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Irrigation systems under Vijayanagara empire
Kotraiah, CTM
1995, N
Vijayanagara: history and legacy, introd. by B.M. Pande
Aiyangar, S Krishnaswami et al.
2000, Hardcover

the vijayanagara empire represents an important phase in indian history. during its three hundred years of existence, it held away over lange parts of peninsular india from coast to coast covering karnataka, tamil nadu, goa and substantial areas of andhra pradesh and kerala. the volume has been so devised so as to bring out the political, literary, artistic and religious aspect ...
Archaeology, art and religion: new perspectives on Vijayanagara
Verghese, Anila
2000, Hardcover
Fields of victory: Vijayanagara and the course of intensification, Berkeley, 1995
Morrison, Kathleen D
2000, Hardcover

this volume considers the diverse repertoire of agricultural strategies practiced by vijayanagara food producers, using evidence from original research on archaeology, paleocology, and written texts.
Material culture depicted in Vijayanagara temples
Reddeppa, K (b.1951)
2000, Hardcover

the study of the life of the people under the vijayanagara empire, as depicted in the sculptures and paintings, tries to bring out the elements of contemporary rich material culture and locate the contemporary plastic parallels and finally tries to corroborate the scruptural data with the accounts of contemporary travellers and literary one.
New light on Hampi: recent research at Vijayanagara, photographs by Clare Arni
Fritz, John M et al. (ed.)
2001, Hardcover
Vijayanagara: architectural inventory of the sacred centre,3 vols (Set)
Michell, George et al.
2001, Hardcover

vol.1: text and maps. vol.2: figures. vol.3: plates.;;;it describes more than 400 structures, ranging from large-scale temple complexes, such as those dedicated to virupaksha, balakrishna, tiruvengalanatha and vitthala, to simpler and smaller shrines consecrated to a variety of deities, as well as mandapas, gateways, water features and other structures.
Vijayanagara: the life and times of Tuluva Vira Narasimha Raya
Hymavathi, P
1994, Hardcover
Chola and Vijayanagara art: a comparative study of temples of Chittoor district
Naidu, Pathipati Neerajakshulu (b.1953)
1994, Hardcover

contents: (i) the adityeswara temple (ii) the parasareswara temple (iii) the mukkantiswara temple (iv) the kulandiswara temple (v) the mogiliswara temple (vi) the kapilaswara temple (vii) the manikantheswara temple (viii) the varadarajaswami temple (ix) the krishna, varadaraja and padmavati temples (x) the kodandaramswami temple (xi) the bhimeswara temple.
King, court and capital: an anthology of Kannada literary sources from the Vijayanagara period, transl. by C.T.M. Kotraiah, foreword by John M. Fritz
Dallapiccola, Anna L (ed.)
2003, Hardcover

the texts selected for this volume conform to the literary conventions and imagery of their era and should not be considered historical chronicles like those of the foreign visitors to the capital.
Inscriptions of the Vijayanagara rulers: inscriptions of the rulers of the Sangama dynasty (1336-1485), Vol.1 in 5 parts, ed. by Shrinivas Ritti and B.R. Gopal (Set)
2004, Hardcover
1994, Paperback

contents: (i) the medieval past: continuity and disjunction (ii) the city and the kingdom (iii)political economy and society: the sixteenth century (iv) imperial collapse and aftermath.
Sangama: a confluence of art and culture during the Vijayanagara period
Rao, Nalini (ed.)
2006, Paperback

this book explores the complex interaction among multiple social and cultural forces between the fourteenth and the seventeenth centuries in south india. it contains studies which are on vijayanagara in particular using archaeological, architectural, inscriptional and textural sources and those which are broader in nature that suggest a complex interweaving of influences.
Art of the Vijayanagara-Nayakas: architecture and iconography, 2 vols (Set)
Rajarajan, RKK (b.1973)
2006, Hardcover

vol.1: text. vol.2: illustrations and plates. this book is a serious effort to put some order in the great deal of monuments belonging to that period. the work contains both a survey of the temples and an analysis of the iconographical themes. the painstaking examination of original sources is perhaps the most important contribution by rajarajan, but also the chapter paradigms ...
Recent advances in Vijayanagara studies
Shanmugam, P et al. (ed.)
2006, Paperback

