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Unveiling the visible: lives and works of women artists of Pakistan
Hashmi, Salima
2002, Hardcover

based on interviews conducted with the artists over the last decade.
Invisible wound, foreword by V.P. Singh, 2nd edition
Bansal, SC
2005, Hardcover

on social inequality and corruption in society.
Sri Harimandar Sahib: the body visible of the invisible supreme, pictures by Rajbir Singh
Daljeet et al.
2011, Hardcover

in this humble attempt at unveiling the sublimity of an otherwise simple, puritan brick-structure, this work seeks to discover in sri harimandar sahib, the cosmic as well as the spiritual vision of its founder. also, the book has strong a visual thrust and wide-ranging photographs bring forth the rich monumental wealth, that include the 18th century miniature paintings, the 19t ...
Reviving the invisible hand: the case for classical liberalism in the twenty-first century
Lal, Deepak
2006, Hardcover
The Indian calender: with tables of the conversion of Hindu and Muhammadan into A.D. dates and vice versa, with tables of Eclipses visibles in India
Sewell, Robert (1845-1925) et al.
1995, Hardcover
Invisible city: the hidden monuments of Delhi, foreword by Khushwant Singh, photographs by Prabhas Roy, rev.ed.
Jalil, Rakhshanda
2011, Hardcover

what sets delhi apart is the multitude of historic ruins that are almost everywhere. every ruler down the ages wished to adorn his beloved delhi, to leave a mark that would last and so left behind a landscape studded with jewels from the past. this book explores this other delhi-the little-known, seldom-visited, largely unheard of delhi, the delhi that has been rendered almost ...
Visible grace of the invisible divine
Vyas, Lallan Prasad (b.1934)
2008, Hardcover

this book is the english translation of a hindi book: mahavirata ki anubhuti aura darsana.
Science and God: invisible strings
2007, Paperback
Visible histories, disappearing women: producing Muslim womanhood in late colonial Bengal
Sarkar, Mahua
2008, Hardcover

the author examines how muslim women in colonial bengal came to be more marginalized in nationalist discourse than their hindu counterparts. she considers how their near-invisibility, except as victims, underpins the construction of the ideal citizen-subject in late colonial india.
Invisible women, visible histories: gender, society and polity in North India, (seventh to twelfth century AD)
Rangachari, Devika
2009, Hardcover

this book examines certain gendered aspects of the early medieval period in north india (between the seventh and twelfth centuries ad) through a study of prominent-but representative-regional kingdoms located in kashmir, kanauj, and across bengal and bihar.
The visible plants from early Indian sculptures: a study based on the depiction in stone and terracotta sculptures housed at the Indian Museum, Kolkata, 2 parts. (Set)
Lahiri, Jayasri
2011, Hardcover
Dangerous sex, invisible labour: sex work and the law in India
Kotiswaran, Prabha
2012, Hardcover

providing new insights into the lives of these women-many of whom are demanding the respect and legal protection that other workers get-this volume builds a persuasive theoretical case for recognizing these women\'s sexual labor.
A visible wound: a healing journey through breast cancer
2009, Hardcover
The multidimensional exclusion index: making smaller social groups visible and providing a baseline for tracking results onsocial inclusion
Bennett, Lynn et al.
2013, Paperback
Visible Heritage: Essays on the Art and Architecture of Greater Ladakh (16th Conference of the International Association for Ladakh Studies Heidelberg 17-20 April, 2013), ed. by…
2016, Hardcover

...rob linrothe and heinrich poll. contents: 1. alchi tsatsapuri: notes on the history of an early monument by andre alexander; 2. lost and gone forever: notes on the demolition of the 23 red temple of hunder by noor jahan chunka and gerald kozicz; 3. fortifications of ladakh: a brief chrono-typology by quentin devers; 4. the munshi house in leh: a building history by john ha ...
Fractured tales: invisibles in Indian democracy
Narayan, Badri
2016, Hardcover

the book documents narratives of the voiceless and invisible dalit castes that have been left out in the 60 years of state-led indian democracy. exploring the deepening of democracy among the dalits of uttar pradesh, it argues that the process of democratization of these communities over-represents some groups such as the chamars and pasis while neglecting others like the musah ...
Invisible libraries
Liang, Lawrence et al.
2016, Hardcover

is hindu a dying race, ed. by rakesh sinha
Invisible city: the hidden monuments of Delhi, foreword by Khushwant Singh, photographs by Prabhas Roy
Jalil, Rakhshanda
2014, Hardcover