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Sacred bronzes from South India in the Sarabhai Foundation,Ahmedabad
1999, Hardcover

the present publication is based on the writings and researches of prof. b.n. goswamy and dr. r. nagaswamy.
Jaina bronzes from Hansi
Handa, Devendra
2002, Hardcover

the hoard of jaina bronzes from hansi in district hisar, discovered just accidentally in february 1982, which has remained unpublished all these years, thus, forms an important discovery which throws very welcome light on the beginnings of jainism in this northern state adjoining delhi.
The sensuous and the sacred: Chola bronzes from South India, with essays by Richard H. Davis, R. Nagaswamy and Karen Pechilis Prentiss
Dehejia, Vidya
2002, Hardcover
Jaina art and architecture: western and south India and Jaina Bronzes in museums
Chanchreek, KL (b.1933) et al (ed.)
2004, Hardcover
Polonnaruwa bronzes and Siva worship and symbolism, Colombo
Arunachalam, P
2004, Hardcover

an account of the nataraja and other saiva bronzes found at polonnaruwa and now in the colombo museum, with an explanation of their symbolism and their relation to the saiva siddhanta system of philosophy.
The Nagapattinam and other Buddhist bronzes in the Chennai Museum, revised edition
Ramachandran, TN
2005, Paperback
Timeless delight: South Indian Bronzes in the collection ofthe Sarabhai Foundation: Utsavmurtinam rasasvadana
Nagaswamy, R
2006, Hardcover

serving as a catalogue, with textual and photographic studies, the work springs into space the different manifestations of godhood that were devoutly visualized, aesthetically created, and spiritually experienced in the early part of south india\'s past, especially in the pallava and chola periods. south indian bronzes were made for festive worship and enlivened the people in t ...
Bronzes from Achutrajpur, Orissa
Mitra, Debala
1978, Hardcover

bronzes from bangladesh
Buddhist bronzes from Sirpur
Sharma, AK et al.
2010, Hardcover

the book is a detailed, well researched account of a hoard of bronze sculptures recovered during sirpur excavation in 2005-2008.
Bronzes from Ceylon, Chiefly in the Colombo museum
Coomaraswamy, Ananda K
1988, Hardcover
The elegant image; bronzes from the Indian subcontinent in the Siddharth K. Bhansali Collection
Pal, Pratapaditya
2011, Hardcover

library of congress catalog card number: 2011-312021
Bastar bronzes: tribal religion and art
Mahawar, Niranjan
2011, Hardcover

this book is a comprehensive study of the religion, myths, rituals and art of the bastar tribes. the bastar tribes although have been greatly influenced by their hindu neighbours, yet they have their own religion, own pantheon and way of worship. this book is a study of their religious beliefs, gods goddesses, totems, demigods, demons and spirits of natural forces.
A souvenir released on the occasion of the exhibition on South Indian Bronzes
1992, Paperback
Bulletin of the Madras Government Museum, New Series, Vol.VIII: Bronzes of South India, by P R Srinivasan
1994, Hardcover
Gods of Angkor: bronzes from the National Museum of Cambodia, with essays by Ian C Glover John Guy, Paul Jett, and Hiram Woodward
Cort, Louise Allison et al (ed.)
2010, Paperback

a catalogue of a remarkable group of seven bronze figures which were unearthed in kampong cham province, cambodia, in 2006. these sixth and seventh-century buddhist sculptures, two of which were chinese, ultimately were acquired by the national museum of cambodia.
Ancient bronzes: history, metallurgy, corrosion and conservation
Lal, Uma Shankar et al
2012, Hardcover
Southern Indian bronzes: a historical survey of South Indian sculpture with iconographical notes based on original sources, with an introductory note by J.G. Woodroffe
Gangoly, O.C.
2013, Hardcover
Chola: sacred bronzes of southern India
2007, Hardcover

between the eighth and the thirteenth centuries, the chola dynasty was the dominant cultural, religious and political force in southern india. the most spectacular elements of the dynasty\'s artistic legacy are its bronze representations of shiva and other hindu gods. this lavishly illustrated book presents nearly thirty of these exquisite works.
Buddhist bronzes of Odisha: a study in context of the evolution of Buddhist deities
Mohapatra, Sagarika
2017, Hardcover
Indian bronzes in the Salar Jung Museum
Varma, DN
1996, Paperback