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Development of Sarda script: upto 13th century A.D., ed. byT.P. Verma
Upadhyay, Jiwan
1998, N

sarada script remained a popular script of an extensive areas of north-western india which is still represented in punjabi and himachal pradesh by its descendants gurumukhi and takari.
The fatal rumour: a nineteenth-century Indian novel, tr. from the Tamil and with an afterword by Stuart Blackburn
Rajam Aiyar, BR (1872-1898)
1998, Hardcover
Memsahibs abroad: writings by women travellers in nineteenth century India
Ghose, Indira (ed.)
1998, N

it is a body of writings from which emerge the variety among englishwomen in india, the obsessions and fantasies of the colonial mind, and the experience of those who lived as the private half of the rulers of india.
Punchtantra: parables for the 21st century
Bhatia, Gautam
1998, Paperback

a wacky take-off on vishnu sharma\'s pancatantra.
Trends in the twentieth century literary
Aston, NM (ed.)
1998, N
Om Namashivaya Thiruvasagham, explanatory notes, recited bySaint Manickavasaghar-9th century, transl. into English by Swamiji Iraianban
1999, Hardcover
19th Century thought in Bengal
Sengupta, Kalyan et al. (ed.)
1998, Hardcover

the book is a collection of papers dealing with the ideas of the bengali thinkers of the 19th century on polity, morality, history, economy, and culture.
Indian foreign policy: agenda for the 21st century, Vol.2
Mansingh, Lalit et al. (ed.)
1998, N
Gandhi and 21st century
Pandey, Janardan (b.1938) (ed.)
1998, N
Indo-US relations into the 21st century
Mahapatra, Chintamani
1998, Hardcover

contents: (i)evolving trade and economic relations (ii) political factors (iii) security and defence cooperation (iv) concluding observations; whither indo-us relations? (v) pokhran ii and after
Religious movements in Orissa: in nineteenth century
Mishra, Bibhuti Bhusan
1998, N

three types of movements the mahima cult, indigenous and reformative in character to the jagannath cult, the western christianity, the faith of the british and the westernised hinduism, the brahmo movement have been broadly taken into the body of this work.
The Sangitopanisat-saroddhara: a fourteenth century text onmusic from western India, composed by Vacanacarya-Sri Sudhakalasa, ed. and tr. by Allyn Miner
1998, Hardcover

sudhakalasa; ed. and tr. by allyn miner sanskrit work, with english translation, on ancient indian music.
Indian costumes: in the collection of the Calico Museum of Textiles, (18th to mid 20th century mostly from North and Western India), with a supplement on patterns and technical....
Goswamy, B.N. et al.
2010, Hardcover

...notes by tarla p. dundh, 3rd edn. this volume, the fifth in the series of calico museum catalogues which aims at covering the entire collection of the museum, provides an historical outline of indian costumes, and serves as a catalogue of all the stitched garments in this sumptuous collection.
Bibliotheca Buddhica: a century of edifying tales, belonging to the Hinayana, 30 vols. in 32 parts (Set)
Tekstov, Sobranie Buddijskich
1992, Hardcover
Marriage in Sri Lanka: a century of change
Caldwell, Bruce
1999, N

the book examines the changes in the nature of the marriage relationship, the arrangement of marriage, and the social and economic context of marriage.
Urban system, urban growth, and urbanisation in the 20th century West Bengal
Sarkar, Ashis
1998, N

originally presented as author\'s thesis (ph. d.--calcutta university)
Musical instruments of North India: eighteenth century portraits by Baltazard Solvyns
Hardgrave, Robert L et al.
1997, Hardcover
Peasants, artisan and entrepreneurs: economy of Marwar in the seventeenth century
Bhadani, BL
1999, N

the study examines different aspects of the economy of marwar during the 17th century, with the help of rajasthani and persian texts and documents, european and indian travellers\' accounts and modern records.
The path of light: a guide to 21st century discipleship and spiritual practice in the Kriya Yoga tradition, USA, 1998
Davis, Roy Eugene
1999, Paperback
Mahatma Gandhi: life, ideology and thoughts: a vision for 21st century
Kumar, Raj (b.1939) et al. (ed.)
1999, N

this book contains a collections of essays on the life, ideology and thoughts of mahatma gandhi. these essays will always continue to be of topical interest as most of them throw light on several factors that are of consequence to the economic and social policies of our country.
dGe-'dun-chos-'phel: a biography of the 20th century Tibetan scholar
Mengele, Irmgard
1999, Paperback
Zikar-i-Mir: the autobiography of the eighteenth century Mughal poet: Mir Muhammad Taqi Mir (1723-1810), tr. annotated and introd. by C.M. Naim
1999, Hardcover
British rule on Indian soil: North India in the first halfof the nineteenth century, tr. by Benedict Baron
Mann, Michael et al.
1999, Hardcover

this book is a study of the early british-indian economic history, particularly agrarian and environmental history, in the framework of colonial transformation of indian agriculture.
South Asia and its eastern neighbours: building a relationship in the 21st century
Dubey, Muchkund et al. (ed.)
1999, Hardcover

this volume brings together contributions by some of the most distinguished scholars and policy makers from south asia, south east-asia, china and japan.
Essays on urban patterns in nineteenth century Himachal Pradesh
Kanwar, Pamela
1999, Paperback
Retrieving Bengal's past: society and culture in the nineteenth century
Roy, Ranjit Kumar (ed.)
1995, Hardcover

contributed articles.
Disputed mission: Jesuit experiments and Brahmanical knowledge in seventeenth century India
Zupanov, Ines G
1999, Hardcover

contents: (i) prologue (ii) disputed cultoms: \'political\' versus \'religious\': the dialogic/ polemical mode (iii) between aristocratic analogies and demotic descriptions: the geo-ethnographic mode (iv) conversion scenarios: discussions miracles and encounters: the threatrical mode (v) utopian prefiguration and saintly signs: the self-expressive mode.
One language, two scripts: the Hindi movement in nineteenthcentury north India
King, Christopher R
1999, Paperback
Participatory watershed development: challenges for the twenty-first century
Farrington, John et al. (ed.)
1999, Hardcover
Artisans and industrialization: Indian weaving in the twentieth century
Roy, Tirthankar
1993, Hardcover