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Library information: preservation and access
Patel, Santosh
2003, Hardcover

this book provides information about digital preservation and long-term access strategies of library materials.
Gender and social equity in primary education: hierarchies of access
Ramachandran, Vimala (ed.)
2004, Hardcover

vividly capturing the texture and nuances of primary education through qualitative investigations, this volume is unique in drawing attention to the new segregation in basic education.
International conference on digital libraries 2004: knowledge creation, preservation, access, and management, 24-27 February 2004, New Delhi, 2 vols (Set)
2004, Paperback
Primary education in Delhi slums: access and utilisation
Yadav, Anil K et al.
2006, Hardcover
Political history of ancient India: from the accession of parikshit to the extinction of the Gupta dynasty, 4th rev. and enl. edition
Raychaudhuri, Hemchandra
2006, Hardcover
Political history of ancient India: from the accession of Parikshit to the extinction of the Gupta dynasty, 4th rev. and enl. edition
Raychaudhuri, Hemchandra
2006, Hardcover
Accession of Hyderabad: the inside story
Joseph, T Uma (b.1965)
2006, Hardcover
Women's rights: access to justice
Kaushik, PD
2007, Hardcover
The archaeology of Indian trade routes upto c. 200 BC, resourceuse, resource access and lines of communication
Lahiri, Nayanjot
1993, Hardcover

a detailed archaeological study of early indian trade routes during protohistoric and the first phase of the early historic periods, up to c. 200 bc zones.
Kashmir's accession to India: unravelling the truth
Dhar, DN
2008, Hardcover

this book is mainly based on declassified documents from india office library, london and answers some vital questions of kashmir\'s accession to india.
Law, poverty and legal aid: access to criminal justice
2009, Hardcover
Justice for the poor: perspectives on accelerating access
Dias, Ayesha Kadwani et al. (ed.)
2009, Hardcover

based on ground-level experience, this volume provides a wealth of insights into such critical issues as gender justice, the role of public interest litigation, and the effect of globalization on previously closed economies. it offers practical recommendations for development and justice programming.
Minority education in India: issues of access, equity and inclusion
Waheed, Abdul (ed.)
2010, Hardcover

this volume being an outcome of a national seminar organised by the aligarh muslim university, contains 22 papers, explaining various dimensions of educational exclusion of minorities, success stories of their educational institutions and future strategies for their inclusion.
Improving access and efficiency in public health services: mid-term evaluation of India's national rural health mission
Bajpai, Nirupam et al.
2010, Paperback
Statistical outline of India 2009-10, with internet access for update, ed. by Siddhartha Roy et al., 36th edn.
2010, Hardcover
Equalizing access: affirmative action in higher education in India, United States, and South Africa
Hasan, Zoya et al (ed.)
2012, Hardcover
Financial access in post-reform India
Bhavani, TA et al
2012, 575

this book analyses the changes in the financial sector, its policies, growth, efficiency, and the support it has been providing to the productive sectors of the economy in post-reforms india. the authors provide a comparative analysis of the indian financial system with that of uk, brazil, and china, and investigates the role of the private sector in improving financial access.
Political history of ancient India: from the accession of Parikshit to the extinction of the Gupta dynasty rev. ed. with comm. by B.N. Mukherjee
Raychaudhuri, Hemchandra
1996, Hardcover
Access to water in urban areas: Indian and French experiences
Saillard, Yves et al (ed.)
2012, Hardcover

the water resources in the indian cities of bengaluru, chennai and mumbai are mismanaged as against a healthy scenario in the french city of grenoble. as a solution to the issue, the water-up model has been discussed here with its application to the indian cities.
Fair hearing and access to justice
2012, Hardcover
The politics of the Pharmaceutical industry and access to medicines: world pharmacy and India
Lofgren, Hans (ed.)
2013, Hardcover
Beyond inclusion: the practice of equal access in Indian higher education
Deshpande, Satish et al (ed.)
2013, Hardcover
Internationalization of higher education: access and quality
Mishra, Lokanath (ed.)
2013, Hardcover
State of India's livelihoods reprot 2013: an ACCESS publication
2014, Paperback
Open and distance learning: equity and access, ed. by Sitansu S Jena et al.
2014, Hardcover
The coins of India: the Mughal emperors, Part VII (M7); the silver coins in the name of Shah Alam I Bahadur including the pre-accession and rebellion coinage of Azam Shah, Kam Bakhsh..
Needham, Arthur et al
2014, Hardcover

...and muazzam shah.
Achieving universal energy access in India: challenges and the way forward
Maithani, P.C. et al
2015, Hardcover

the book takes a critical look at the present energy policy and addresses ways to improve energy penetration. in doing so it encourages the use of renewable energy as an alternate medium, challenging the traditional power proponents.
Commercial use of biodiversity: resolving the access and benefit sharing issues
Srivastava, Shivendu K.
2016, n

the common people (aam admi), population, politics & people
Access to health services
Tripathi, Tulika
2016, Hardcover
A princely affair: the accession and integration of the princely states of Pakistan, 1947-1955
Bangash, Yaqoob Khan
2015, Hardcover