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The sandglass
Gunesekara, Romesh
1998, N
Law courts in a Glass House: an autobiography
Shah, Sajjad Ali (b.1933)
2001, Hardcover

this much-awaited book is not only about chief justice (retd.) sajjad ali shah, a name that has become synonymous in the legal history of pakistan with integrity, justice and fair play, but also about how law courts function in pakistan.
The concise encyclopaedia of Islam, by Cyril Glasse, introd. byHuston Smith, rev. edition
2002, Hardcover
Nagarjunian disputations: a philosophical journey through an Indian looking-glass by Thomas E. Wood
1995, Hardcover
Art of glass: ancient to medieval period, introd. by V.K. Mathur
Dillon, Edward
2005, Hardcover

the book deals with the history of the craft from india, egypt, france, germany, greece, venice, rome, spain, china etc.
Islamic art: architecture, painting, calligraphy, ceramics,glass, carpets
Mozzati, Luca
2010, Hardcover

this outstanding survey of art from the islamic world covers three continents and fourteen centuries. the unique objects shown here in the form of magnificent full-colour photographs, include examples of architecture, painting, calligraphy, ceramics, glass and carpets. each era and region is given a detailed introduction, offering the historical context along with extensive and ...
A grain of sand in the hourglass of time: an autobiography by Arjun Singh with Ashok Chopra
2012, Hardcover

biography of arjun singh, a political leader of the congress party of india and provides profound insights into political issues but also presents fascinating revelations and enthralling anecdotes.
Indian glass beads: archaeology to ethnography
Kanungo, Alok Kumar
2014, Hardcover

this book lists all archaeological, historical and medieval findings of glass beads in india and map them to different cultural periods. it demonstrates how such a micro study can help in the better understanding of indian history and logically places this study in the broader context of study of humanity\'s past.
Glass painting: an ephemeral art in India
Gupta, Samita (b.1941)
1997, N

on glass paintings found in the collection of the bharat itihas samshodhak mandal of pune.
Four Gandhari samyuktagama sutras, senior Kharosthi fragment 5, by Andrew Glass, with a contribution by Mark Allon, series ed: Richard Salomon
2007, Hardcover

this work presents text editions and studies of the birch park scrolls in the british library\'s kharosthi manuscript collection, dating from about the first cent. a.d.
Three Gandhari Ekottarikagama-type sutras, British Library Kharosthi fragments 12 and 14, by Mark Allon, with a contribution by Andrew Glass, series ed: Richard Salomon
2001, Hardcover

this work presents text editions and studies of the birch park scrolls in the british library\'s kharosthi manuscript collection, dating from about the first cent. a.d.
Citadels of glass: the story of India's new suburban landscape
Chatterji, Tathagata
2015, Hardcover

this book attempts to dig out the underlying socio-political factors which have shaped cities, like gurgaon and margarpatta city, the way they are. it explores the histories behind their creations the problems they face and their prospects for the future.
Reverse glass painting in India,
Dalapiccola, Anna L.
2017, Hardcover

rishi kapoor uncensored: khullam khulla, with meena iyer
Ammachi's glasses
Kuriyan, Priya
2017, Paperback
Southern tradition, and women in tennessee Williams's The Glass Menagerie and A Streetcar, Named Desir
Gaikwad, Shahai
2017, Hardcover
The Glass Palace Chronicle of the kings of Myanmar, tr. by Pe Maung Tin et al.
2008, Hardcover

chronicles on the history of the myanmar kings.