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Cultural heritage of Gujarat
1996, Hardcover

contents: (i) etiology and geneses of garaba (ii) antiquity and beginning of rasa (iii) development of rasa through the ages (iv) rasa in present days (v) origin and development of garaba (vi) rasa-garaba in sculptures and paintings (vii) rasa-garaba in relation to religious and social changes.
Protecting the cultural heritage (National Legislations andInternational Conventions)
Biswas, Sachindra Sekhar (b.1938)
1999, Hardcover

it provides for the first time a complete view of antiquarian laws of india and those in the international field as promugated by the unesco and agreed by the world community
A Peep into the Tantraloka and our cultural heritage
Walli, Koshalya
1998, Hardcover

study of tantraloka of rajanaka abhinavagupta compendium on the fundamentals of trika philosophy of kashmir saivism.
Spiritual heritage and cultural symbols of India: arise awake attain
Shreenivas, Jhaver P (b.1917)
1999, Paperback
The Indian heritage: an anthology of Sanskrit literature, selected and tr. by V. Raghavan, forewordbyKaran Singh, 5thed
1998, Paperback

this anthology contains rendering and narrative accounts from the selections of sanskrit literature, which were responsible for the moulding of the concepts and value for the formation of the attitudes and ideologies that are fundamental to indian culture
Fauna of Nanda Devi biosphere reserve: a world heritage site: published in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of
1997, Hardcover
Maritime Heritage of India, ed. by K.S. Behera
2017, Hardcover

this volume is a collection of essays by eminent scholars on the indian seafaring and maritime activity. it covers a wide range of subjects exploring both the pan-indian and the regional dimensions of the theme. the contributions of different regions of india are analysed in the general framework of indian history.
The heritage of the Sikhs
Singh, Harbans
1999, Hardcover
Oral tradition and folk heritage of north East India
Barua, Lalit Kumar (b.1938)
1999, Hardcover

contents: (i) the oral tradition: folklore and myth (ii) the assamese folktale (iii) assamese folk poetry: the ballad (iv) tribal poetry (v) religion and folklore: some aspects of north east india (vi) tribal societies in the north-east: folklore, ecology and history (vii) selected folktales (viii) an approach to folklore studies in north east.
The sculptural heritage of Tibet-Buddhist art in the Nyingjei Lam collection
Weldon, David et al
1999, Hardcover
Treasures of Indian art: Germany's tribute to India'a cultural heritage, ed. by Saryu Doshi
Gadebusch, Raffael Dedo et al.
1998, Hardcover

reproduction of treasures displayed at an exhibition at national museum, new delhi, indian museum, calcutta and national gallery of modern art at mumbai on the occasion of india\'s 50 years of independence.
Delhi: the built heritage: a listing, 2 vols (Set)
1999, Hardcover
Islamic heritage in South Asian sub-continent, Vol.2
Ahmad, Nazir et al. (ed.)
2000, Hardcover
The Sikhs: images of a heritage, text and photographs by T.S. Randhawa
Randhawa, Tejinder Singh (b.1952)
2000, Hardcover
Our heritage of thought: a religious and philosophical study
Day, Barclay Lewis
2000, Hardcover

contents: 1. egyptian thought 2. babylonian thought. 3. semitic thought. 4. hindu thought. 5. chinese thought. 6.aryan thought. 7. greek thought. 8. alexandrian thought. 9. confusion of thought. 10. thought in western europe. 11. recent thought in western europe.
Oriental heritage: art, literature and thought, 3 Vols., introd. by V.K. Mathur (Set)
Durant, Will
2000, Hardcover
The religious heritage of India, with prefatory note by James Mitchell
Mitchell, Murray J
2000, Hardcover
Hinduism at the crossroads: A perennial heritage in search of followers
Bali, HN
2001, Hardcover
Rajputs: their emergence and heritage
2000, Hardcover

contents include: origin of the rajputs; assimilation of the rajputs; resistance to invasions; jaipur and its literary heritage; costumes in medieval rajasthan; the mughal impact; agriculture in medieval rajasthan; emergence of rajputs: 12th-16th centuries; growth of feudalism; religion (800-1000 a.d.); early rajput administration; rajput struggle for survival: 1200-1315 a.d.; ...
Piety and splendour: Sikh heritage in art
Goswamy, BN
2000, Hardcover
The musical heritage of India, rev. and enl. edition
Gautam, Madurai Ramaswamy
2001, Hardcover

this book is an epitome of the origin and evolution of indian music from vedic to modern film music with special reference to hindustani music.
Tantric Buddhism: an obscure aspect of the cultural heritage of India with special reference to Orissa
Moharana, Surendra Kumar (b.1947)
2001, Hardcover

this book is an exhaustive study on tantric buddhism touching upon all aspects of the religion as it evolved through centuries.
Buddhist heritage of Orissa
Patnaik, Sunil Kumar
2000, Hardcover
History and heritage of the Western Himalayas: with specialreference to Mandi state
Kapoor, BL
2001, Hardcover
Linguistic heritage of India and Asia
Koul, Omkar N et al. (ed.)
2000, Hardcover

collection of papers presented in a conference held by ciil in collaboration with unesco at mysore from march 6-10, 2000.
Speaking stones: world cultural heritage sites in India
2000, Hardcover
Managing our cultural heritage, translated from the French by Latika Sahgal
Greffe, Xavier
2001, Hardcover

contents: (i) using cultural heritage as a lever to spur development. (ii) definition of cultural heritage. (iii) economic assessment of heritage. (iv) heritage-related activities and the quest for efficiency. (v) marketing heritage. (vi) admission fees to heritage sites. (vii) public management of heritage.
Bamiyan: challenge to world heritage
Warikoo, K (ed.)
2002, Hardcover

this book is based on scholarly papers contributed by eminent art historians, academicians and area specialists from india, canada, france, japan, u.k. etc. and provide rich insight into the art-history, cultural importance of bamiyan and the cultural linkages between afghanistan and western himalayas.
Oriental scenery: two hundred years of India's artistic andarchitectural heritage, modern photographs by Antonio Martinelli, text by George Michell
Daniell, Thomas (1749-1840)
1998, Hardcover
Food heritage of India: a collection of unusual recipes from every corner of India
Patil, Vimla (b.1933)
1999, Hardcover