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Indian architectural theory: contemporary uses of vastu vidya
Chakrabarti, Vibhuti
1999, Hardcover
Anegondi: architectural ethnography of a royal village, illustrations by Graham Reed
Tobert, Natalie
2000, Hardcover

the volume presents a detailed survey of over fifty houses, ranging from simple one-roomed dwellings to elaborate mansions inhabited by the descendants of the ruling house of anegondi (karnataka).
The iconography of architectural plans: a study of the influence of Buddhism and Hinduism on plans of South and Southeast Asia
Bunce, Fredrick William (b.1935)
2002, Hardcover
ASI: architectural Survey: Monograph on Indian temple architecture

vol. 1: cave temples of pallavaas by k.r. srinivasan, 1964 (reprint 1993). rs. 280.00 vol. 2: an architectural survey of temples of kerala by h. sarkar, 1978. rs. 85.00 vol. 3: cave temples of the deccan by k.v. soundar rajan, 1981. rs. 140.00 vol. 4: temples of the pratihara period in central india by r.d. trivedi. rs. 225.00 vol. 5: temples of khajuraho by k. deva, 2 vols. ...
Oriental scenery: two hundred years of India's artistic andarchitectural heritage, modern photographs by Antonio Martinelli, text by George Michell
Daniell, Thomas (1749-1840)
1998, Hardcover
Architectural motifs in early medieval art of Eastern India: Pala-Sena period
Bandyopadhyay, Sudipa
2002, Hardcover

the present study focusses on architectural motifs in the early mediaeval art of eastern india--bihar and undivided bengal from the eighth to the thirteenth century a.d.
Vijayanagara: architectural inventory of the sacred centre,3 vols (Set)
Michell, George et al.
2001, Hardcover

vol.1: text and maps. vol.2: figures. vol.3: plates.;;;it describes more than 400 structures, ranging from large-scale temple complexes, such as those dedicated to virupaksha, balakrishna, tiruvengalanatha and vitthala, to simpler and smaller shrines consecrated to a variety of deities, as well as mandapas, gateways, water features and other structures.
Architectural heritage: Ladakh
Sharma, Janhwij
2003, Hardcover

ladakh, a region isolated for centuries, has unique, exclusive and rich cultural base. this book provides a comprehensive account of the architectural heritage of this unparalleled landscape.
Lepaksi temple: a cultural and architectural study
Hanumantha Rao, D (b.1934)
2004, Hardcover

the present temple complex at lepaksi is primarily of vijayanagara affiliation, containing an abundance of sculptural and architectural wealth.
Raj Rewal: selected architectural works
2003, Paperback
Amaravati stupa: a critical comparison of epigraphic architectural and sculptural evidence, 2 vols (Set)
Roy, Anamika
1994, Hardcover

vol.1: text. vol.2: plates.
History of Mughal architecture, Vol.4, part 1: the age of architectural aestheticism, Shah Jehan, 1628-1658 A.D.
Nath, R (b.1933)
2005, Hardcover

this volume deals with shah jehan\'s age of \'architectural aestheticism\' (1628-1658 ad) and its representative monuments, some of which mark the zenith of the style.
The Islamic architectural heritage of Pakistan: funerary memorial architecture
Hasan, Shaikh Khurshid
2001, Hardcover

the author has brought together a complete collection of funerary monuments of the muslim period in sindh, balochistan and punjab and some in nwfp in pakistan.
Bhavanarayana temples: an epigraphical and architectural study
Babu, A. Vijaya Kumar
1991, Hardcover

the author has superbly outlined the salient architectural features of the temples of lord bhavanarayana, tracing the origins of the temple architecture in andhra desa.
History and architectural remains of Sirhind: the greatest Mughal city on Delhi-Lahore highway
Parihar, Subhash (b.1953)
2006, Hardcover

sirhind, during the mughal period, was the largest city situated in the midst of the lahore-delhi highway. even before that the antiquity of the city is traceable to the beginning of the christian era. its splendour is often described by the chroniclers and travellers of the period.
Land transport in Mughal India: Agra-Lahore Mughal highway and its architectural remains
Parihar, Subhash (b.1953)
2007, Hardcover

the seventeenth century europeans, who traversed the agra-lahore mughal highway, showered high prasie on it. the author thoroughly studied the rich architectural remains of the highway in the forms of caravansarais, bridges, kos-minars, baolis and tanks. a surey report of these remains forms the kernel of the book. contents: (i) geographical setting and historical outline. (ii) ...
Temples of Himachal Pradesh: architectural, sculptural, religious and cultural significance
Upadhyay, Neelmani
2008, Hardcover
Agra: the architectural heritage
Peck, Lucy
2008, Paperback

this book a reveals the lesser known building to be found in historic agra and fatehpur sikri. it is illustrated with photos, line drawings and numerous maps, many of which feature walks through the historic area.
Architectural heritage of a Sikh state: Faridkot
Parihar, Subhash
2009, Hardcover

this book is a architectural study of forts, palaces, havelis, administrative buildings, educational buildings, hospitals, bazaars etc. in the erstwhile state of faridkot state, one of the sikh states created in malwa region of punjab during the later half of the eighteenth century.
Architectural remains: Anuradhapura, ceylon
Smither, James G
2005, Hardcover

architecture and art of southern india: vijayanagara and the successor states
Aspects of Sanskrit architectural texts.
Banerjee, Manabendu
2010, Hardcover

on vastusastra, ancient indian system of architecture.
A dictionary of Hindu architecture: treating of Sanskrit architectural terms with illustrative quotations from Silpasastras, general literature and archaeological records
Acharya, Prasanna Kumar
1995, Hardcover
Architecture of Manasara: illustrations of architectural and sculptural objects, with a synopsis
Acharya, Prasanna Kumar
1995, Hardcover
Essays in architectural theory: ed. and with an introd. by Michael W.Meister
Coomaraswamy, Ananda K
1995, N
Sultanate architecture of Bengal: an analysis of architectural and decorative elements
Alamgir, Khoundkar
2011, Hardcover

this book aims to trace the origin of different elements of sultanate architecture of bengal. through six chapters, it studies various elements of sultanate architecture in bengal, bangladesh etc.
Medieval monuments in India: a historical and architectural study in Haryana (1206 A.D. - 1707 A.D.)
Parshad, Jagdish
2011, Hardcover

the present work is a survey of the rich medieval architectural heritage of the haryana state. it covers the monuments erected during the period 1206 a d to 1707 a d during the sultanate and mughal period.
Tanjavur Brhadisvara: an architectural study
Pichard, Pierre
1995, Hardcover

contents: (i) design and construction (ii) the main shrine (iii) the elevation of the main shrine (iv) the subsidiary shrines (v) the enclosure (vi) the capital city.
The architectural legacy of Anoop Bartaria
2010, Hardcover
Bijapur and its architectural remains with an historical outline of the Adil Shahi Dynasty
Cousens, Henry
1996, N
The architectural heritage of Himachal Pradesh: origin and development of temple styles
Thakur, Laxman S
1996, Hardcover

the book provides a comprehencive, chronological, scientific and comparative analysis of extant temple styles of himachal pradesh from the sixth to the fourteenth certury ad.