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Ruth Prawer Jhabvala: a study in empathy and exile
Chakravarti, Aruna (b.1939)
1998, N
Exiled at home: comprising At the edge of psychology, The intimate enemy, Creating a nationality
Nandy, Ashis
1998, N
Return from exile: alternative sciences, illegitimacy of nationalism, the savage freud
Nandy, Ashis
1998, N
Tibetan society in exile
Alam, Jayanti
2000, Hardcover

contents: (i) historical backgroung (ii) introduction to tibet and the tibetan society (ii) basic tenets of buddhism, tibetan buddhism and lamaism (iv) unique institution of the dalai lama (v) democratic constitution of the tibetan government in exile (vi) position of women in the tibetan society (vii) gender-equal society as a model (tibetan women in exile) (viii) perceiving t ...
Inhabiting the other: essays on literature and exile
Lahiri, Sharmistha (ed.)
2001, Hardcover

the present collection of essays representing texts from different countries of asia, africa, europe and americas, institute a discussion on certain issues that plagued the minds of some of the greatest writers of the world.
Feminism, nationalism and exiled Tibetan women
Butler, Alex
2003, Hardcover

this book traces the history of organized political resistance by tibetan women over the 40 years period leading up to the beijing conference in 1995.
Exile as challenge: the Tibetan diaspora, enl. and updated English edition
Bernstorff, Dagmar et al. (ed.)
2003, Paperback

this book is an attempt to document the lives of members of the exiled tibetan community in india and elsewhere.
Return from exile, an omnibus edition: Alternative sciences, Illegitimacy of nationalism, and The savage freud
Nandy, Ashis
2004, Paperback

the qualities of ashis nandy\'s mind are in full evidence in the three books brought together in this omnibus edition.
Bhutan: a movement in exile
Dhakal, DNS et al
2007, Paperback

contents: (i) a revisionist cultural, historical and political background (ii) the history of the nepali bhutanese (iii) the bhutanese refugees (iv) bhutan\'s politics and the origin of the refugee crisis (v) bhutan in himalayan politics.
A chronicle of the peacocks: stories of partition, exile and lost memories, translated from Urdu by Alok Bhalla et al
Husain, Intizar
2004, Paperback

the fifteen stories in this volume are all characterized by intizar husain\'s unique understanding of muslim identity in the indian subcontinent.
Jewish exile in India, 1933-1945
Bhatti, Anil et al. (ed.)
2005, Hardcover

the book contains papers from indian, german and israeli scholars presented at max mueller bhavan, new delhi in march 1995. the papers examine various issues, such as, social and political parameters of the emigration movement while others add a personal memoir of rudolf von leyden to shed new light on social, political and cultural encounter.
Muses in exile: an anthology of Tibetan poetry, edited withan introd. by Bhuchung D. Sonam
2004, Paperback

this anthology of poetry from tibet\'s diaspora is testimony to the anguish, rootlessness and unwavering destiny of a displaced people still mentally marching homeward across the himalayas.
Exile and belonging: refugees and state policy in South Asia
Oberoi, Pia
2006, Hardcover

this study traces the history of refugee policy-making and its motivations on the indian subcontinent since 1947, examining in detail the six major instances of forced displacement on the territory of states in the region.
Arun Joshi's fiction: self in exile
Saleem, Abdul
2007, Hardcover
Experiments with truth and non-violence: the Dalai Lama in exile from Tibet
Vyas, Bhaskar (b.1937) et al.
2007, Hardcover
A very popular exile
Nandy, Ashis
2007, Hardcover

contents: (i) the tao of crihet: on games of destiny and destiny of games. (ii) an ambiguous journey to the city: the village and other odd ruins of the self in the indian imagination. (iii) traditions, tyranny, and utopias: essays in the politics of awarencess.
Pema and the Yak: a journey into exile
O\'Donovan, Siofra
2006, Paperback

fascinating story of a journey through the himalaya along the indo-tibetan border into the heart of tibet in exile.
The exile: a novel based on the life of Maharaja Duleep Singh
Sarna, Navtej
2008, Hardcover

a compelling and deeply moving portrait of one of the most tragic figures of sikh and indian history.
A very popular exile: an Omnibus
Nandy, Ashis
2008, Hardcover

this is a collection of three significant works of ashis nandy- the tao of cricket, an ambiguous journey to the city, and traditions, tyranny, and utopias.
Lives in exile: exploring the inner world of Tibetan refugees
Vahali, Oberoi Honey
2009, Hardcover

this book explores the psychology of exile by documenting the life-histories of three generations of tibetans living in india since the late 1950s.
The Tibetan government-in-exile: politics at large
Roemer, Stephanie
2009, Hardcover

this book based on a theoretical approach on exile organizations-and extensive empirical studies in asia-this book discusses the cta\'s political strategies to gain national loyalty and international support in order to secure its own organizational survival and the ultimate goal; the return to tibet.
The unsung heroes: select documents on neglected part of India's freedom struggle, Indian patriotic exiles- foreign power and British Raj 1905-1921, 2vols. (Set)
Sareen, TR
2009, Hardcover

vol.1: documents on activities in u.k., europe and u.s.a. vol.2: formation of the ghadr party, its alliance with germany, activities in india, far east and soviet union.
The exiled: story of the indigenous group of people of Kashmir Valley
Kaul, Bansi Lal et al.
2009, Hardcover

on the kashmiri pandit community, who have been forced to exile in their own country. it gives history of jammu and kashmir, terrorist activities and how pandits were forced to leave kashmir.
Seeking Palestine: new Palestinian writing on exile and home
Johnson, Jenny et al (ed.)
2012, Hardcover

seeking palestine gives how do palestinians live, imagine and reflect on home and exile in this period of a stateless and transitory palestine, a deeply contested and crisis-ridden national project, and a sharp escalation in israeli state violence and accompanying palestinian oppression?
The convert: a tale of exile and extremism
Baker, Deborah
2011, Hardcover

the author deftly explores the urgency and lunacy of conversion, pakistan\'s and america\'s romance with fundamentalism, and the necessity for a less blinkered vision of islam.
The Tibetans: their life in exile in India
Desai, Mamata et al
2011, Hardcover

on the socio-cultural and socio political history on the tibetan refugees setlled in india alongwith social and economic changes that have taken place.
Michael Ondaatje's fiction: poetics of exile
Jodha, Avinash
2011, Hardcover

an in-depth study not only of ondaatje\'s fiction, such as the english patient and anil\'s ghost but moving beyond them looks closely at his poetry and his negotiations of myths from other cultures as in billy the kid and in the skin of the lion.
Things missed in exile: new poems
Frishman, E Avi
2012, Paperback
Tibetan refugees in India: education, culture and growing up in exile
Mishra, Mallica
2014, Hardcover

the tibetan refugee community occupies a complex and unique position in india and the world. this volume offers a nuanced understanding of not just their socio-cultural and educational reality but also the steps taken by the community to preserve their civilisation in exile.
The making of exile: Sindhi Hindus and the Partition of India
Bhavnani, Nandita
2014, Hardcover

the book examinesthe resettlement of the community in india-their first brush with squalid refugee camps their struggle to make sense of rapidly changing governmental policies, and the spirit of determination and enterprise with which they rehabilitated themselves in their new homeland.