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Introduction to Indonesian language (Memperkenalkan Bahasa Indonesia)
Paliwal, CD (b.1933) et al.
1998, Hardcover
A vindication of the rights of woman; introduction and explanatory notes by Subrata Mukherjee and Sushila Ramaswamy
1992, N
Simhasana Dvatrimsika: thirty two tales of the throne of Vikramaditya, tr. from the Sanskrit with an introduction by....
1998, Paperback

a.n.d. haksar these famous stories narrated by the thirty-two statuettes of nymphs supporting the magic throne of vikramaditya extol his courage
A weaver named Kabir: selected verses with a detailed biographcal and historical introduction
Vaudeville, Charlotte
1997, Paperback
Buddhist scriptures: a selection, transl. from the Pali with introduction
Thomas, EJ
1998, Paperback
An introduction to Ayurveda
Vyas, KP et al.
1998, N

a brief account of general principles underlying ayurvedic systems as well as the common ailment, their origin, their signs and symptoms.
The complete Reiki handbook: basic introduction and methods of natural application: a complete guide for Reiki practice
Lubeck, Walter
1998, Paperback
An introduction to Buddhism and tantric meditation
The Dalai Lama
1997, Paperback
Jaina philosophy: an introduction
Mehta, Mohan lal (b.1928)
1998, Hardcover

this work is the third revised and enlarged edition of the author\'s earlier book outline of jaina philosophy published in 1954.
An introduction to metaphysics, tr. by Ralph Manheim
Heidegger, Martin
2005, Hardcover

contains a series of lectures delivered by the author in 1935 at university of freiburg.
Introduction to tantras and their philosophy
Kumar, Pushpendra (b.1936)
1998, Hardcover
The supreme wisdom of the Upanisads: an introduction
Witz, Klaus G (b.1937)
1998, Hardcover

this book attempts to let the universal upanisadic konwledge and experience of divinity and reality emerge from the original texts and make it accessible to a broader western-oriented audience.
An introduction to the science of psychic condensate phase of Patanjali
1998, N

this book gives translation of patanjali\'s treatise dealing with yoga, the methodology to attune supreme consciousness and new dimensions of human existence
An Urdu manual of the phonetic inductive of direct method, with a progressive introduction to the constructions of the Urdu language by Thomas F. Cummings, Sialkot, 1916
1993, Hardcover

of the urdu language, sialkot, 1916.
The working mind: an introduction to psychology
Das, Jagannath Prasad
1998, N

the author elaborates upon the basic principles of psychology, mainly advanced by european and north american scholars, and provides them with an international flavour by using examples and stories from the indian contexts.
Vishnu: an introduction
Pattanaik, Devdutt
1999, Paperback

this is an attempt to understand the meaning of vishnu worship in our time. written in simple narrative style, it takes us through vaishnava imagery, philosophy, beliefs, customs, history, folklore and myth.
The secret of three cities: an introduction to Hindu Sakta Tantrism
Brooks, Douglas Rendrew
1999, N

this work introduces the concepts and practices of hindu sakta tantraism to all those interested in hinduism and the comparative study of religion
Myths and legends of India: an introduction to the study ofHinduism
Macfie, JM
1998, Paperback
Temple of sptituality or Golden Temple of Amritsar, with a new introduction by Ganga Ram Garg
Singh, Jagjit
1998, Hardcover
Ascaryacudamanih, text with introduction and English translation by K.P.A. Menon
1998, Hardcover

ascaryacudamani, a drama in seven acts has been accepted as the earliest of sanskrit dramas composed in the southern part of india.
Srikrsnacaritam of Kunjan Nambiar, with Sanskrit version ofK.P. Narayan Pisharoti, text with introduction and English translation by K.P.A. Menon
1998, Hardcover

srikrsnacaritam is an epic poem of the mahakavya type in ardhasamskrita composed be one of the greatest poets of kerala known as kunjan nambiar who flourished in the middle of the 18th century.
Suvrttatilaka of Ksemendra with English translation of Dr. Suryakanta, with introduction in English
Panda, Rabindra Kumar (ed.)
1998, N

an excellent work on metrics.
The Sparsasparsa-Viveka (Kavyam), Text with Hindi and English tr. by Rasik Vihari Joshi with introduction in English &
1997, N

hindi. this work comprising of seventy seven verses throws lights on the scientific basis of hygienic purity
Natyasastra of Bharata Muni, text with introduction, English tr. and indices by N.P. Unni, Vols.1-3 (Set)
1998, Hardcover
Two Yamaka poems of Vasudevas: Tripuradahanam, Saurikathodayah (text with introduction and English translation) by K.P.A. Menon
1999, Hardcover

the present work is in continuation of famous yamaka poem, yudhisthiravijayam by vasudeva bhattahiri. drawn from mahabharata, it deals with the destruction of three asuras at the hands of lord mahesvara.
The commentary of Vishnubhatta on the Anargharaghava of Murari,2 vols., critically edition by Harinarayana Bhat B.R., introduction in English (Set)
1998, Hardcover

vol.1: the commentary of vishnubhatta. vol.2: the anargharaghava of murari as read by vishnubhatta, notes, appendices.
Visnupuranam (the critical edition), Vol.1 (1 to 3 Amsas), with an introduction in English and critically ed. by M.M. Pathak
1997, Hardcover
Introduction to Kasyapa-samhita
Tewari, PV
1997, Hardcover
Panini: his work and its traditions, Vol.1: Background and introduction, 2nd rev. & enl. ed
Cardona, George (b.1936)
2004, Hardcover

this revised second edition includes the text of panini\'s astadhyayi with indications of changes that were introduced to the text and a discussion concerning such changes.
Health through balance: an introduction to Tibetan medicine, ed. and translated by Jaffrey Hopkins et al., U.S.A., 1986
Donden, Yeshi (b.1929)
1997, Paperback