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A description of Indian and Oriental Armour, illustrated fromthe collection formerly in the India office now exhibited at South Kensington and the author's private collection ...
Egerton of Tatton
2001, Hardcover

with an introductory sketch of the military history of india, new edition, london, 1896
Arms and armours in Indo-Iranian literature and archaeology
Pandey, Ajay Kumar (b.1956)
2003, Hardcover
Hindu arms and ritual: arms and armour from India 1400-1865
Elgood, Robert
2004, Hardcover

the author catalogue\'s various hindu arms found in museums across the world and in private collections. he uses the evidence of contemporary travellers, inscriptions, manuscripts, art and sculpture to explain the ritual and social importance of these arms and to shed light on places and dates of manufacture.
Arms and armour: traditional weapons of India
Paul, E Jaiwant
2004, Hardcover

this book traces the development of the weapons of the indian warrior, from the earliest to modern times, and also provides illustrations of a wide variety of the arms and armour discussed.
Horse and elephant armour
Pant, GN
1997, N

the origin and development of indian cavalry and elephantry have been narrated with meticulous care. the horse armour and harness e.g., saddle, stirrups, chanfron, carinet, cuello, crest, bridle-cutter, flanchard, poitrel and spur have been discussed and illustrated.
Arms & armour at the Jaipur court: the royal collection
Elgood, Robert
2015, Hardcover

this book is one in a series illustrating the collections of the maharaja sawai man singh ii museum, city palace, jaipur. the author has selected 186 of the most interesting arms in the jaipur royal palace and discusses them as weapons in their social and historical context. the book breaks new ground in indian arms scholarship and is also a very readable account that takes in ...
Chittagong Armoury Raid: a memoir
Roy, Subodh
2015, Paperback

memoir of a communist who witnessed the revolt against the british empire in 1930s.
Rajput arms & armour: the Rathores & their armoury at Jodhpur fort, 2 vols. (boxed) (Set)
Elgood, Robert
2017, Hardcover

the volumes not only provides advance knowledge of arms & armour, but also reflect on the significance of the rathores in history, and their 556-year-old fort. for political and more recently commercial reasons the cultural history of the subcontinent has been largely expressed through the mughal experience of india. whilst it is true that the muslim mughals dominated india the ...