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Enlightenment beyond traditions: the complete inner map of spiritual awakening
Kristof, Aziz et al.
1999, Hardcover
Beyond ego's domain: being and order in the Veda
Roy, Ramashray
1999, N

order in the vedic perspective is the consequence of the linkage between the finite world of meaning and the absolute as the source of meaning. the book explores this linkage as reflected in the vedic literature.
Beyond the crisis of the European sciences, Vol.1
Sundara Rajan, R
1998, N

contents: (i) from possibility to hope: the life history of science (ii) towards new beginnings (iii) image of nature and images of the divine: in search of a new understanding (iv) language and the political: first steps towards the theory of the civitas (v) between communitas and civitas (vi) the naturalization of the human and the humanization of nature: ambiguities of moder ...
Beyond the Kashmir valley
Hari Om
1998, N

contents: (i) jammu region: the story of neglect (ii) cold-desert ladakh: a telling table of turmoil (iii) tribal gujjars: victims of huddle and muddle (iv) kashmiri pandits: caught between two fires (v) kashmir\'s future: perceptions differ on realities (vi) the way out.
India's nuclear deterrent: pokhran II and beyond
Mattoo, Amitabh (ed.)
1999, N

the book examines india\'s decision to conduct five nuclear tests on ii and 13 may 1998 and its political, strategic and economic implications.
Beyond the tigers: tracking Rajiv Gandhi's assassination, foreword by Vijay Karan, introd. by T.R. Ramachandran
Sharma, Rajeev (b.1959)
1998, Hardcover
Islam, communities and the nation: Muslim identities in South Asia and beyond
Hasan, Mushirul (ed.)
1998, N
Culture, gender and ecology: beyond workerism
Nanarajah, M
1999, N
Income-poverty and beyond: human development in India
Chelliah, Raja J et al. (ed.)
1999, N

this volume includes edited versions of the papers commissioned by united nation development programmes, for a south asia poverty monitor.
Beyond the summit: world peace and harmony
Hussain, K
1996, Paperback
Self beyond self: Ethel Wilson and Indian philosophical thought
Bhelande, Anjali
1996, Paperback

an absorbing study of canadian writer ethel wilson\'s works in the light of certain basic concepts in indian philosophical thought.
Beyond boundaries: a memoir
Paul, Swraj (b.1931)
1999, Paperback
Beyond the word: the multiple gestures of tradition
Mahapatra, Sitakant (b.1937)
1993, Hardcover
Beyond the thousand petalled lotus and the science of consciousness
Sahay, KN (b.1935)
1999, Hardcover

this book deals with the criteria of nirgun bhakti and the sants.
Beyond the devil's teeth: journeys in Gondwanaland
Shah, Tahir (b.1966)
1999, Paperback
History and beyond: comprising Interpreting early India (1992), Times as a metaphor of history (1996), Cultural transaction and early India(1987), and from Lineage to state(1984)
Thapar, Romila
2000, Hardcover
Beyond secularism: the rights of religious minorities
Chandhoke, Neera
1999, Hardcover
Bhagavad Gita: beyond the religions, foreword by Shankar Dayal Sharma
Mukherjee, Radhakamal (1889-1968)
1999, Hardcover
India: beyond today and tomorrow: dialogues on the future of India and search for alternatives
1993, N

contains dialogues with chandra shekhar, p.n. bhagwati, vasant sathe, karan singh, khushwant singh, ravindra kumar, raja ramanna and swami ranganathananda.
Tradition and beyond: handicrafted Indian textiles, ed. by Martand Singh
Chishti, Rta Kapur et al.
2000, Hardcover

the hundred and forty outstanding textiles represented in this book, were selected from fifteen hundred especially commissioned from master weavers and craftsmen all over the country during the same decade.
Horticulture technology: vision 2000 and beyond, 2 Vols., ed. by V.K. Sharma et al (Set)
2000, Hardcover

vol.1: production. vol.2: protection and preservation.
Africa beyond 2000: essays on Africa's political and economic development in the twenty-first century
Saxena, SC (b.1933)
2001, Hardcover
Ranthambhore beyond tigers
Chaudhary, SS
2000, Hardcover

vivid account about the history of kingdom of ranthambhore, ranthambhore fort and natural history of the ranthambhore national park.
Encyclopaedia of women as human resources in 21st century and beyond, 4 Vols.; ed. by S. Wal et al (Set)
2001, Hardcover

vol.1: women in developing world. vol.2: women as productive human resource. vol.3: women in decisionmaking. vol.4: women in globalization. this joint venture has been taken as an academic exercise to provide an over all view on issues and problems related to women\'s development at micro as well as macro level, including the valuable contributions from social scientists, plann ...
Pokhran and beyond: India's nuclear behaviour
Kapur, Ashok
2001, Hardcover

using a historical approach, the author explains the origins and trajectory of india\'s nuclear science and diplomacy in the context of both its domestic politics and challenges to her interests in regional and international environments.
Beyond patronage and exploitation: changing agrarian relations in South Gujarat
Breman, Jan
1993, Paperback

contents: (i) patronage and exploitation: changing agrarian relations in south gujrat (ii) dynamics of poverty and prosperity: rural south gujarat towards the end of the twentieth century.
Beyond orientalism: essays on cross-cultural encounter, NewYork, 1996
Dallmayr, Fred
2001, Hardcover

contents: (i) modes of cross-cultural encounter: reflections on 1492 (ii) gadamer, derrida, and the hermeneutics of difference (iii) radhakrishnan on being and existence (iv) heidegger, bhakti, and vedanta: a tribute to j.l. mehta (v) exit from orientalism: comments on halbfass (vi) western thought and indian thought: some comparative steps (vii) modernization and postmoderniza ...
Beyond Khyber Pass
Thomas, Lowell
2000, Hardcover

this book is the first hand account of a journey of kabul, capital of afghanistan, taken by the author himself through a natural geographical route covering baluchistan, waziristan, the independent territory on the way to peshawar and the khyber pass.
Beyond Hindu and Muslim: multiple identity in narratives from village India
Gottschalk, Peter
2001, Hardcover
Beyond the four Varnas: the untouchables in India
Mukherjee, Prabhati (b.1920)
2002, Hardcover

attempts to describe the emergence, crystallization and ultimate discrimination of untouchables in india.