. with accompanying text supported by beautiful photographs, meaningful illustrations authenticate the value of research and documentation of the ritual enactment performed on specific days and months at this temple town.
Vanara: the legend of Baali, Sugreeva and Tara
Neelakantan, Anand
2018, Paperback

on baali and sugreeva, the monkey warriors in the ramayana, indian epic.
Kanakhya-tantra, Skt. text with introd. in English, ed. by Vishvanarayan Sastri
1990, Hardcover