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The illustrated history of Indian cricket, with an introductionby Sandipan Deb
Majumdar Boria
2006, Hardcover

a mine of information for sports buffs, connoisseurs and academicians alike, the book is a frame-by-frame unfolding of an institution whose history is a fascinating tale of passion, drama, intrigue, scandel, agony and excitement spread over a century.
Narrative of the Indian revolt: from its outbreak of the capture of Lucknow by Sir Colin Campbell, with an introductionby S.P. Verma
2007, Hardcover

this remarkable volume gives a graphic description of the revolt of 1857 in india and narrates it full in progress and suppression. the author\'s breathtaking illustrated account of the sepoys\' uprising strictly based on official letters and dispatches, eye-witnesses, and memoirs reported in chronological order cannot be ignored.
Abhijnanasakuntalam, text with English tr. and introductionby BB Goswami
2008, Hardcover
The Oxford India Elwin: selected writings, with an introductionby Ganesh N. Devy
2009, Hardcover

drawing from a wide range of elwin\'s writings and embellished with more than one hundred photographs and illustrations, this volume offers a tantalizing glimpse into india\'s rich and varied tribal culture.
The architecture of the Hindus, ed. and rev. edn., introductionby B.M. Pande
Raz, Ram
2016, Hardcover

ram raz\'s essay on hindu architecture is a pioneering work based on the study of hindu temple architecture as described in ancient texts on the subject. the volume, first published in 1834, has long been out-of-print and is being re-issued with a new introduction. the work is of outstanding value not withstanding the change in perception due to new material and research.
Catalogue of Sanskrit & Prakrit manuscripts in the Central Provinces and Berar, first published 1926, with introductionby R.K. Sharma et al
Hira Lal, Rai Bahadur
2017, Hardcover

rai bahadur hira lal (1867-1934) was the doyen of indian archaeological research during the 20th century. the committee constituted to commemorate his 150th birth anniversary and to publish his works. the present volume constitutes a unit of the same.