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Manaviki: A Journal of Humanities & Social Sciences, Vol.III(2) - IV(1), (Jan.-Dec.), 2012, (Special issue on 150th anniversary celebrations of Archaeological Survey of India,...
2012, Paperback

...ed. by ravindra nath singh et al.
Industrialisation and human resources development
1993, N
The novels of Joseph Conrad: the individual and the world of human relationships
Girdhari, VT (b.1941)
1999, N

the present book attempts a socio-philosophic evalution of cornad as a novelist, by a systematic and close examination of the relationship between the individual and the world around him, in his fiction
Medicinal plant and folklores: a strategy towards conquest of human ailments, ed. by J.N. Govil
Singh, VK et al.
1990, N
Facets of humanism
Panigrahi, SC (ed.)
1999, Hardcover

this book focuses on the proper analysis and understanding of ‘humanism’ and its implications on, and applicability to, the present social scenario. it discusses suitable models of humanism for effective social structuring.
Educational policy for human resources development
Chalam, KS
1993, N
Kashmir: militancy and human rights
Teng, MK et al.
1998, N

the present study has been undertaken to assess the role of the terrorist regimes in the violation of human rights in jammu and kashmir.
Perspectives on human rights
Vijapur, Abdulrahim P (ed.) et al.
1999, N

the papers apprearing in the book represent a collective effort to provide different perspectives on a wide range of human rights issues by scholars academic, jurists, activities and brueaucrats.
Environmental impact of large reservoir projects on human settlement: a case study of Upper Kolab project in Orrisa
Dalua, Ashwini Kumar (b.1936)
1993, Hardcover
Human rights: a source book
Dev, Arjun et al. (comp. and ed.)
1996, N
Education for human rights and democracy
Charath, KJS (ed.)
1998, N

the present volume contains the papers presented at the three-day workshop on education for human rights and democracy organised by the indian institute of advanced study, simla from 29th september to ist october, 1995 in collaboration with unesco.
The seven deadly sins: Jewish, Christian, and classical reflections on human psychology, New York, 1992
Schimmel, Solomon
1998, Paperback
Perspectives in human geography, 7 vols (Set)
Husain, Majid (b.1938) (ed.)
1993, Hardcover

vol.1: human geography vol.2: social geography vol.3: cultural geography vol.4: population geography vol.5: population geography vol.6: political geography vol.7: regional geography
Vaiyakaranasiddhantalaghumanjusa of Nagesa Bhatta, 2 pts., with three comms. 'Kunjika' by Durbalacarya, 'Kala' by Balambhatta and 'Sarala' (Hindi comm.) by Ramaprasada Tripathi....
1990,97, Hardcover

...... foreword by mandan mishra, ed. by ramaprasada tripathy.
Labour, employment and human development in South Asia
Chandra, Ashoka et al. (ed.)
1998, N

written by labour economists, industrial relations experts and labour and social activists, the volume is important in putting together some scholarly papers with national and regional perspectives on issues of labour market and employment; industrial relations; and poverty and human development in south asia in the wider context of the ongoing changes in the global economy.
Human right in the world
Sharma, NR
1999, N
Woman: human rights, religions and violence
Tanwar, Reicha (ed.)
1998, N

selection of papers contributed on these themes to the national seminar by the women\'s studies research centre, kurukshetra university, kukurshetra in 1994 and 1995
social justice and human rights in Islam
1998, N

contents: (i) introduction (ii) islamic concepts of human rights (iii) nature of social justice (iv) evolution of civil society (v) social foundation of justice (vi) islamic theory of social contract (vii) the social justice in modern perspectives.
Human rights: vibrant issues
Iyer, KS
1998, N
Human rights of the world, 3 Vols
Sinha, RK
1997, Paperback
Trends in social sciences and humanities in North East India(1947-97)
Singh, Jai Prakash et al. (ed.)
1998, N

a collection of research papers contributed by noted scholars drawn from different disciplines of social sciences which were presented at a seminar organised by the icssrnerc during march 1998.
Development, ethnicity and human rights in South Asia
Mallick, Ross
1998, N
Culture, socialization and human development: theory, researh and applications in India
Saraswathi, TS (ed.)
1999, N

this volume provides a context for scholars from allied fields to transcend their disciplinary boundaries and to come together to contribute to a body of culturally relevnt knowledge.
Income-poverty and beyond: human development in India
Chelliah, Raja J et al. (ed.)
1999, N

this volume includes edited versions of the papers commissioned by united nation development programmes, for a south asia poverty monitor.
The human rights watch global report on women's human rights
1998, N

this report on the culmination of five years\' work gathering evidence of the epidemic levels of violence against women and rampant sex discrimination around the world.
The spirit of the Tibet, vision for human liberation: selected speeches and writings of HH the XIV Dalai Lama, ed. by A.A. Shiromany
Dalai Lama
1996, Hardcover

selected contents: (i) political situation (ii) human rights and universal responsibility (iii) kindness and compassion (iv) mediatiion (v) vision for human liberation (vi) sixtieth birthday speeches
Asian development outlook 1998: special chapter, populationand human resources
1998, Paperback
Human development report 1998
1998, Paperback
Human dimensions and drought management in India
Katiyar, Vidya Sagar (1925- )
1993, N
Human geography, 2nd ed. (fully rev. and updated)
Husain, Majid
1999, N