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Handbook of colloquial Tibetan: a practical guide to the language of Central Tibet by Graham Sandberg, Calcutta, 1894
1999, Hardcover
Handbook of UGC schemes and central assistance to state universities and colleges
Vohra, Amrit Lal (1937- )
1993, N

referes to the university grants commission, india.
A handbook of critical approaches to literature, 4th ed
Guerin, Wilfred L et al.
1999, Paperback
Handbook of medicinal plants, foreword by A.M. Michael.
Bhattacharjee, Supriya Kumar
1998, N

a comprehensive handbook on the cultivation of medicinal crops grown or found in different parts of the world.
A complete handbook of nature cure: the most comprehensive family guide to health, the natural way, rev. ed
Bakhru, HK
1998, Paperback
The complete Reiki handbook: basic introduction and methods of natural application: a complete guide for Reiki practice
Lubeck, Walter
1998, Paperback
Home remedies: a handbook of herbal cures for common ailments, ill. by Lena Weyer
Sairam, TV
1998, Paperback
Rgyun mkho'i Bod sman gyi phan yon lag deb, Handbook of traditional Tibetan drugs for home remedies
1996, N
Yatindramatadipika (a handbook on the philosophy of Ramanuja) by Srinivasadasa, English tr. and notes by Swami Adidevandana, with a foreword by P.N. Srinivasachari
1999, Paperback
A handbook of Ayurveda
Dash, Bhagwan
1998, N
Handbook of Hindu gods, goddesses and saints: popular in contemporary South India, with illustrataions by K.S. Ramu, 2ndrev. and enl. edition
Smith, H Daniel et al.
1997, Paperback
Handbook of Hindu religion and ethics: basic ideas, general customs and rites and ethical teachings, with a few introd. by Ganga Ram Garg
1998, Hardcover

reprint of the book sanatana dharma: an elementary textbook of hindu religion and ethics published from madras, 1935 and edited by annie besant.
Handbook of sociology
Parmar, Leena
1999, N
Handbook of Indian art: a chronicle of paintings and sculptures
Khosa, Sunil
1998, Hardcover

contents:- (i) ancient india (ii) early india (iii) classical india (iv) medieval india (v) mughal period (vi) rajput period (vii) modern period.
Census of India-1991 Series 11: Karnataka Part XII-A: District Census Handbook of Gulbarga District Village & Town ....
1998, N
Handbook Indian testudines
Tikader, Benoy Krishna et al.
1985, Hardcover
A handbook of ethnobotany
Jain, SK et al.
1999, Hardcover
Handbook of fir and spruce trees of the world
Negi, SS
1996, N

this book gives a brief description of all the firs and spruce trees found in different parts of the world. fifty-one species of firs and thirty-four species of spruces have been dealt with in this book.
Handbooks: 1: Taxonomic of Indian Thysanoptera by T.N. Anantha Krishnan et al
1980, Hardcover
Handbooks: 2: The Freshwater Fishes of India, Pakistan, Bangla Desh, Sri Lanka and Burma by K.C. Jayaram( Reprint)
1994, Hardcover
Handbooks: 3: Commerical Sea Fishes of India by P.K. Talwar et al
1984, Hardcover
Handbooks: 4: Plant Mites of India by S.K. Gupta
1985, Hardcover
Handbooks: 5: Handbook on Indian spiders by B.K. Tikader
1987, Hardcover
Handbooks: 6: Freshwater Molluscs of India by N.V. Subba Rao
1989, Hardcover
Handbooks: 7: Collection and Preservation of Animals (42 papers)
1990, Hardcover
Handbooks: 8: The Leeches of India by Mahesh Chandra
1991, Hardcover
Handbooks: 9: Indian Lizards by B.K. Tikader et al
1992, Hardcover
Handbooks: 10: Indian testudines, ed. by B.K. Tikader
1985, Hardcover
Handbook of aromatic plants, 2nd rev. and enl. edition
Bhattacharjee, Supriya Kumar
2005, Hardcover
The meditation handbook: a step-by-step manual providing a clear and practical guide to Buddhist meditation, UK, 1990
Gyatso, Geshe Kelsang
1999, Paperback