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The long road turns to joy: a guide to walking meditation
1997, Hardcover
Walking with the Buddha: Buddhist pilgrimages in India
2006, Paperback

this book, with over 200 specially commissioned photographs, easy to follow sketch maps of the sacred sites, attempts to comprehensively illustrate every aspect of buddhism, its architectural heritage, its literary wealth and above all, its human philosophy, with prime focus on the sacred sites associated with the lord buddha during his lifetime.
Walking in Zen, sitting in Zen
2003, Paperback

collection of eight discourses given by osho on zen in responses to questions from disciples and visitors.
How to follow a spiritual master: a step-by-step analysis of finding the right master and walking in his footsteps
2002, Paperback
Walking with the gurus: historical Gurdwaras of Punjab
2004, Paperback

the guidebook attempts to tread the path followed by the sikh gurus with a hallowed history dating back to the 15th century.
Walking naked: women, society, spirituality in South India,2nd rev, edition
Ramaswamy, Vijaya
2007, Hardcover

this book maps the spiritual history of women in the context of societal structures through historical time and space.
The envelope: walking up to Everest base camp
Stevenson, Andrew
2009, Paperback
Joyful effort...about a walking pilgrimage: L'effort enthousiaste...a propos d' un pelerinage a pied, (English, French), with DVD
2006, Hardcover

this brief account of joyful effort was written by lama namgyal with the assistance of samten drolkar.
Walking an uncommon path: a guide to your spiritual quest, by his Holiness the Gyalwang Drukpa
2010, Paperback
Mind the gap: walking Delhi with the metro
John, Wilson
2011, Paperback

this pocket-friendly book is a delightful guide and friend. helpful maps and meticulously detailed sights and sounds of walking routes leave you pleasantly tired but exuberant in no less measure.
Walking through fire
Khare, Randhir
2012, Paperback
The walking
Khadivi, Laleh
2013, Hardcover
Development narratives: walking the field in rural West Bengal
Sinha, Dipankar
2014, Hardcover

based on the author\'s fieldwork in rural west bengal in the mid-1990s and 2000s, the narratives presented here foreground the political, moral and experiential dimensions of ordinary rural people\'s everyday encounters with development.
Walking the Western Ghats
Johnsingh, A.J.T.
2015, Paperback

it is said of johnsingh that he lives to walk. in this book, he goes on several walks across the rugged and enchanting western ghats, detailing the presence and absence of the flora and fauna. tiger pugmarks, tahr pellets, leopard scrapes, hare tracks, sloth bear droppings, otter spoor, porcupine remains in leopard scat, scent of tiger spray, alarm calls of the wild, intrusion ...
The walking stick = Chadi
Suresh, B.V.
2015, Paperback
Walking the Himalayas
Wood, Levison
2016, Hardcover

author\'s most challenging expedition yet begins along the silk road route of afghanistan and travels through five countries, culminating in the forgotten kingdom of bhutan. following in the footsteps of the great explorers, levison walks the entire length of the himalayas in an adventure of survival and endurance.
Walking towards ourselves: Indian women tell their stories,ed. by Catriona Mitchell
2016, Hardcover

wall paintings of rajasthan: amber and jaipur
Women in Pali Buddhism: walking the spiritual paths in mutual dependence
Engelmajer, Pascale
2015, Hardcover
Sleepwalking to surrender: dealing with terrorism in Pakistan
Ahmed, Khaled
2016, Hardcover

in this book, the author explores, why, despite the horrifying toll that terrorism has taken on pakistan, the civil and military establishments continue to uphold a variety of conspiracy theories in place of the facts on the ground. the book is a powerful analysis of the state of pakistan today.
Old path white clouds: walking in the footsteps of the Buddha
2007, Paperback

presents the life and teachings of gautama buddha drawn directly from 24 pali, sanskrit and chinese sources as told by the author in his inimitably beautiful style. the work is destined to become a classic of religious literature.
Walking naked: women, society, spirituality in South India
Ramaswamy, Vijaya
1997, N
Walking with Siva: cognitive roots of Indian art, archaeology and religion, 2 vols. with reference to Tala and Daksina Kosala (Set)
Chakravarty, Kalyan Kumar
2018, Hardcover

vol.i: text; vol.ii: illustrations. this volume speaks about the quest for the idea and image of a universal being which can be all things to all beings. it moves afar, looking for parallels, precedents and progenies, in asia and the world, of the unique, hydra-limbed, massive 5th century ad rudra siva image found at tala in chattisgarh in india in 1987. it explores the immense ...
Walking is a way of knowing: in a Kadar forest
Ramesh, Madhuri et al.
2017, Hardcover
Walking alone: Gandhi and India's partition, foreword by B.R. Nanda
Kasturi, Bhashyam
1999, Hardcover

this book explores the political and personal life of mahatma gandhi thorugh the traumatic period, 1946-48, which saw the partition and independence of india-a period which also witnessed the worst-ever communal holocaust in the subcontinent.