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Sacred complex of Ruruksetra: a holy tirtha of Hinduism in Western Nepal
Pandey, Ram Niwas (b.1939)
2000, Hardcover
Complex predicates in South Asian languages
Verma, Manindra K (ed.)
1993, N
Sacred complex in Orissa: study of three major aspects of the sacred complex
2000, Hardcover

contents: (i) part-i: puri-its sacred geography, and organisations and god-king relationship (ii) part-ii: monasteries of puri (iii) part-iii: ritual functionaries and service organisations in jagannath temple, puri.
Sacred complex of Budhi Santani: anthropological approach to study Hindu civilization
Acharya, Prasanta Kumar (b.1955)
2003, Hardcover

the author has attempted to explore the linkage of local pattern of hindu social organization with the organization of sacred performances.
Capturing complexity: an interdisciplinary look at women, households and development
Borooah, Romy et al (ed.)
1994, Hardcover

contents: (i) approaches to the study of households and household production (ii) women, agricultural production and rural supports (iii) balancing economic needs and care giving (iv) fertility behavior child care and development (v) nutrition and health (vi) methodological concepts and issues.
The northeast complexities and its determinants
Datta, Sreeradha
2004, Hardcover
The world heritage complex of the Qutub
Balasubramaniam, R
2005, Hardcover

the world heritage complex of the qutub in new delhi is home to several magnificent monuments that are classic examples of early muslim architecture. this book profusely illustrated with maps, line drawings and photographs, embodies the latest researches on the subject.
The sacred complex of Kathmandu, Nepal: religion of the Himalayan Kingdom
1995, N

contents: (i) the cultural history of kathmandu (ii) the sacred centres of kathmandu: a textual perspective (iii) the sacred centres of kathmandu : contextual perspectives (iv) the sacred performances at kathmandu (v) the sacred specialists of kathmandu (vi) the pilgrimage and the pilgrims of kathmandu.
Negotiating complexities: a collection of feminist essays
Srinivasan, Bina
2007, Hardcover
A monograph on Nanadalur Buddhist Monastic complex, Kadapa district, Andhra Pradesh, Gen. editor: J. Kedareswari
2006, Paperback
Timmapura Agrahara: a cultural study of Vijayanagara-Hampi Temple Complex
Shivarudraswamy, SN
2005, Hardcover

contents: (i) bayakara ramappa: a profile. (ii) epigraphs. (iii) temples. (iv) sculpture and iconography. (v) conclusion.
Maha sakti pitha Vindhyacala: a study of cult of Vindhyavasini and sacrad complex of Vindhyacala by Prakash Pandey
2001, Hardcover
Complex variables and integral transform
Pandey, RK
2007, Hardcover

a comprehensive compedium of mathematical definitions, formulas, and theorems intended for researchers and students in mathematics.
Sacred complex of Lumbini
Giri, Gitu (b.1955)
2008, Hardcover

this book contains sacred geography, history, master plan, art, architecture, pilgrims and pilgrimage, sacred performances, fairs and festivals, sacred specialists, conservation, preservation, tourism development and changes and modernisation of the lumbini area.
Pilgrimage: sacred landscapes and self-organized complexity, foreword by R.K. Bhattacharya
Malville, John McKim et al. (eds.)
2009, Hardcover

using case studies from pilgimages around the world undertaken by the devout, the volume explores the ways many of the pilgrimage traditions have started and evolved. the book deals with pilgrimages not only in india but also in several countries abroad.
Sacred complex of the Guruvayur temple
Mathur, PRG
2009, Hardcover

this book is the first comprehensive study of the tantric aspects of the famous guruvayur sri krishna temple, which has become the second richest and busy pilgrim centre of india in recent years. the uniqueness of guruvayur sacred complex is its universal appeal. the secrets of the sacred complex of guruvayur are described in simple language for the lay devotees by the author. ...
Complex deterrence: strategy in the global age
Paul, T.V and Patrick M, Morgan (ed.):
2011, Hardcover
Studies of genetic-complex of ayurvedic plants
Karnick, CR
1996, Hardcover
Dynamics in one complex variable, 3rd edition
Milnor, John
2012, Paperback

