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Roman gold and silver coins from India: a collectors guide
Radhakrishnan, PV (b.1962)
1999, Paperback
Studies in South Indian coins, Vol.10
Raman, KV et al. (ed.)
2000, Hardcover
The coins of the Dutch-East Indies: an introduction to the study of the series, London, 1931
Bucknill, John
2000, Hardcover
Chats on old coins, London, 1913
Burgess, Frederick W
2000, Hardcover
Gold coins of imperial Kushanas and their successors in Bharat Kala Bhavan
Sharma, Savita
1999, Hardcover
Non-Roman ancient foreign coins from Karur in India
Krishnamurthy, Ramasubbu (b.1933)
2000, Hardcover

perhaps the first attempt to study non-roman ancient foreign coins from the mediterranean area in south india. it also carries attractive multi-colour photographs, maps, glossary and exhaustive index.
Coins and currency systems of early Bengal, up to c.A.D. 300
Mukherjee, Bratindra Nath (b.1932)
2000, Hardcover
Studies in South Indian coins, Vol.XXI, ed. by D.Raja Reddy, and Srinivasan Srinivasan

this volume, the eleventh in the series, contains 37 papers and cover a wide ground in point of time, roughly from third century b.c. to nineteenth century a.d.
Indian punch-marked; coins
Agrawal, Bhanu et al
1994, N

contents: (i) coinage metals and fabrication techniques (ii) classification and chronology (iii) denomination (iv) symbols and their historical implications.
The coins of the Indian Sultanates: covering the area of present-day India, Pakistan and Bangladesh
Goron, Stan (b.1944) et al.
2001, Hardcover
Local coins of ancient India: a new series, Vol. 1
2000, Hardcover
Studies of South Indian Coins, Vols.5-11 (1995-2000) (Set)
Collector's guide to Mughal coins, calligraphy by Zubair Khan
Rajgor, Dilip
2002, Hardcover
Medieval Indian coins: essays on the coins of Bengal Sultans, compiled by Danish Moin
Farid, Gholam Sharfuddin (b.1927)
2002, Paperback

this volume includes 28 articles contributed by the author on medieval indian numismatics especially on the coins of bengal sultans that have been published in various journals, periodicals and bulletins over the last thirty years.
A source-book of Indian archaeology, Vol.3: Human remains, prehistoric roots of religious beliefs, first steps in historical archaeology: sculpture, architecture, coins and........
Allchin, FR et al. (ed.)
2003, Hardcover

The catalogue on the ancient coins in the B.J. Institute Museum, prepared by Nayana Adhvaryu, ed. by Bharati Shelat
2003, Hardcover
The currency of Tibet: a sourcebook for the study of Tibetan coins, paper money and other forms of currency
Bertsch, Wolfgang
2002, Paperback
Studies in South Indian coins, Vol.3
Narasimha Murthy, AV (ed.)
1993, Hardcover

a collection of 23 papers and providing a wealth of knowledge about seleucid, roman, sada, satavahana, early chola, pallava, badami, chalukya, vijayanagara, indo-dutch, indo-damsh and french coinage and are assignable to 3rd c.b.c. to 18th century a.d.
The Bengal Sultanate: politics, Economy and coins AD 1205-1576
Hussain, Syed Ejaz
2003, Hardcover

the book has made extensive use of coins and epigraphs to interpret and substantiate the historical narrative culled out from the contemporaneous chronicles and travelogues.
Foreign coins found in the Indian subcontinent 8th-10th January, 1995, 4th International Colloquium
MacDowall, David W et al. (ed.)
2003, Hardcover
The coins of the Sikhs, 2nd rev. and augmented edition
Herrli, Hans (b.1933)
2004, Hardcover
Art-motifs on ancient Indian coins
Srivastava, Prashant
2004, Hardcover
The catalogue of the medieval and modern coins in the B.J. Institute Museum, prepared by Nayana Adhvaryu, ed. by Bharati Shelat
2004, Hardcover

this catalogue of coins treats the collection of 856 medieval and modern coins of various indian states.
The Pallava coins
Krishnamurthy, R (b.1933)
2004, Paperback

a study on coins of the pallavas who held sway over different areas adjoining the eastern coast of peninsular india, in different times, roughly from the beginning of fourth century to the end of ninth century a.d.
Kusana coins and history
Gupta, Parmeshwari Lal et al.
2017, Hardcover

the author examines myraid coins of the kusanas, to convincingly resolve the chronological puzzles of these indo-scythian kings, from their very rise in mid-2nd century ad to their final extinction in circa 370 ad.
Coins of South India
Elliot, Walter
2005, Hardcover
Early Indian coins from Sugh
Handa, Devendra
2006, Hardcover

this book presents an account of the early indian coins found from sugh, the ancient s(s)rughna, an extensive and very important archaeological site of haryana located about 5km east of jagadhari/yamunanagar on the old bed of the river yamuna where it debouched into the plains from the shiwalik hills of the himalayas.
Coins of Indian states, part A
Gupta, SC
2005, Hardcover

the book presents coins of indian princely states, which though pledging sovereighty with mughals and even british continued to issue coins independently. first part includes the states starting from \'alwar\' in alphabetical order and upto \'jaora\'. a brief description of history of formation of each state is followed by descriptive details and photographs of many coins.
The dynastic coins of ancient India
Goyal, SR
1995, N

contents: (i) the coins of the indo-greek dynasties (ii) the coins of the saka, pahlava and western kshatrapa dynasties (iii) coins of the kushana dynasties (iv) coins of the satavahana dynasties (v) coins of the north indian dynasties of the post-gupta.
Dravidian kingdoms and list of Pandiyan coins
Desikachariar et al
2004, Hardcover