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Beyond the crisis of the European sciences, Vol.1
Sundara Rajan, R
1998, N

contents: (i) from possibility to hope: the life history of science (ii) towards new beginnings (iii) image of nature and images of the divine: in search of a new understanding (iv) language and the political: first steps towards the theory of the civitas (v) between communitas and civitas (vi) the naturalization of the human and the humanization of nature: ambiguities of moder ...
Overcoming crisis in leadership: Indian army, foreword by Karan Singh
Singh, K Kuldip
1998, N
Crisis of Indian democracy
Khanna, SK
1998, N
Democracy in Pakistan: crisis and conflicts
Bahadur, Kalim
1998, N

this book is a compilation of some of the papers and articles published by the author in academic journals and newspapers during the last ten years. they deal with some of the basic issues in pakistan\'s political development.
Takamori lecture: the crisis of mankind: an inquiry into originality/novelty, power/violence, foreword by Rama P. Coomaraswamy
Saran, AK
1999, Hardcover
Five lecturers in Marxist mode: crisis of socialism, of reservations, communalism in contemporary India, state cont..2
Singh, Randhir
1993, N

cont.. 2 terrorism and democratic rights, in memory of punjab revolutionaries of 1914-15
Global environmental crisis and management
Khanna, Gopesh Nath
1993, N

provides an assessment of unep with special reference to india\'s participation. displays the inter relationships among the different aspects of the subject and identify trends which would indicate current and possible future changes on the different ecosystem, along with the achievement of unep itself with all its norms and means.
Sri Lankan crisis: anatomy of ethnicity, peace and security
Kulandaswamy, MS
2000, Hardcover
Crisis as conquest: learning from East Asia
Ghosh, Jayati et al.
2001, Paperback
Women in crisis: new approaches to happiness
2001, Hardcover

this book outlines, with the help of real-life case-studies, ways and means to diversity the distressing situations, and to mould one\'s own pattern of emotions, thoughts and behaviour to effectively face adverse situations and make life happy.
Ethnopolitics and identity crisis
Chaudhuri, Buddhadeb (1943- ) (ed.)
1992, N

contd.... tribal transformation in india, volume 3.
Environmental ruin, the crisis of survival
Lodha, RM (ed.)
1993, N

a interdisciplinary collection of papers dealing in theoretical as well as behavioural vistas of environment, covering both local and global problems at micro and macro levels. it deals with pollutants, areas, conservation and environmental awareness.
Towards understanding the Kashmir crisis
2002, Hardcover

this volume is based on the papers presented at the three day conference held at the jamia millia islamia, new delhi and brings to light the complexity of the kashmir issue, focuses on multiple themes, and reveals the several different perspectives on what constitutes the kashmir imbroglio.
Vedic tradition and modern crisis
2002, Hardcover

the present book is a compendium of the all india seminar held at south delhi campus in january 1998 and it covers a wide range of topics on the \'vedic tradition and the modern crisis\'.
Crisis and knowledge: the Upanishadic experience and storytelling
Grinshpon, Yohanan
2003, Hardcover

this book is a landmark in the study of early indian religious literature, and offers a fresh reading of several central upanishadic texts.
The autobiographical impulse in America: essays on the crisis of humanism in contemporary culture
Wolf, Howard (1936- )
1993, N

contents 1. personal history and education. 2. writers, writing and generation. 3. travel. 4. towards the future.
Kargil: the crisis and its implications
1999, Hardcover

collection of papers on india-pakistan relations.
The Afghanistan crisis: issues and perspectives
Warikoo, K (ed.)
2002, Hardcover

this book presents various perspectives on the afghanistan crisis deliberating upon various issues ranging from ethno-politics, politics of access to central asian oil and gas, human rights, refugee situation, position of women, role and response of regional and extra-regional powers, rise of taliban etc.
Land, labour and power: agrarian crisis and the state in Bihar (1937-52)
Jha, Usha
2003, Hardcover
Ethnic composition and crisis in South Asia, 3 vols (Set)
2003, Hardcover

vol.1: india. vol.2: sri lanka, bangladesh, bhutan. vol.3: pakistan.;;;a focus is given on the nature and motivation of ethnic composition and causes of dispute between different ethnic groups and states in south asian countries.
Financial crisis, contagion, and containment: from Asia to Argentina
Desai, Padma
2004, Hardcover
The global politics of the Iraq crisis and India's options
Vasudevan, Hari et al. (ed.)
2004, Hardcover
Southeast Asian crisis: an economic analysis
Lobo, Radhika
2004, Hardcover

the book traces the development experience of the southeast asian countries in indonesia, malaysia and thailand in the pre and post asian crisis period detailing the lessons that developing countries like india can draw from the same.
The famine of 1896-1897 in Bengal: availability or entitlement crisis?
Chakrabarti, Malabika
2005, Hardcover

this book is a focussed treatment of a famine both as an \'event\' and a \'process\'. it is a close-up of a peasant economy in the throes of a crisis which temporarily eroded the value-system determining the normal pattern of entitlements.
Merit and the millennium: routine and crisis in the ritual lives of the Lahu people
Walker, Anthony R
2003, Hardcover

the lahu mountain people, numbering some 700,000 are traditionally swidden farmers, sharing with other peoples the rugged highlands that form the borderlands between china\'s yunnan province and the southeast asian nations of burma, laos, vietnam and thailand.
Gulf crisis: US and the emerging world order
Kaur, Kulwant
1994, N

contents: (i) historical moorings and present contest (ii) united states and guld crisis (iii) peripheral reaction (iv) indian subcontinent and gulf crisis (v) united nations and gulf crisis.
Crisis and contention in Indian society
Oommen, TK (b.1937)
2005, Hardcover

this book analysis various issues confronting india\'s society and polity today.
The insurrection of little selves: the crisis of secular-nationalism in India
Nigam, Aditya
2006, Hardcover

the book takes a closer look at the phenomenon of the \'opportunism\' of minority cultures--in the indian context, the dalit and the muslims--and suggests that this might be the consequence of nationalism. for it is nationalism, in fact, which produces the \'minority problem\' in the first place.
Crisis and change in contemporary India
Baxi, Upendra et al (ed.)
1994, Hardcover
Ecological crisis and management
2006, Hardcover

contains research articles from eminent environmental scientists of india to tackle the problem of harmful polluting agents to human health as well as nature.