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Indian water resource development for irrigation: issues, critiques, reviews
Dhawan, BD
1993, N
Indian freshwater microalgae
Anand, N
1998, N
Fresh water Diatoms of Gujarat
Gandhi, HP
1998, N
Handbooks: 2: The Freshwater Fishes of India, Pakistan, Bangla Desh, Sri Lanka and Burma by K.C. Jayaram( Reprint)
1994, Hardcover
Handbooks: 6: Freshwater Molluscs of India by N.V. Subba Rao
1989, Hardcover
State Fauna Series: West Bengal: State Fauna Series-3, Part9, Land, Freshwater and Marine Molluscs
1996, Hardcover
The freshwater fishes of the Indian region
Jayaram, KC
1999, Hardcover
Cool, sweet water: selected stories, tr. by Tahira Naqvi
Mastur, Khadija
1999, Paperback
Cool, sweet water: selected stories, ed. by Muhammad Umar Memon, tr. by Tahira Naqvi
Mastur, Khadija (b.1927)
1999, Paperback
Last oasis: facing water scarcity, Indian ed
Postel, Sandra
1992, N
Participatory watershed development: challenges for the twenty-first century
Farrington, John et al. (ed.)
1999, Hardcover
The marine and fresh water fishes of Ceylon, with a foreword byR.G. Casey
Munro, Ian SR
2000, Hardcover
Coldwater aquaculture and fisheries
Singh, HR et al. (ed.)
2000, Hardcover
Exhibition of ceramics and water colour
Khakhar, Bhupen (b.1934)
1997, Hardcover
Water in Kumaon: ecology, value and rights
Kadekodi, Gopal et al. (ed.)
2000, Hardcover
Harvesting water and rationalization of agriculture in north medieval India (thirteenth-sixteenth centuries)
Verma, HC
2001, Hardcover

the book seeks to comprehend and evaluate the general views associated with watering of agricultural fields in medieval india against the backdrop of a commonly accepted notion that wells formed the most widely distributed common source of irrigation in those days, and that there was no \'canal\' in the same way we understand them today.
The holy waters: a primordial symbol in Hindu myths
Baartmans, Frans (b.1936)
2000, Hardcover
Participatory watershed development: challenges for the twenty-first century
Farrington, John et al. (ed.)
2000, Paperback

rehabilitation of small watersheds has been shown to raise the productivity of india\'s semi-arid lands.
Sunlit waters: an introduction to the art of fishing withlight tackle
Conway, CWWS
1999, Hardcover

this book gives an extremely practical exposition of the methods and advantages of fishing with light tackle... and brings fishing history in india up-to-date.
Water for sustainable development in the twenty first century
Biswas, Asit K et al (eds.)
1993, N

contents: (i) main lectures (ii) water resources policy (iii) water resources management.
Hinduism and ecology: the intersection of earth, sky and water
Chapple, Christopher Key et al. (ed.)
2001, Hardcover

outcome of a conference at the centre for the study of world religions at harvard university and examines the ecological underpinnings and implications of hinduism both in principle and practice.
Nutrient dynamics in freshwater fish culture system
2002, Hardcover
Water: a novel; translated by Lakshmi Holmstrom
2001, Hardcover
Water for Pabolee: stories about people and development in the Himalayas
Alter, Robert C (b.1926)
2002, Hardcover

this is the story of a himalayan community and their struggle for a quality of life, both for themselves and for the environment which shelters them.
Waterbirds of Northern India
Alfred, JRB et al.
2001, Hardcover
Fresh water algal flora of Andaman and Nicobar islands; 2 Vols. (Set)
Prasad, Braj Nandan et al
1992, N
Taming the waters: the political economy of large dams in India
Singh, Satyajit
2002, Paperback

examines the nature of state planning and intervention in irrigation development, particularly through large dams, in the light of its critique by emergent ecological movements.
Water harvesting and sustainable supply in India
Athavale, RN
2003, Hardcover
The rule of water: statecraft, ecology and collective action inSouth India
Mosse, David et al.
2003, Hardcover

this volume explores the changing ecology, political significance, and cultural meaning of water in south india using long-term anthropological field study, oral histories, and detailed archival work.
Tulsi leaves and the Ganges water: the slogan of the first Sepoy Mutiny at Barrackpore 1824
Bandyopadhyay, Premansu Kumar
2003, Hardcover

based on the original documents ever untouched by any historian in the british library, london the author traces that long before the mutiny of 1857 barrackpore had been a traditional centre of sepoy\'s rebellious spirit that found violent expression whenever they were subject to injustice, apathy and discriminatory treatment from the company.