this volume studies the dynamics of iterated holomorphic mappings from a riemann surface to itself, concentrating on the classical case of rational maps of the riemann sphere.
Fates of political liberalism in the British post-colony: the politics of the legal complex
Halliday, Terence, C et al (ed.)
2012, Hardcover
At home in the universe: the search for lasws of self-organization and complexity
Kauffman, Stuart
1995, Hardcover
Unified architectural theory: form, language, complexity: A companion to Christopher Alexander's The phenomenon of life - the nature of order, book 1
Salingaros, Nikos A.
2013, Paperback

organized in 44 sections, this book contains lecture notes and readings from a course based on christopher alexander\'s the nature of order, book 1, and using salingaros\' a theory of architecture. it chronicles research results that can change our built environment for the better.
Art, architecture and sculpture: Shree Raghunath Temple: a unique religious complex, Jammu, text by Kamal Kishor Mishra, trans. by Shovana Narayan
2013, Hardcover
Nagore-e-sharief: a sacred complex study
Saheb, Shaik Abdul Azeez
2014, Hardcover

study of a sacred complex of syedena abdul qadir sahul hameed nagore andavar (1490 ad - 1579 ad), a sufi saint, situated at nagore in tamil nadu.
The complex heritage of early India: essays in memory of RS Sharma, ed. by DN Jha
2014, Hardcover

the essays brought together here deal with diverse themes and cover a wide canvas. they range from harappan civilization, the rigvedic chronology to the history of urbanization, level of monetization, nature of trade, and to issues arising out of early medieval land grants, and other aspects of early indian material culture.
Major fauna of Rasik Beel Wetland complex (WB)
Das, Debashis et al
2013, Paperback
The South Asian military complex
Siddiqa, Ayesha et al.

this issue offers content that explores alternative histories of economic engagement, threats to indigenous livelihood, and the aftermath of communal violence.
Ayurvedic Panchkarma and yoga: simple treatment of complex diseases
Jain, Mukesh D.
2015, Hardcover

panchkarma is ayurveda\'s most popular therapy. the present book is based on the author\'s 30 years of clinical practice with this unique treatment modality to eliminate the subtle vitiated doshas from the body cells.
Sacred complex of Ujjain, foreword by Baidyanath Saraswati
Samanta, Dipak Kumar (b.1946)
1997, Hardcover

contents-(1) the historical background (2) the city of temples (3) the abode of lord mahakalesvar (4) the link: melas, festivals, folk theatre (5) the city of trade (6) siva worship in malwa (7) resume.
Sri Dandayudhapani Swamy temple complex at Palani and origin and development of Muruka worship in South India: a comprehensive cultural study
2017, Hardcover

the book presents the whole spiritual complex of palani, documenting in a systematic way the main hill temple, including the architecture and other art details.
Sacred complex of Srisailam and Saivism in South India, P. Chenna Reddy
2017, Hardcover

proceedings of national seminar on fresh light on the history of sacred complex of srisailam, hyderabad, 2006.
Delhi's Qutb complex: the Minar, Mosque and Mehrauli
Asher, Catherine B.
2017, Hardcover

this book presents a geographical, chronological and cultural narrative of the famous qutb complex in delhi and its surrounding area, mehrauli. it examines the initial growth of this area from its founding about 1060 by the rajput tomars near the temple of yogmaya, its likely takeover by the chauhans and then its establishment as a muslim headquarters under the ghurids of afgha ...
Early Harappan culture of Kot Diji--Sothi complex
Kumar, Vinay
2018, Hardcover
How India works: making sense of a complex corporate culture
Kelshikar, Aarti
2018, Paperback
The world's most complex borders: Pakistan & India
Singh, M.K.
2018, Hardcover
Change, continuity and complexity: The Mahavidyas in East Indian Sakta Traditions
Shin, Jae-Eun
2018, Hardcover

based on a close analysis of puranas, tantras and inscriptional evidence, and on extensive field research on archaeological remains as well as sacred sites, the volume discusses the two trajectories of the mahavidyas in eastern sakta traditions.
Nagore-e-sharief: a sacred complex study
Saheb, Shaik Abdul Azeez
2014, Hardcover

study of a sacred complex of syedena abdul qadir sahul hameed nagore andavar (1490 ad - 1579 ad), a sufi saint, situated at nagore in tamil nadu.