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Cinnamon gardens: a novel
Selvadurai, Shyam (b.1965)
1998, Paperback

lush and beautifully, this novel is a story of interwined lives in the gracious world of ceylon in the 1920s.
The forest of thieves and the magic garden: an anthology of medieval Jain stories, selected, translated and with an an introdction by Phyllis Granoff
1998, Paperback
Flora of India Series 4: Special and Miscellaneous Publications: Network of Botanic Garden, ed. by M.P. Nayar
1987, N
Flora of India Series 4: Special and Miscellaneous Publications: A Directory of Botanic Gardens and Parks in India by R.K. Chakraverty et al
1990, N
Flora of India Series 4: Special and Miscellaneous Publications: Bicentenary celebration of Indian Botanic Garden-A pictorial Glimpses comp. and ed. by U.P. Samaddar et al
1994, N
The identification of trees and shrubs: how to name any wild orgarden tree or shrub with 2,500 diagrams made by the author, 2nd ed
Makins, FK
2000, Hardcover
Orissa, the garden of superstition and idolatry: including an account of British connexion with the temple of Jagannathto which are added lighter literary recreations of a ......
Laurie, William FB
2000, Hardcover

critic abroad, london, 2nd ed.
Four seasons gardening in India
Ludra, Aruna
2000, Hardcover
Political culture of the tea garden workers
Nag, Dipak Kumar
2000, Hardcover

a panel study of assess the change in the pattern of political culture of the tea garden workers in west bengal, particularly during the period of 22 years of the left front regime.
In the garden secretly and other stories
Arasanayagam, Jean
2000, Paperback

seven brilliant stories about war and rebellion, displacement and dispossession, and about what it means to be sri lankan today.
The Dapuri drawings: Alexander Gibson and the Bombay Botanic Gardens
Noltie, HJ
2002, Hardcover

this book is about a remarkable collection of botanical drawings belonging to the royal botanic garden edinburgh. they are the work of an unknown portuguese-indian artist and were made between 1847 and 1850. half the species depicted are native to western india, the other half are exotics from as far afield as argentina and australia.
The garden tomb of Humayun: an abode in paradise
Misra, Neeru et al.
2003, Hardcover

in this first major experiment of a garden tomb of the mughals, the architectural elements noticeable by any visitor are enormity of the size, the remarkable symmetry of the manusoleum and the garden, the marble and red sandstone finish, and the garden enclosure.
Garden plants in colour: trees-- tropical and subtropical, rev. and expanded from tropical garden plants in colour
Bose, TK et al. (ed.)
2004, Hardcover
Eternal garden: mysticism, history, and politics at a SouthAsian Sufi Center, foreword by Annemarie Schimmel, 2nd edition
Ernst, Carl W
2004, Hardcover

the book traces the early history of chishti sufism in india through rare fourteenth-century textual sources in persian preserved in sufi shrines in the medieval town of khuldabad, a major center of pilgrimage in the deccan.
Zoo in the garden, comprising: 'The tribes on my frontier: an Indian naturalist's foreign policy, with the original ill. by F.C. Macrae' and 'The common birds of Bombay, ill. by...
Aitken, Edward Hamilton
2005, Hardcover

... the author
Earthly paradise: the garden in the times of the great Muslim empires
Rehman, Abdul
2001, Hardcover
Socio-economic and political problems of tea garden workers- a study of Assam
Singh, SN (b.1935) et al.
2006, Hardcover
Encyclopaedia of horticulture and gardening
1994, N
Humayun's garden party: princes of the house of Jimur and early Mughal painting
Canby, Sheila (ed.)
1995, N
Tropical garden plants in colour
Bose, TK et al.
2001, Hardcover
Rauzat-usSafa (or garden of purity), 5 vols (Set)
Mehmud, Mohammad Bin Khavend Shah Bin
The Oxford companion to the garden
Taylor, Patrick (ed.)
2006, Hardcover

the book features: (a) comprehensive coverage in 1,750 a-z entries of all aspects of the garden from the ancient to the avant-garde. (b) stunning colour photographs by some of the worlds best garden photographers, complemented by elegant engravings of historical subjects. (c) authoritative and engaging writing from top garden writers around the world. (d) worldwide scope featur ...
Devil's garden: tales of Pappudom
Varma, Shreekumar
2006, Paperback
Tropical planting and gardening; rev. by H.S. Barlow et al ; 6th ed.
Macmillan, HF
1994, N
The garden of loneliness: a translation of Jayshankar Prasad's Ansu, Tears, foreword by Shaligram Shukla
White, Charles SJ
2006, Hardcover

this book presents text with english translation of one of the masterpieces of modern hindi literature. the imagery throughout this long poem is of a desperate love, felt by the poet, for a sweetheart who has somehow left him.
Gardens of the great Mughals, London, 1913
Stuart, CM Villiers
2007, Hardcover
Building in the garden, the architecture of Joseph Allen Stein in India and California
White, Stephen
1993, Hardcover
The Mughal garden: interpretation, conservation and implications
Hussain, Mahmood et al. (ed.)
1996, Hardcover

based on a collaborative study sponsored by smithsonian institution, washington, dc and dept. of archaeology and museums, govt. of pakistan, univ. of engineering and technology, lahore.
The gardener's song
Swaminathan, Kalpana
2007, Paperback
South Asian diaspora: summer blossoms in winter gardens: history, memory and identity in Canadian fiction
Narula, Devika Khanna
2005, Hardcover