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Language shifts among the scheduled tribes in India: a geographical study
Ishtiaq, M et al.
1999, Hardcover
Nonviolence, consumption, and community among ancient Indian ascetics
Sutherland, Gali Hinich
1997, Paperback
Religion as emancipatory identity: a Buddhist movement among the Tamils under colonialism
Aloysius, G
1998, Paperback
Demographic differentials among the Rajputs and the Jats: a socio-biological study of rural Haryana
Gupta, Shashi Prabha
1993, N
Greener pastures: political, markets, and community among a migrant pastoral people
Agrawal, Aryn
1999, N
The Yogins of Ladakh: a pilgrimage among the hermits of the Buddhist Himalayas
Crook, John et al
2006, Hardcover

the book explores tibetan buddhism from within the view point of its most exemplary practitioners the hermits of the himalayas, particularly the yogins of ladakh
The death of Ahriman: culture, identity and theological change among the Parsis of India
Stiles, Susan
1997, Hardcover

this study examines the history of the parsi community from their arrival in india untill the middle of the nineteenth century, giving special emphasis to the impact that other religious and social systems exixting in india had on the formation of parsi identity and also to the continuing influence of communication with co-religionists remaining in iran.
Education among Muslims
Khan, JM
1993, N
Planned development among tribals: a comparative study of Bhils and Minas
Jain, PC
1999, N

contents:(i) tribals: methodological dilemma (ii) confronting the problem: approaches to development (iii) bhil-mina hinterland (iv) social formations among the tribals (v) tribal inequalities (vi) tribal migration and social mobility (vii) tribal development, stratification and the crisis of identity.
Disputes and arguments amongst nomads: a caste council in India
Hayden, Robert M
1999, N

the book discusses the organization of the panchayat, the cases handled by it and the rationale behind its decisions.
The universe as audience: metaphor and community among the Jains of North India
Jain, Ravindra K
1999, Paperback
Sex awareness among rural girls
Murthy, MSR (1948- )
1993, N
Process of social change among tribes
Sharma, SR
2000, Hardcover

the book highlights the factors which have adversely affected the tribes, like the direction of social change that took place during the last two centuries.
Tribal religion: religious beliefs and practices among the Santals, foreword by Andre Beteille
Troisi, J
2000, Hardcover

contents: (i) the setting: a santal village (ii) the religious universe: supernatural spirits and powers (iii) religious culture: seasonal rites and festivals (iv) the santal life cycle: rites and ceremonies (v) magic and witchcraft: nature and function (vi) conclusion: the process of change and adaptation in santal religion.
The emergence of feminism among Indian Muslim women 1920-1947
Ali, Azra Asghar
2000, Hardcover
Dialogues with the dead: the discussion of mortality among the Sora of eastern India
Vitebsky, Piers
1993, N
An anthropologist among the Marxists and other essays
Guha, Ramachandra
2001, Hardcover
Concern for status among educated women
Bhushan, LI et al
1993, N
Draupadi among Rajputs, Muslims and Dalits: rethinking India's oral and classical epics, Chicago, 1999
Hiltebeitel, Alf
2001, Hardcover

this book offers an unprecedented exploration into south asia\'s regional epic tradition.
Untouchable pasts: religion, identity and power among a Central Indian Community 1780-1950
Dube, Saurabh
2001, Hardcover

the book presents an interpretive account of satnami endeavours, encounters, and experiences--the ethnographic pasts of a numerous community that continues to be a significant presence in the newly constituted state of chattisgarh.
Among contemporary musicians
Misra, Susheela (1920-1998)
2001, Hardcover

this book includes the profiles of forty-seven musical giants of the era.
Language loyalty and displacement: among Telugu minorities in Pondicherry
Ramamoorthy, L
2000, Paperback

this book discusses several crucial issues and points with reference to bi/multi-lingualism in the context of language use in pondicherry.
A forest tribe of Borneo: resource use among the Dayak Benuaq
Gonner, Christian
2002, Hardcover

the volume takes the reader to dayak benuaq village of lempunah in borneo (indonesia) and offers an insightful analysis of local resource use patterns, mixed forest gardens, covering swidden agriculture, and non-cultivated forest \'in-between\' and temporal and spatial aspects of life in lempunah.
Twenty years in Tibet: intimate and personal experiences ofthe closed land among all classes of its people from the highest to the lowest, with a foreword by The Eart of Lytton
2002, Hardcover
A lover of light among luminaries: Dilip Kumar Roy
Patel, Amrita Paresh
2002, Hardcover

a systematic study of dilip kumar roy (1897-1980), a genuine seeker of truth and follower of sri aurobindo.
Delivery services among the tribal communities of Bengal and Orissa: a study across the two states
Bhowmick, Pradip K (b.1955)
2002, Hardcover

provides an empirical account by taking a present stock of existing health facilities available and also offered suggestions expressed by the users as well as providers to make the health services more effective and attractive.
Cultural identity of tribes of North-East India: movement for cultural identity among the adis of Arunachal Pradesh
Dawar, Jagdish Lal
2003, Hardcover

deals with the official nationalist discourse of \'integration\' and its dialogue with the newly emerging intellectuals among the adi tribe of arunachal pradesh since 1950\'s.
Religion and society among the Coorgs of South India, with an introduction by Andre Beteille
Srinivas, MN (1916-99)
2003, Hardcover

the study is based on intensive fieldwork among the coorgs, by the author in 1940 and 1941. the coorgs, a handsome, brave, and proud people inhabiting the mountainous and forested district of coorg in karnataka.
Sex awareness among rural girls
Murthy, MSR (b.1948)
2003, Hardcover
Amongst the Sikhs: reaching for the stars, introd. by Khushwant Singh
Kaur, Surjit
2003, Hardcover

on the diaspora sikhs.