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The Gurkha connection: a history of the Gurkha recruitment in the British Army
Banskota, Purushottam (b.1946)
2007, N
Maharaja Ranjit Singh: the French connection, ed. by Prithipal Singh Kapur
Lafont, Jean-Marie
2001, Hardcover
Savarkar and Hindutva: the Godse connection
Noorani, AG
2002, Hardcover
The script of Harappa and Mohenjodaro and its connection with other scripts, with an introd. by S. Langdon
Hunter, GR
2003, Hardcover
Connections: non-native responses to native Canadian literature, in memory of Dr. Howard Adams
Lutz, Hartmut et al.
2003, Hardcover
Cosmopolitan connections: the Sindhi diaspora, 1860-2000
Falzon, Mark-Anthony
2005, Hardcover

this volume looks at hindu sindhis - a diasporic group of indian traders. the volume draws on anthropological field research as well as archival sources in mumbai, london, and malta to portray a cosmopolitan group united by ties of kinship and community.
Mapping connections: Indo-Thai historical and cultural linkages
Sahai, Sachchidanand et al. (ed.)
2006, Hardcover

this book is a collection of incisive essays by some of the best-known names from india and thailand, is an important initiative in the growth of civilizational relations between the two countries.
Reflections: the bollywood connection, original stories in German by Dorothea Nurnberg, English tr. by Karin et al
2007, Paperback
The dalit movement in India: local practices, global connections
Hardtmann, Eva-Maria
2009, Paperback

the dalit movement has been growing since the 1990s. this anthropological study examines its contemporary aspects, discourse, organizational structure, and the local practices of the activists. the focus is on the heterogeneity, internal tensions, and transnational connections of the movement.
Rabindranath Tagore and the Zulgarian connection: facts anddocuments
Nikolaev, Anna et al.
2009, Paperback
The Al-qaeda connection the Taliban and terror in Pakistan's tribal areas
Rashid Ahmed
2009, Hardcover

an insisutful work on the evolution of al-qaeda - led terror networks and a rare who\'s who of militanry in fata
The Al Qaeda connection: the Taliban and terror in Pakistan's tribal areas
Gul, Imtiaz
2009, Hardcover

an insightful work on the evolution of al qaeda-led terror networks and a rare who\'s who of militancy in fata.
Locating the self: fragmentation and reconnection in the plays of by Adrienne Kennedy and August Wilson
Sahoo, Sudarsan
2012, Hardcover
The web of life: life force, the energetic constitution of man and the Neuro Endocrine connection
Davidson, John
2009, Hardcover
Kerala's gulf connection, 1998-2011: economic and social impact of migration
Zachariah, KC et al
2012, Hardcover
Civilization dialogue: Asian inter-connections and cross-cultural exchanges, foreword by Karan Singh
Sharma, Anjana (ed.)
2013, Hardcover
Ecology, economy: quest for a socially informed connection
Padel, Felix et al
2013, Hardcover
Transnational Pakistani connections: marrying `back home', series editor Crispin Bates
Charsley, Katharine
2014, Paperback

based on research in britain and pakistan, this book provides a rounded portroyal incorporations the emotional motivations for, and content of, these transnational unions.
Maritime contacts of the past: deciphering connections amongst communities, ed. by Sila Tripati
2015, Hardcover

contains 31 articles from scholars and researches from different countries, related to maritime archaeology covering the region from mediterranean sea to the indian ocean, from the north pacific to the south atlantic ocean.
China and beyond in the mediaeval period: cultural crossings and inter-regional connections, ed. by Dorothy C. Wong et al
2014, Hardcover

this volume examines china\'s contacts with neighbouring cultures in central, south, southeast, and northeast asia, as well as contacts among those cultures from the beginning of the common era to the tenth century and beyond. during this period, trans-regional and cross-cultural exchanges were fostered by both peaceful and aggressive activities and movements of peoples across ...
The Sherlock Holmes connection
Widmark, Martin
2015, Paperback

in stories spanning almost a century, in cities half a world away from each other, the magnifying glass of sherlock holmes appears just when there is a mystery to solve. but its appearance throws up other questions: who was john watson? was he really what he seemed to be? and how and why are his heirs involved in the mysteries?
Half a century: my connections with Japan; a memoir
Seth, Aftab
2016, Hardcover

memoirs of a former ambassador of india to japan.
Bhopal connections: vignettes of royal rule
Shaharyar et al.
2017, Paperback

from a peek into bhopal\'s political, cultural and familial history to contemporary anecdotes, shaharyar muhammed khan, grandson of the last ruling nawab of bhopal, recreates life and times of the rulers of bhopal.
The Islamic connection: South Asia and the Gulf, ed. by Christophe Jaffrelot et al.
2017, Hardcover

the book investigates the nature and implications of the cultural, spiritual and socio-economic rapprochement between the two islams (sunnis and shais).
Stone beads of South and Southeast Asia: archaeology, ethnography and global connections, ed. by Alok Kumar Kanungo
2017, Hardcover

this book is by far the most comprehensive book on stone beads. with contributions from 25 leading scholars from 17 research institutions of eight countries, the book dwells on related matter from ancient as well as modern india and other regions of south asia.
Social capital and biodiversity: communities, connections & conservations, foreword by Michael Woolcock et al.
Mishra, Aditya Keshari
2018, Hardcover
Cross connection: the big circus adventure, illus. by Shrirang Sathaye
Hansraj, Jugal
2018, Paperback
India's French connection: Indian artists in France
Singh, Kishore
2018, Hardcover
The myth connection: the use of Hindu mythology in some novels of Raja Rao and R.K. Narayan
Sankaran, Chitra
1993, N
The Moghuls: Chingizid and Timurid: connections and differences
Kwei-Sun, Wei
1997, Paperback