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Miniature paintings on the holy Ramayana
Nagar, Shantilal (b.1927)
2001, Hardcover

contains a collection of 127 rare paintings of miniatures in colour obtained from national museum, new delhi as well as other sources-- besides a detailed introduction on the scope of the book.
The miniature painting and painters of persia, India andTurkey from the 8th to the 18th century; 2 Vols. (Set)
Martine, FR
1993, Hardcover

vol.1: text xii, 156p., (5)col. pls., (38)ills. vol.2: plates. iv, full of b&w pls. with explanatory notes.
Immortal miniatures: from the collection of National Museum, New Delhi
2002, Hardcover
Miniature paintings and sculptures on Krsna, with particular reference to Bhagavata Purana and other texts
Nagar, Shantilal (b.1927)
2003, Hardcover
A guide to the Indian miniature
Ganpatye, Pramod
1994, Paperback
Music and fine arts in the devotional traditions of India: worship through beauty, illustrated with miniature paintingsand Sanjhi designs by the author
Goswami, Saurabh et al.
2005, Hardcover
Miniature paintings of Rajasthan
2000, Hardcover
A millennium of Dhoondhar paintings, series one: a collectionof prints: the treasures of miniature paintings from the Jaipur school
Miniatures of the Gita-Govinda, 17th century manuscript of north Gujarat
Vatsyayan, Kapila
1980, Hardcover
Miniature chess problems: more-movers, comp. and annonated by Niharendu Sikdar
1994, Hardcover
Restoration of Indian miniature paintings
Gupta, KK (b.1946)
2006, Hardcover
Early Indian miniature paintings: C.1000-1550 AD
Agrawal, Rashmi Kala
2006, Hardcover

the book focuses on non-jain illustrations, such as, the balago-pala stuti, gita govinda, devi mahatmya, vasant vilasa and laura chanda, which were generally overlooked under the glare of jain group (between 11 to 16 century ad).
Indian miniature painting: manifestation of a creative mind
Daljeet et al.
2006, Hardcover

this book comes out with a new interpretation of indian miniature art. the book examines not merely its body but also its inherent soul, underlying unity, ethos it represents and factors that shaped it across the period from the seventh century onwards. contents: book i: miniature painting: origin, growth and schools. (i) early phase: 7th to mid- 16th century. (ii) mughal and d ...
Intercultural encounter in Mughal miniatures: Mughal-Christian miniatures
Ahmed, Khalid Anis (ed.)
1995, Hardcover

it deals with the cross-cultural and artistic exchanges which took place during the 16th and 17th centuries between the mughal court and the west. this indepth study indicates how european-christian paintings and prints (engravings) from europe made their way to india. this study also reveals how the mughal emperors (being the patrons) adopted selective european artistic tradit ...
History miniature art and women: medieval deccan 15th-17th century A.D
Lavanya, B
2007, Hardcover
Conservation of Indian miniatures and illustrated manuscripts
Bisht, AS
2008, Hardcover
Indian miniatures: the library of A. Chester Beatty, by SirThomas W. Arnold, 3 Vols. bound in 1, rev. and ed. by J.V.S. Wilkinson, with an introductory note by S.P. Verma
2008, Hardcover

this volume is devoted to the large collection of indian miniatures executed over a period of three centuries from about ad 1550 until 1800. it provides basic information about the indian art during 16th-18th centuries.
The magic of Indian miniatures: collection of Arpana Fine Arts Miniature Museum, 2nd edition
Jain, PC (ed.)
2008, Hardcover

this expanded and revised edition of this book reproduces a wide range of indian miniature paintings and other artifacts, line-drawings, stencils, photographs, litho and prints of antique value, representing some form or other of indian painting. it has a very rich section of miniatures and other artifacts from the plains of punjab. in view of its great width, the section has b ...
Kalpasutra, eighth chapter of the Dasasrutaskandha of Bhadrabahu with Hindi and English versions and coloured reproductions of original 16th century miniatures, ed. and Hindi tr. .
2006, Hardcover

... by vinayasagar, english tr. by mukund lath, notes on paintings by chandramani singh.
Yoga Vasistha: Vedanta wisdom through miniature paintings
Saxena, Bhaskar Raj
2008, Paperback

in this book, the vedanta philosophy is depicted in story form through the beauty of miniature paintings, making it even more exquisite and poignant. a treasure which carries a wealth of information about consciousness, the book is a collector\'s item - a great compilation of art and philosophy presented aesthetically.
Birds and animals in Mughal miniature paintings
Khanam, Zaheda
2009, Hardcover
Styles in Indian miniatures: a guide
2010, Paperback
Indian mythology through the art and miniatures
Khanna, Navin
2013, Hardcover

this book attempts to illustrate the various traditions, the art schools and the chronology of historical events though literary work of great poets, paintings, sculptures, wood carvings, dance and music etc, all of which together from the indian mythology.
Pahari miniature paintings in the N.C. Mehta Collection
Khandalavala, Karl
1980, Hardcover
Indian miniature painting
Chakraverty, Anjun (b.1958)
1996, N

(i) the tradition of manuscript illumination; eastern india (ii) the tradition of manuscript illumination; western india (iii) the pre-mughal trends (iv) master painters master strokes (v) mughal painting (vi) faces and stances (vii) deccani painting (viii) rajasthani painting (ix) pahari painting (x) company painting
Shiva in art: a study of Shaiva iconography and miniatures
Handa, OC
2010, Hardcover
Female attire in miniature painting, with special reference of Rajasthan
Bharti, Shalini
2012, Hardcover
Miniature paintings of Nizam Ali Khan Asaf Jah II & others: 18th century Hyderabad, based on Tuzuk-i-Asafia of Tajalli Ali Shah
Nayeem, M.A.
2014, Hardcover

a unique collection of seventy eight multi-colour miniature paintings of eighteenth century hyderabad, unpublished, so far (except a few) are presented here for the first time. they are from a contemporary persian manuscript tuzuke i asafia of tazali ali shah, preserved at the national museum, new delhi.
Sazigyo: Burmese manuscript binding tapes, woven miniatures of Buddhist art
Isaacs, Ralph
2014, Hardcover

sazigyo are burmese tablet-woven bands that were used to bind palm-leaf manuscripts. in these wonderful weaves, brightly colored lines of elegant script are interspersed with fascinating, miniature pictures of animals and other objects. this richly illustrated book presents an unfamiliar specialized subject to a wide readership. nine hundred beautiful illustrations show parts o ...
Four centuries of Rajput painting: Mewar, Marwar and Dhundhar Indian miniatures from the collection of Isabella and Vicky Ducrot, preface and notes on the collection by Daljeet...
2009, Hardcover

...and rosa mario cimino, texts and descriptions of paintings by vicky ducrot. this book on the rajput miniature school assembles more than 250 works from an important private collection. dating from the late sixteenth to the early twentieth century, these miniatures, all tempera on paper of various sizes, illustrate the greatest indian epic poems, religious myths, modes of cla ...