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Tibetan-Sanskrit dictionary (supplementary volumes), 7 vols., by Lokesh Chandra (Set)
1992-94, Hardcover

vol.1: 1992, xii,328p., 28cm. isbn 9788185689111 vol.2: 1993, xii,311p., 28cm. isbn 9788185689272 vol.3: 1993, xii,300p., 28cm. isbn 9788185689418 vol.4: 1993, xii,287p., 28cm. isbn 9788185689456 vol.5: 1993, xii,279p., 28cm. isbn 9788185689562 vol.6: 1994, xii,361p., 28cm. isbn 9788185689692 vol.7: 1994, xii,361p., 28cm. isbn 9788186471265 present work is such a pass-key which ...
Indian minerals Yearbook 1994, 2 Volumes (Set)
1994, N

vol.1: general reviews vol.2: mineral reviews & foreign trade
Bulletin of the Deccan college Post-Graduate and Research Institute, Volumes 58-59, Comb, (1998-1999)
1999, Paperback

contains articles and reports on research conducted in the institute pertaining to various topics in archaeology, history and culture.
India's services in the war; two volumes in one
1992, N
Thematic volumes on Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel: Kashmir and Hyderabad
Chopra, PN et al. (ed.)
2002, Hardcover

this is the first volume in the series of themetic volumes on sardar patel and deals with the accession of states of kashmir and hyderabad to the indian union.
Encyclopaedia of Indian temple architecture, multi-volumes,ed. by Michael W. Meister and M.A. Dhaky (Set)

vol. i part 1 (2 books - text and plates): south india: lower dravidadesa, 200 b.c. to a.d. 1324, 361p., (432) b&w photographs, reprint of 1999 (isbn: 8173042993) vol. i part 2 (2 books - text and plates): south india: upper dravidadesa, early phase, a.d. 550-1075, 249p., (656) b&w photographs, 1986 (isbn: 0195618564) vol. i part 3 (2 books - text and plates): south india: uppe ...
Thematic volumes on Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel: Jawaharlal Nehru, Gandhi and Subhas Chandra Bose
Chopra, PN et al. (ed.)
2003, Hardcover

this book tries to establish, sardar patel never thought of defying gandhiji on the issue of payment of rs.55 crore to pakistan although he felt this should not be done without extracting a price.
The dawn: a monthly magazine, devoted to religion, philosophy and science, Vol.2: March 1898-July 1899, reprint volumes edited by Madhabendra Nath Mitra, with a foreword by Haridas...
Mukherjee, Satis Chandra(1865-1948)(ed.)
2001, Hardcover

...mukherjee and uma mukherjee, kolkata, 1898-99.
The encyclopaedia of world history: from pre-settlement periodsthrough ancient, medieval to modern times, the history of 148 countries of the world detailed in 12 extensive volumes,.. (Set)
2003, Hardcover patrick walsh et al.
Thematic volumes on Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel: Muslims and refugees
Chopra, PN et al. (ed.)
2004, Hardcover

this book shows his benevolent attitude towards muslims and how he saved the hindu refugees from both east and west pakistan.
Encyclopaedia of political parties: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, edited-in-chief: O.P. Ralhan (from 1857 to date)101 Volumes (Set)
1996-03, Hardcover
Index to Papers in Commemoration Volumes
Pusalkar, AD
1963, Hardcover
Index to the six volumes of Arabic Manuscripts preserved inRampur Raza Library, compiled by Abu sa'd Islahi
2000, Hardcover
Kitabul Haawi fit Tibb (Liber continens of Rhazes) by Muhd.b. Zakariya ar-Razi (d.313 A.H./925 A.D.), multi-volumes (Set)
1968-97, Hardcover

vol.1: 3rd ed., (diseases of heart), 1996, 503p., 25cm. $ 18.00 vol.2: 2nd ed., (diseases of eyes), 1997, 464p., 25cm. $ 18.00 vol.3: 2nd ed., (diseases of ears, noses and teeth), 1997, 473p., 25cm. $ 18.00 vol.5: 2nd ed.m (diseases of gullet and stomach), 1979, 280p., 25cm. $ 11.00 vol.6: 2nd ed., (enema, fattening and emaciating), 1979, 301p., 25cm. $ 12.50 vol.7: 2nd ed., (d ...
Sanskrit Tibetan dictionary: being the reverse of the 19 volumes of the Tibetan-Sanskrit dictionary, by Lokesh Chandra
2007, Hardcover

the sanskrit-tibetan dictionary is the first lexicographical work to provide the tibetan equivalents or correspondences of buddhist sanskrit words, technical terms, and phrases. it is the reverse of the 19 volumes of the tibetan-sanskrit dictionary. it has 70,000 vocabulary entries in densely printed 800 three-column pages. it includes words and compounds from sutras (like the ...
Nyayasudha of Sri Jayatirtha,12 Volumes., with the commentaries of Sri Vadiraja Tirtha, Sri Vidyadhisatirtha, Sri Raghavendratirtha, Sri Yadupatyacharya, Sri Srinivasatirtha ... (Set)
2002-05, Hardcover

