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Indian punch-marked; coins
Agrawal, Bhanu et al
1994, N

contents: (i) coinage metals and fabrication techniques (ii) classification and chronology (iii) denomination (iv) symbols and their historical implications.
Kosala state region, c.600-470 BC: Silver Punchmarked coinage
Murphy, Paul Laurence (b.1949)
2001, Paperback

an offprint from the ahata cd-rom project on indian punchmarked coinage.
The coinage of ancient India: Punch-marked, local, tribal, Indo-Greek, Saka, Pahlava, Kushana, Satavahana and Gupta coins
Goyal, SR
1995, Hardcover
The Mahasthan Hoard II of silver puch-marked coins
Ahmed, Bulbul and Noorul Islam, MD
2011, Hardcover

mahasthan hoard ii (275 coins) is the grand collection of punch-marked coins in bangladesh. the main focus of this research is to catalogue and classify the coins of this hoard.
Ancient Indian coins: decoding of their Indus-Brahmi inscriptions with special emphasis on the punch-marked coins
Mondal, Sambhu Nath
2013, Hardcover
Punchmarked coinage of the Indian subcontinent, rev. edn.
Gupta, P L et al.
2014, Hardcover

this edition is nearly three times the length of the first edition with length of the first edition with 1043 types over the earlier 613.
The Ghaghara - Gandak river region, C.600-300 BC, archaic silver Punchmarked coinage
Hirano, Shinji
2007, Paperback

Imperial punch-marked coins of ancient India: a case study of Sarai Dangri Hoard, Varanasi
Sharma, Savita
2016, Hardcover