the seventeen papers included in the present volume represent some of the important and obsorbing topics related to the vijayanagara empire, which dominated the history of peninsular india for more than 300 years from 1336.
Vijayanagara visions: religious experience and cultural creativity in a South Indian empire
Jackson, William J
2007, Hardcover

this book is devoted to patterns shared in the culture of bhakti and visionary experiences of saints. there are vivid phrases, ideas, images, and melodies that echo in the lyrics of the singer-saints across the different regions and centuries.
Timmapura Agrahara: a cultural study of Vijayanagara-Hampi Temple Complex
Shivarudraswamy, SN
2005, Hardcover

contents: (i) bayakara ramappa: a profile. (ii) epigraphs. (iii) temples. (iv) sculpture and iconography. (v) conclusion.
Religious traditions at Vijayanagara: as revealed through its monuments
Verghese, Anila
1995, N
Vijayanagara: archaeological exploration, 1990-2000, papersin memory of Channabasappa S. Patil, 2 parts (Set)
Fritz, John M et al. (ed.)
2006, Hardcover

part 1: papers of the vijayanagara research project. part 2: papers of the vijayanagara metropolitan survey and a study of the bridge at vithalapura. this volume showcases the fieldwork undertaken at the hampi-vijayanagara site during the 1990s by the international teams of the vijayanagara research project (vrp) and vijayanagara metropolitan survey (vms). consisting of profes ...
Studies in the history of the third dynasty of Vijayanagara
Ramanaya, N Venkata
1986, Hardcover
Social life as reflected in the sculptures and paintings oflater Vijayanagara period (A.D.1500-1650), with special reference to Andhra
Nirmala Kumari, Y
1995, Hardcover
Archaeology of Hampi-Vijayanagara, ed. by K.M. Suresh
Kotraiah, CTM
2008, Hardcover

a collection of 41 research papers penned by the author. all of them are based on his thorough and thoughtful investigations into the archaeological remains spread in that vast but rich site of hampi-vijayanagara.
Vijayanagara: splendour in ruins, chief ed.: Ebrahim Alkazi
Michell, George (ed.)
2008, Hardcover

this book presents a series of essays that extends from the history of vijayanagara in south india, to its archaeology and architecture, illustrated by a number of commercial photographers. it offers readers an opportunity to analyse one of india\'s most extensive medieval sites, and the means by which vijayanagara was photographed through the nineteenth century. this volume lo ...
Ramayana sculptures from Hampi - Vijayanagara
Suresh, KM
2010, Hardcover
Inscriptions of the Vijayanagara rulers, Vol.II (1466-1587 AD), ed. by Shrinivas Ritti et al.
2008, Hardcover
Inscriptions of the Vijayanagara rulers, Vol.III (1569-1682AD), ed. by Shrinivas Ritti et al.
2009, Hardcover
Inscriptions of the Vijayanagara rulers, Vol.IV: Telugu inscriptions (1351-1665 AD) ed. by PV Parabrahma Sastry
2009, Hardcover
Royal imagery and networks of power at Vijayanagara: a study of Kingship in South India
Rao, Nalini
2010, Hardcover

this book brings a unique perspective to the study of kingship in south india by understanding vijayanagara as a collection of neighborhoods centered around shared religious, economic, and political landmarks, where art and architecture were a visual form of power that sustained the people, capital, and kingdom between the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries a.d.
South India under Vijayanagara: art and archaeology
Verghese, Anila et al. (ed.)
2011, Hardcover

this book highlights the recent multidimensional and interdisciplinary approach in the academia. the contributors, leading academics from around the world, use textual material to corroborate the data provided by archaeology and raise new questions. divided into two equal parts, the first focuses on hampi, a world heritage site. it examines vijayanagara scholarship, archaeologi ...
Religious cults in Vijayanagara empire: a many splendoured phenomena
Devi, Konduri Sarojini
2011, Hardcover

this work is devoted to a study of the popular religious cults of virupaksa, virabhadra, ganesa, narasimha, rama, krsna, venkatesvara, vithala and hanuman in the vijayanagara empire.