...and sri pandurangi narasimhacharya, ed. by k.t. pandurangi, with preface and introduction in english. it is a detailed commentary on brahmasutranuvyakhyana of anandatirtha and interprets brahmasutras and sruitis critically so as to develop the thesis that the doctrines of dvaita vedanta are enshrined brahmasutras.
Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar: writings and speeches (a ready reference manual of 17 volumes)
Ahir, DC (b.1928)
2007, Hardcover

this manual is designed to introduce the vast material, covering more than 14,000 pages, in 17 volumes, of dr. babasaheb ambedkar writings and speeches, so as to enable the scholars, students and other readers to know at a glance as to what each volume has to offer.
Aspects of indian history: Prof. Ram Mohan Sinha commemoration volumes
Mishra, JP (ed.)
1991, Hardcover

aspects of indological studies: classical literature, dharmasastra and epics-puranas
The Laugaksigrhyasutras, (Sanskrit) with the bhasya of Devapala, two volumes bound in one, ed., English intro. and preface by Madhusudan Kaul Shastri
2008, Hardcover

belonging to the kathak school of black yajurveda.
Earth system sciences: felicitation volumes in honour of Prof. VK Verma, 2.vols.
Kumar, Arun et al. (ed.)
2009, Hardcover

this festschrift, running into two volumes, attempts to analyse the various aspects of earth system sciences. it presents analytical discourse and multidisciplinary disposition of research vistas in the growth of inter and intra-sub-disciplines of earth science.
Dpal spungs dpe rnying gsar bskrun, 4 parts in 33 volumes, (more volumes to be published) (Set)
2006-09, Hardcover

part i: dkyil chog pod phreng 1-13&17 part ii: khrid yig pod phreng 4 vols part iii: gzhung lugs pod phrerg, 12 vols part iv: ta\'i si tu sku phreng dgu pa padma nyin byed kyi gsung bum, 3 vols
Vestal studies in Vedic and Sanskrit literature; Dr. Dharmendra Kumar Gupta commemoration Volumes
Airi, Raghu Nath et al (ed.)
1996, Hardcover
Veda recitation 18 CD's with 7 texts volumes (Set)
An introduction to the three volumes of Karl Marx's Capital, tr. by Alexander Locascio
Heinrich, Michael
2013, Paperback
Bod kyi bcu phrag rig mdzod chen mo, Ri bo dge ldan pa'i gsung rab, 12 volumes in 20 bindings (Set)
2011, Hardcover

vol.1:tshad ma, part-i, isbn:9787542016607; part-ii, isbn:9787542016614; vol.2:phar phyin, part-i, isbn:9787542016621; part-ii, isbn:9787542016638; vol.3:dbu ma, part-i, isbn:9787542016645; part-ii, isbn:9787542016652; vol.4:mngon pa, part-i, isbn:9787542016669; part-ii, isbn:9787542016676; vol.5:dul ba, part-i, isbn:9787542016683; part-ii, isbn:9787542016690; vol.6:phar phyin ...
Contemporary society: tribal studies: Professor Satya Narayana Ratha felicitation volumes, 2 Vols (Set)
Pfeffer, Georg et al (ed.)
1997, N

vol.1: structure and process vol.2: development issues transition and change.
Bulletin of the Deccan College, Volumes 54-55 (1994-1995): Sir William Jones volume commemorating the bicentenary of his death, foreword by V.N. Mishra
1996, Paperback

contents: (i) sir william jones: life and assessment of his work, (ii) sanskrit and linguistic studies, (iii) ancient indian culture, history and archaeology.
Report of the Fifth Central Pay Commission, 3 Volumes
1997, N
Public administration and public governance, 4 volumes in 5parts (Set)
Khan, Mohammad Mohabbat
2016, Hardcover

vol. 1 a+b public administration and public governance, 1268p., ind. isbn: 9789849194903 isbn: 9789849194910 vol. 2: local governance, 430p., ind., isbn: 9789849194927 vol. 3: democracy and governance, 524p., ind., isbn: 9789849194934 vol. 4: globalization and development 538p., ind. isbn: 9789849194941
Atharva Veda, text, tr. and notes by R.L. Kashyap, kandas 1-20 (6 volumes) (Set)
Kashyap, R.L.
2011-2015, Hardcover

text in devanagari & translation in english. kandas 1-4: xxix+304p., isbn 9788179940129 kandas 5-7: xvii+318p., isbn 9788179940112 kandas 8-10: xx+274p., isbn 9788179940105 kandas 11-14: xxiv+336p., isbn 8179940918 kandas 15-19: xxv+307p., isbn 9788179940082 kanda 20: xviii+292p., isbn 9788179940075