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The oriental annual or scenes in India, comprising twenty-two engravings from original drawings by William Daniel and a descriptive account by Hobert Caunter, London, 1836
Caunter, Hobert et al.
2000, Hardcover
The compleat Indian angler, illustrated from pen and ink drawings by the author
Masters, John
1999, Hardcover

exhausive information about the fishes in indian rivers is laced with appealing incidents, marvellous surprises and philosophical insights as we travel along with the author and his companion izaak.
Geography of Asia, drawings by Dale Austin
Tirtha, Ranjit
2001, Hardcover

this survey of the asian continent offers systematic studies of its complex physical, cultural, and political patterns, followed by its regional divisions.
The Dapuri drawings: Alexander Gibson and the Bombay Botanic Gardens
Noltie, HJ
2002, Hardcover

this book is about a remarkable collection of botanical drawings belonging to the royal botanic garden edinburgh. they are the work of an unknown portuguese-indian artist and were made between 1847 and 1850. half the species depicted are native to western india, the other half are exotics from as far afield as argentina and australia.
Guide to the Ajanta paintings, Vol.2: Devotional and ornamental paintings, line drawings by Monika Zin and Matthias Helmdach, translation from German by Julie Wedow
Zin, Monika
2003, Paperback
India: a historical lila: auctions of Indian modern and contemporary paintings, drawings and graphic art, curated with text by Neville Tuli
2001, Paperback
The Hindu pantheon in Nepalese line drawings: two manuscripts of the Pratisthalaksanasarasamuccaya, compiled by Gudrun Buhnemann
2003, Hardcover

this book reproduced line drawing of the pantheon of deities described in chapter 6 of the pratishthalaksanasarasamuccaya from the 17th century nepalese manuscripts. drawings of the 64 yoginis according to the devi-purana found in an appendix to both manuscripts are also reproduced.
Temple architecture of eastern India, text, photographs anddrawings by Ajay Khare, foreword by George Michell
2005, Hardcover

this book is a systematic overview of the temple architecture built in eastern india between the ninth and sixteenth centuries.
Lalla Rookh: an oriental romance, introd. by Shafi Sahuq, with sixty-nine illustrations from original drawings by John Tenniel, engraved on wood by the brothers Dalziel, and ......
2005, Hardcover

...five ornamental pages of persian design by t. sulman, jun. engraved on wood by h.n. woods.
Indian contemporary art: paintings, drawings and sculpture
2005, Paperback
Journey of the straight line: an exposition of Sahni's drawings and creativity
Bhatti, SS
2005, Hardcover

this book provides a comprehensive perspective in which to view modern art, in general, and sahni\'s work in particular. s.k. sahni is a former keeper of the national gallery of modern art, new delhi.
The European in India, from a collection of drawings by CharlesDoyley, engraved by J.H. Clark and C. Dubourg, with a preface and copious description by Thomas Williamson,...
Doyley, Charles et al.
1995, Hardcover

...accompained with a brief history of ancient and modern india, from the earliest periods of antiquity to the termination of the late mahratta war by f.w. blagdon, london,1813
Indian paintings and drawings
Sharma, OP (b.1918)
2006, Hardcover

this catalogue contains paintings and drawings in the collection of rasaja foundation, new delhi which was established in 1984 by the late jaya appasamy, a noted artist and art critic.
Drawings of Rajasthan
Singh, Chitralekha
1993, Hardcover
The Naked line: drawings by 12 artists, curated by roobina Karode
2006, Hardcover
Lines from an artistic life: the drawings of Adimoolam
Khanna Krishen et al.
2007, Hardcover

this book explores the drawings of eminent indian artist km adimoolam, well-known in india and internationally for his meticulous pen-and-ink drawings on subjects ranging from realistic portraits of mahatma gandhi to idealized portrayals of indian kings and warriors, and semi-abstract depictions of hindu gods informed by cubism.
Paresh Maity: drawings painting sculptures photographs, 28 Nov.- 28 Dec. 2007, text by Ella Datta
2007, Hardcover

this book is the forty ninth solo show of paresh maity, showcasing drawings, mixed media, water colours, oils, sculptures, photographs and installations.
Sketches, scribbles, drawings
Subramanyan, KG
2008, Hardcover
The painted towns of Shekhawati, photographs, drawings and maps by Ilay Cooper
2009, Paperback

this book provides a colourful account of the patrons of shekhawati, the painters and their families. how the murals were executed, the technique and the styles are also adequately outlined. details and sections of the paintings, and where the murals are placed on the walls of the building are illustrated by couloured photographs.
Buddhist iconography and ritual in paintings and line drawings from Nepal
Buhnemann, Gudrun
2008, Paperback

the first section presents two paintings and an incomplete set of line drawings documenting a tradition of eighty-four (great) adepts ([maha] siddha) from nepal. the 2nd section focuses on manifestations of (cakra) samvaras, a form of heruka, and includes a reproduction of images of two groups of samvaras. the first document is a painted scroll showing the group of sixty-four s ...
Buddhist tales in modern times stories of soul by Ven. Gyomyo Nakamura, line drawings by Buddhist Monk Paldani
2009, Paperback

buddhist theory of causality and einsteins\'s theory of relativity by filita bharucha
Deities of Tibetan Buddhism: the Zurich paintings of the icons worthwhile to see, tr. by Martin Willson, intro. by Martin Brauen, drawings by Robert Beer, photos by Peter Nebel
Willson, Martin (ed.)
2009, Hardcover

this book is an encyclopedia of buddhist icons based on the rinjung gyatsa, the narthang gyatsa, and the vajravali. full-color illus. of over five hundred tibetan buddhist deities are reproduced here from a set of hand-painted woodblock prints created in the early nineteenth century. housed in the ethnographic museum of the university of zurich, this rare collecton is presented ...
Oriental annual (A.D.1840), or tales, legends and historical romances, engravings from drawings by W. and E. Finden
Bacon, Thomas et al.
2009, Hardcover
Select views in Mysore: the country of Tipu Sultan, drawings and description (A.D. 1750-1799)
Home, Robert
2005, Hardcover
Indian life and landscape by Western artists: paintings and drawings from the Victoria and Albert Museum, 17th to the early 20th century
Rohatgi, Pauline et al.
2008, Hardcover

this richly illustrated volume highlights the important yet largely unknown collections from the v&a of indian subjects by western artists. spanning more than two centuries, this book discusses the various categories of artists while placing them within the context of the history of western art. masterpieces from other museums and institutions worldwide are included to enhance ...
Sri Geetha Govinda Kavyam of Sri Jayadev, with drawings, paintings and commentary in English, Tamil and Kannada by T Sai Krishna, introd. and preface in English
2010, Hardcover
Time's harvest: a cycle of poems and drawings based on the Ramayana and the Mahabharata
Datta, Amaresh et al.
1996, Hardcover
The hadda excavations: Vol.I stupa and sites, text and drawings, Vols.III: figures and figurines photographic album
Barthboux, Jules
2001, Hardcover

...afghanistan iv
Meri zamin mera asman, drawings by Imroz (poetry)
2013, Hardcover
Flowers of the Himalaya, drawings by Ann Farrer.__ Reprintof 1984
Polunin, Oleg (1914-1985) et al
1997, Paperback