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Ancient Buddhist monasteries: India and Nepal
Gajrani, S
1998, Hardcover
Thoughts, literature and monasteries in earlier Buddhism, Tokyo, 1947
Watanabe, Baiyu
2001, Hardcover

the book, written originally in japanese, remains the finest exposition in presenting the teachings and philosophy of buddhism.
The temples of western Tibet and their artistic symbolism: the monasteries of Spiti and Kunavar, (Indo-Tibetica, III.1), tr. by Uma Marina Vesci and ed. by Lokesh Chandra
Tucci, Giuseppe (1894-1984)
1988, Hardcover
Along the Kali Gansaki: the ancient-salt route in western Nepal, the Thakalis, Bond Kar and Lamaist monasteries
Rai, Ratan Kumar (b.1947)
1994, Hardcover
Kadampa sites of Phempo: a guide to some early Buddhist monasteries in Central Tibet
Roesler, Ulrike et al.
2004, Paperback

this brief survey documents the history and the present condition of some old sites of tibetan buddhism in the region of phempo, some thirty kilometers north of lhasa.
Buddhist monasteries of Himachal, fully rev. and enl. edition
Handa, OC
2004, Hardcover
Himalayan Buddhist monasteries
Rajesh, MN et al.
2005, Hardcover

this book gives a glimpse of the mystical vibrant and serene world of buddhist monasteries, locally known as gompas. buddhist ceremonies, funeral and reincarnation rites, prayer rituals, festivals and dances re-enacting sacred historical events are captured in scintillating detail in this book with exquisite photographs and a vivid text.
Buddhist monks and monasteries of India: their history and their contribution to Indian culture
Dutt, Sukumar
2015, Hardcover
Buddhist monasteries and monastic life in ancient India: from the 3rd century BC to the 7th century AD
Daswani, Rekha
2006, Hardcover

this book provides an authoritative and critical account of buddhist monasteries and monastic life in india spanning the period 3rd century bc to 7th century ad. within a broad framework encompassing the growth and eventual decline of the monasteries, it trains its focus on their place as centres of education, scholarship and intellectual ferment, contributing to the traditions ...
Ladakh: land of magical monasteries
Gibbons, Bob et al.
2006, Paperback

this book describes the history and background to this buddhist land, and is complete with monastery plans as well as details of the deities in the chapels.
Tourism and Buddhist Monasteries of Ladakh Himalaya
Jina, Prem Singh
2007, Hardcover
Advanced history of Buddhism: monasteries and temples
Gupta, Sameer Das
2008, Hardcover
A survey of Buddhist temples and monasteries
Malik, Akhtar
2007, Hardcover

this book deals with the foundation and spread of buddhism from bodh gaya to china to other part of the world, art and architecture used in monasteries, the life of monks and nuns in monasteries.
Indo-Tibetica, Vol.4: Gyantse and its monasteries, in 3 parts, ed. by Lokesh Chandra, from a frist draft tr. by Uma Marina Vesci (Set)
Tucci, Giuseppe
1989, Hardcover

part.1: general description of the temples. part.2: inscriptions. part.3: plates.
A survey of Bonpo Monasteries and temples in Tibet and the Himalaya, compiled by Dondrup Lhagyal et al
Karmay, Samten G et al. (ed.)
2008, Hardcover

this book is an outcome of general survey of monasteries, temples and hermitages of the bon religion, known as gyung drung bon. it contain the result of the field work done by the team of scholars of national museum of ethnology, osaka, japan headed by dr. yasuhiko nagano & dr. samten g. karmay.
The Buddhist Monasteries: their art and architecuture
Singh, Sanghasen et al. (ed.)
2000, Hardcover

contains papers presented at a seminar held in 2000 on the theme of this books by scholars in hindi, english and tibetan.
Ladakh prabha-10: traditional and significance of Buddhist monasteries (Tibetan, Hindi)
2005, Paperback
The guide of the Buddhist monasteries and royal castles of Ladakh, 9th edition
Paldan, Thupstan
2008, Paperback
Monasteries, shrines and society: Buddhist and Brahmanical religious institutions in India in their socio-economic context
Prasad, Birendra Nath (ed.)
2011, Hardcover

essays in this book attempt to explore the functional roles of indian buddhist and brahmanical religious institutions by perceiving them as important constituents of the overall societal matrix: as institutions in dynamic interactions with other societal institutions, acting and reacting with them, influencing them and getting influenced by them in turn.
Buddhist meditation monasteries of ancient Sri Lanka
1998, Hardcover
Monasteries shrines and society: Buddhist and Brahmanical religious institutions in India in their socio-economic context
Prasad, B N
2011, Hardcover
Fresco art of the Buddhist monasteries in Tibet, compl. by the Administration Commission of Cultural Relics of the Tibetan Autonomous Region
1994, Hardcover
Nang pa'i gtsun lag khang rnam kyi gnad don dang dgos gal: Traditional and significance of Buddhist Monasteries, ed. by Tashi Paljor, (Tibetan, Hindi and English)
2008, Hardcover
Hindu monastic life: the monks and monasteries of Bhubaneswar
Miller, David M et al
1996, N

it is a detailed descriptive and analytical study of hindu monastic life as it was lived, and as it is being lived, in a traditional hindu temple-pilgrimage town.
Buddhist monasteries of Ladakh
Agrawal, R.C
2013, Hardcover

the present study is largely centered around various buddhist monasteries spread over in a large area ladakh and other structures and the antiquarian remains. attempt has also been made to inventories hundreds of art objects and other religious artifacts housed in various monasteries. an endeavour has also been made to make condition assessment of monasteries and suggest remedi ...
Archaeological and visual sources of meditation in the ancient monasteries of Kuca, series editor, Jan Fontein
Howard, Angela F. et al.
2014, Hardcover

the authors use diverse methodological approaches from archaeology, art history and religious studies to reconstruct monastic life and practices in the rock monasteries on the northern silk route (ca.200-650).
Buddhist monasteries in the Western Himalaya, series ed: H.K. Kuloy
Khosla, Romi
1979, Hardcover
Tibet, Nepal, India, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, includes lost Guge Kingdom & Bon monasteries, touring map (1:3,000,000)
Sacred monasteries & religions of Bhutan, by the team of Bhutan Times
2008, Hardcover

this work, first of it kind, recounts the myths, legends and history of thsese sacred places and sites. the arresting photographs animate the write up. it covers fifteen monasteries in bhutan. these sacred structures and sites are not only as places of worship, but also as cultural wealth and identity. this book is also about the unique cultural heritage that forms the main pil ...
Khenpo Sangye Tenzin and the career of Serlo Shedrup Zungdrel Ling Gonpa, that evolved into one of the most important monasteries among the Sherpas of NE Nepal
Berg, Eberhard
2017, Paperback

on the history sherpa buddhism and its current flourishing in the context ongoing revitalisation of tibetan buddhism\'s nyingmapa school.